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Polina Kravets

Polina Kravets
Local Area Representative of Bucks County Polina Kravets

About my Life

My name is Polina, and I am a Local Area Representative (LAR) for Go Au Pair in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks County & parts of NJ. I live in Newtown, Bucks County, the suburbs of Philadelphia and I have been working as a LAR for the past 8 years. I have formal education, in economics, business and counseling, I graduated from LaSalle University with my MBA and I love to learn new things. I have two grown children and two grandsons.
I am originally from Ukraine, which was the one of the fifteen former Soviet Union republics. I have a diverse cultural background because of the close proximities of many different cultures. I am also a Counselor and I have experience in working with people of different backgrounds, ages and cultures.

About my Work

As a LAR, I love to be in contact with my families and Au Pairs as much as possible, I like to organize unique events, volunteer with Au Pairs and keep my Au Pairs happy. We have valuable cluster traditions- welcoming new Au Pairs, introducing to the cluster, and interviewing new Au Pairs – which helps new Au Pairs to adjust quickly.  We have a cluster support group and an individual buddy support where the veteran cluster Au Pairs help newcomers. Many Au Pairs love blogging and sharing their experience which is very helpful and inspiring.
I feel that working with the Go Au Pair agency’s team, my host families and Au Pairs is very rewarding experience. I think that it has been a great experience for the host families from my area as well. During my 8 years of being a LAP, more than 40 host families from my cluster nominated their Au Pairs for IAPA’s Au Pair of the Year Award for their excellent work as Au Pairs!

Favorite thing

I have a passion for adoption, and I love to help others. I get great satisfaction in being in a role where I can make a small difference in someone’s life. I like volunteering and spending time together with Au Pairs from my cluster. I enjoy traveling, cooking, gardening, going to Zumba and blogging.
I am thankful for great relationships and friendships with many Au Pairs and host families. I am thankful for the host families who open their home and hearts to an unforgettable cultural experience and for Au Pairs who share their journeys with me. Simply, I enjoy my work as a LAR. You can read more about me here

Bucks County News

Au Pair of the Year Award Winner 2018.

Au Pair Martin Tóth from Hungary was nominated by his Host Family and won IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award 2018. Five Host Families from Bucks County and Philadelphia also nominated their outstanding Au Pairs for Go Au Pair Love My Au Pair Contest. [read more]

Au Pair free time.

Au Pairs come to the US to get a new experience.There are many ways to spend free time: attending college, meeting friends and traveling. Many au pairs realize that they can use part of their free time volunteering for the community and they love it. [read more]

Au Pair advice - try the reward system with your host children.

Reward systems work fast and for children of all ages. Reward system helps the kids become more responsible for their behavior.The kids usually are very proud of their accomplishments. [read more]

Au Pairs in the Philadelphia Parkway Central Library.

The Au Pair meetings give the Au Pairs an opportunity to meet new Au Pairs from around the world, explore unique historic places and learn something new. Last meeting the Au Pairs were able to learn how to file their income tax return. [read more]

Au Pairs living in Bucks County, PA

The Bucks County area is very beautiful and there are many interesting places to explore. Bucks County has nice scenery and many beautiful parks. Many Au Pairs like to go on a hike or bike ride and enjoy tubing. [read more]

Super Bowl Championship

Super Bowl is a very important part of American culture. Americans are most passionate and deserving sports fans on the planet. Seeing the excitement, participating in Super Bowl parties and sharing the fun are a great cultural exchange for Au Pairs. [read more]

Filing Au Pair Taxes for 2017 year.

The Au Pairs stipends are subject to federal taxation. Au Pairs have to file a tax return and report earnings made during a calendar year. [read more]

Go Au Pair agency in Philadelphia and Bucks County.

"Go Au Pair is a very reputable agency. They are always available if we have any questions about anything at all. I have enjoyed working with them and highly recommend them if you are looking for an au pair agency."- Kelly S., Host Mom from Lexington [read more]

Join the Au Pair Program in 2018!

Au Pairs are a terrific example of being an ambassador of all the richness and great traditions that other culture has to offer. They teach the kids that love and kindness do not have boundaries. [read more]

Christmas in NY

There is something special about spending Christmas in New York and all Au Pairs love to spend time there during the winter holidays. The city is absolutely at its best and brightest. There are very many things to see and to do in NY. [read more]

Trip to the Winter Wonderland

In the Philadelphia, NJ and Bucks County cluster we have Au Pairs from Brazil, China, Ecuador, Colombia, South Africa, El Salvador, Spain, Argentina and Ukraine and many of them will be experiencing the winter holidays in the US for the first time. [read more]

Fun activities with host kids.

Ukrainian Au Pair Mariia Bilous said that it was a big transition moving from a small town Cherkassy to the US. Now Mariia is very happy to live in Jamison, Bucks County, PA with her awesome host family and enjoy fun activities with her host kids. [read more]

Learning about Winter Holidays Around The World with the Au Pair Program.

Au Pairs and host families from the Philadelphia, NJ and Bucks County cluster are looking forward to celebrating American holidays together and learning about holidays and traditions around the world. [read more]

The Au Pair Christmas party in the Peddler Village, Bucks County, PA

The Au Pairs from the Philadelphia area are looking forward to the Au Pair Christmas party with fun, laugh, joy and presents and to exploring the Peddler’s Village -a winter wonderland with thousands holiday lights which everyone will remember. [read more]

Happy Thanksgivings to all Au Pairs and host families!

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to recognize and demonstrate the extent of our gratefulness to the Host Families, Au Pairs, family and friends who make our days what they are. Thank you everyone for your love and encouragement. [read more]

10 best Au Pair adventures in the USA

Mariia from Ukraine came in the US as an Au Pair. Mariia lives in Bucks County, PA with her lovely host family. She loves traveling and sharing her love for adventure with friends and other people. [read more]

What does the Au Pair Program cost?

The Au Pair Program cost depends on the type of Au Pair program and the number of the weeks in the placement, a weekly stipend, an educational contribution,a program fee and etc. [read more]

Au Pair advice – What you need to pack in your suitcase for traveling to the US

Au Pair Mariia from Ukraine fulfilled her dream and became an Au Pair in the US. Mariia live in Bucks County, PA with her lovely host family now. She would like to share her experience. [read more]

New York through the eyes of the Ukrainian Au Pair.

Great benefit of the Au Pair program is that Au Pairs can explore new places. The Au Pairs can visit their dream places -Mariia visited NY. [read more]

The best host family ever!

The Au Pair program help thousands of J1 visa program participants made international friends and formed a special bond with their host family and the kids. [read more]

My host family changed my life!

Au Pair Arminda nominated her Host Family for a Host Family in Excellence Award and she wrote, "I am a happy au pair and I can not ask for something better since I have the best host family ever the Prybellas!!!" Read her nomination letter. [read more]

I love my host family in America

Many host families in the Philadelphia, NJ and Bucks County area have been nominated by their Au Pairs as the Host Family of the Year.Catherine has an amazing experience with her host family. Please read how Catherine Family has impacted on her life [read more]

Thanks to my host family from Bucks County for all support. My new American family is the best.

A big thanks to all of the au pairs who nominated their host families for the Host Family in Excellence Award. Ukrainian Au Pair Maria thinks that she is very lucky to join the Gerzon family and believes that her host family is the best. [read more]

French croissant - Au Pair story

Enjoy the story from Au Pair Maria from Ukraine who recently became an Au Pair in the US. Her wonderful story began from a French croissant that she shared with her friend. Maria is a guest on this biog today. [read more]

A new program for Au Pairs PHILADELPHIA BY NIGHT.

Au Pairs can complete any course they like- it does not have to be an English language class. Standard Au Pairs must complete 6 credit hours and EduCare Au Pairs must complete 12 credits. 72 classroom hours equate to 6 credit hours. [read more]

The Au Pair program types and cost.

Go Au Pair offers five types of Au Pair programs - Standard Au Pair, EduCare Au Pair, Premiere Au Pair, Au Pair Plus and Au Pair Again. Au Pair Again program allows an Au Pair to enroll in the Au Pair program a second time. [read more]

Au Pair Program cost 101

The average weekly cost of having an au pair is $360 for 45 hours of care per week. When parents find out that the Host Family pays about $8 an hour for personalized live-in care, many are often surprised at just how affordable Au Pair program is. [read more]

As an Au Pair I had the best chance to explore myself.

The Au Pair program opens the world. Many young people are grateful for an opportunity to be an Au Pair and explore the world. Bianka also thinks that the Au Pair Program gave her the best chance to explore herself. [read more]

The Au Pair Program cost in Philadelphia

The Au Pair program can actually be cheaper than daycare or nanny cost. Having an Au Pair during school holidays, summer breaks, or when parents need to get kids to their after-school activities are cost effective. [read more]

Weekly Au Pair and Host family meeting is a key to a healthy relationship.

The relationship between an Au Pair and the kids depends on the relationship between the host parents and the Au Pair. The parents should support Au Pair's authority and encourage the children to be obedient when Au Pair is in charge. [read more]

Saying goodbye to 2017 Au Pair in Excellency Valentine

Valentine became an Au Pair with Go Au Pair last year because she loves taking care of children, traveling and meeting people with different backgrounds and cultures, speaking different languages and also because she wanted "to face new challenges." [read more]

Welcome Iryna, Au Pair from Ukraine!

Many Au Pairs have a great experience with the Au Pair program. I love to interview Au Pairs who joined the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ cluster. Iryna from Ukraine is a second year Au Pair. She has been an Au Pair with Go Au Pair in Minnesota. [read more]

Cultural exchange experience with Go Au Pair in the Philadelphia and Bucks County area.

I invite you to learn more about the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ Go Au Pair’s cluster! We had many interesting cultural exchange events and our Au Pairs really enjoy them. [read more]

Go Au Pair Exclusive Mutual Match. Find the Right Au Pair.

Go Au Pair’s exclusive Mutual Match helps Au Pair and Host Families make the best match possible. The new Community website has a variety of tools which help host families easily find the right Au Pair that fits their unique needs. [read more]

Advantages and Disadvantages of hiring an Au Pair.

Have you ever consider an Au Pair taking care of your kids, helping them with their homework and teaching them a second language? Learn about Advantages and Disadvantages of hiring an Au Pair. [read more]

Pros and Cons of hiring an Au Pair.

While I believe that hosting an Au Pair is truly a rewarding experience, there are some things that need to be considered before starting the Au Pair program. [read more]

Au Pair from Bucks County, PA nominated for an award!

Every year, the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) presents their Au Pair of the Year Award to one outstanding Au Pair. The Baptista family from the Bucks County area nominated their incredible Au Pair, Kathy Rea Rea, for the prestigious award [read more]

Colombian Au Pair from the Philadelphia area Nominated for an Award

Outstanding Au Pairs deserve extra recognition! Lorena, Au Pair from Colombia, brought lightness and love to her host family. Lorena promised that she will be the best nanny. The family said that Lorena is the best and nominated Lorena for an Award! [read more]

Au Pair from Bucks County, PA - Nominated for Award

According to IAPA, “The Au Pair of the Year Award provides au pairs the recognition and credit they deserve and enhances the public’s awareness of this wonderful cultural exchange programme and the mutual benefit au pairs and families get from it" [read more]

Philadelphia Au Pair Nominated as an Au Pair in Excellence by her Host Family

Every year, the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) presents the Au Pair of the Year Award to one outstanding Au Pair. The recipient of this prestigious award is determined by an essay nomination provided by Host Families from around the world. [read more]

Male Au Pair from the Philadelphia area Marco- Nominated for Award

Every year the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) selects one outstanding Au Pair for the Au Pair of the Year award from around the world. Six host families nominated their Au Pairs for this award in 2017 year! [read more]

Celebrate cultural diversity with us!

Go Au Pair agency's Au Pairs from Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ will volunteer for the International Spring Festival again. The Festival is a special occasion for a celebration of international friendship and cultural exchange. [read more]

Bucks County Au Pair Valentine from France became 2017 Au Pair in Excellence Winner!

Go Au Pair's Au Pair in Excellence Award was created to honor the Au Pairs who changed the lives of their Host Families. Au Pair from France Valentine has impacted lives on her family and deserved to be recognized by Au Pair in Excellence Award! [read more]

An Au Pair helping friends with tax information

Au Pairs are required to file U.S. individual income tax returns. It is the law to file a tax return and report earnings made during a calendar year. Au Pairs who do not submit a tax return may have difficulty extending or obtaining future visas. [read more]

Affordable and flexible childcare for single parents.

Many single parents raised the kids with an Au Pair’s help. The Au Pair becomes a big sister for kids, a person who is a reliable and loving member of the family. [read more]

Thank you to all the Au Pairs from Go Au Pair!

The International Spring Festival in Lansdale, PA is the largest diversity event in the region. The Festival brings together people of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds and promotes cultural exchange which is a goal of the Au Pair program. [read more]

Unique benefits the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ area Go Au Pair’s cluster.

There is an outgoing initiative for each new Au Pair from the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ cluster- a new Au Pair will have an Au Pair Buddy, a supportive Au Pair friend. [read more]

What are the best countries to search for an Au Pair?

There are Au Pairs from many countries in the Philadelphia, NJ and Bucks County cluster- from Brazil, China, France, Hungary, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, El Salvador, and Ecuador. [read more]

Classes in American College for the Au Pairs.

Every Au Pair should attend classes offered by an accredited U.S. post secondary institution for not less than six semester hours of academic credit or it’s equivalent. Many Au Pairs take ESL classes, however, some Au Pairs take college level classes [read more]

Au Pairs classes in Philadelphia

One very important part of the Au Pair program is to fulfill the education requirement. Online and Adult Schools are not accepted, it has to be a local college; an accredited institution. [read more]

Amazing Christmas and New Year celebrations with Host Families and Friends!

The holiday season is approaching fast. Christmas with a host family and new friends can be a lot of fun. Many families include their Au Pairs in family's holiday activities. Au pairs are looking forward to an amazing Christmas party with friends. [read more]

Kim, 2016 Go Au Pair Au Pair in Excellence, saying goodbye to the Philadelphia cluster and Go Au Pair!

Kim, Au Pair from South Africa, was nominated to the Au Pair in the Year Award by her host family. The family wrote in their letter, "Kim won our hearts and become an integral member of our family. Kim truly is the best Au Pair that we can imagine!" [read more]

Special Host Family for ten Au Pairs.

The Veale family has a great experience with the Au Pair program and nominated a few Au Pairs for the Au Pair of the year Award. They had nine female Au Pairs and last year the family invited male Au Pair from Brazil Lucas. [read more]

Welcome to the Host Family Community!

Redesigned Host Family Community offers many advance features. The goal of the Host Family Community is learning about and fulfilling host families unique childcare needs while providing an exceptional customer service. [read more]

What you should know about the Au Pair Program.

The Au Pair Program is a Department of State cultural exchange visitor program. The Department of State oversees the sponsoring organizations and ensures compliance with the regulations governing the Au Pair Program. [read more]

Free English classes in Philadelphia.

Many Au Pairs came to the US with the goal to improve English while living with American family. Working with kids and practicing English skills with them has huge advantages. There are also many free English classes in Philadelphia Au Pairs can take [read more]

I like a lot of things about being an au pair!

Tanya is an Au Pair from Ukraine.Tanya used to be a teacher of English and really loved it. Tanya became an author on the cluster blog,"I have a great opportunity to interview new au pairs from all over the world, joining our Philadelphia cluster!" [read more]

What do families love most about their Au Pair and Go Au Pair agency?

Many of the host families from the Philadelphia Bucks County cluster found the Au Pair program because they were looking for a better child care option. Au Pairs take their jobs very seriously and become part of the family. [read more]

Satisfied and comprehensive childcare

Go Au Pair does everything to help the Au Pairs get a cultural exchange experience and support them through many unique programs- a New York Introductory Workshop, “Bed and Breakfast” and “Au Pair Sis” programs and a local support. [read more]

The First Day of School.

September First is the first Day of School in many countries. Kids are back to school and Au Pairs can help the host families and school age kids with the school related tasks. [read more]

Teach Your Child A Second Language This School Year.

The ability to speak a few languages can be great for children. Many parents would like to teach their children a new language to prepare them better for their professional life. [read more]

Back to school. Homework help and much more.

School is just around the corner and now is the time to prepare the kids for school. Many Au Pairs are professional teachers with years of tutoring and teaching experience and can provide tutoring and help with homework. [read more]

Unexpected friendships are the best ones.

In March 2015 we welcomed Au Pair Botle Mpiti or Lucy to the Philadelphia and Bucks County Go Au Pair cluster. Bellow is a surprise farewell post for Lucy from South Africa and this post has been written by Lucy's friend au pair from S. Africa Kim. [read more]

Consider Hosting a Male Au Pair!

Female nannies are most commonly associated with the role of a childcare provider, but many families, especially families with the boys, consider bringing a different perspective to their home by hosting a male au pair. [read more]

Adoptive Families and the Au Pair Program.

Au Pair childcare is very popular childcare option among the adoptive families because of its a unique cultural aspect. An Au Pair can teach the adopted children to speak their native language, their culture and traditions. [read more]

Au Pair from China feels happy to be an Au Pair in America.

Two years ago Joyce decided to become an au pair because she truly loves children, wanted to make friends from all over the world and experience America culture while making progress on her English. Now Joyce said she fully loves to be in an Au Pair. [read more]

Raising multicultural kids.

Parents always want to give their children something extra to prepare them better for their professional and personal life. The ability to speak a few languages can be a great tool for developing children's full capabilities. [read more]

What is your favorite thing about being an au pair?

Go Au Pair helps the Au Pairs learn how to be successful with the Au Pair program. They can do that by watching Au Pair Sis’s videos, reading Au Pair Sis blog or reading the interview with other Au Pairs. Enjoy the interview with Au Pair Marcela. [read more]

The Au Pair Experience in the USA.

Lansdale International Spring Festival is the largest FREE diversity event in the Philadelphia region and hosted by volunteers. Au Pairs from Go Au Pair also volunteered free face painting and balloon twisting. Ting from China shared her experience. [read more]

A smile on a child’s face.

The Au Pair meetings give the Au Pairs an opportunity to meet the Au Pairs from around the world, form friendships and learn from people with diverse life experiences. [read more]

Chinese Au Pair - a Popular Host Families’ Choice.

Go Au Pair became the first organization to bring a Chinese Au Pair to the United States. A Chinese Au Pair is a relatively new and a popular host families’ choice. Many Chinese Au Pairs were nominated for the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award already. [read more]

Lansdale International Spring Festival

Go Au Pair offers a Family Day Conference to the host families as cultural exchange experience. Every Local Area Representative of Go Au Pair agency holds a Family Day Conference every year that is part of the Department of State requirements. [read more]

My First Au Pair Meeting.

Attending the Au Pair meetings is a State Department requirement for successful completion of the Au Pair program. With Go Au Pair, Au Pairs must attend at least four meetings during their year. The first meeting's remarks kindly shared by Tanya. [read more]

Volunteering with Au Pairs Friends and Helping the Community.

Nita, former Au Pair from the Philadelphia and Bucks County cluster, shared her Au Pair adventure,"I hear the word Au Pair and all I think is ADVENTURE, TRAVEL, EXCITEMENT!" Nita especially enjoyed volunteering with friends and helping the community. [read more]


Nita, former Au Pair from the Philadelphia and Bucks County cluster, kindly shared her Au Pair adventure. S. African Au Pair Nita lived in New Hope, PA with a lovely host family with eight kids. Nita said,"Being an Au Pair has changed my life." [read more]

Au Pair in Excellence Nomination for Au Pair from China He Liu.

I never thought that I would want an Au Pair. The idea of having a person I didn’t know come and live in my home felt strange. But six weeks after my son was born, I found as a single mother to my 3 year old daughter, Molly and baby boy, Joshua. [read more]

Au Pair from Doylestown, Bucks County, PA - Nominated for Award

Amber brought a positive energy to our family that has been intoxicating. She quickly became a big sister and mentor to our children. You can witness Amber’s very special influence in the words of a thirteen-year-old girl in the essay. [read more]

Au Pair in Excellence Nomination for Au Pair from Brazil Aline.

We love Aline and our experience with Go Au Pair! Aline is the ideal Au Pair, she respects our home, family and values; has formed great relationships with our children; and has made lasting friendships. [read more]

Au Pair from Philadelphia Kim- Nominated for Award

We are so excited and honored to nominate our au pair, Kimberley Paige Hunter, or Kim as we affectionately call her, as Au Pair of the Year. [read more]

Au Pair from Newtown, Bucks County, PA - Nominated for Award

Jie Yang is the 5th au pair who has joined our family since we decided we needed live-in help. [read more]

What countries do Au Pairs come from?

The common question many new families ask is, "What countries do Au Pairs come from in your cluster?" We welcomed great Au Pairs from eleven countries to the Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ in 2015! [read more]

Birthday and Thank You Message from a Happy Host Family of Ten!

The best proof of the quality of childcare is happy families. Go Au Pair’s Au Pairs have been named “Best in the World” by International Au Pair Association. The Smolarski family is looking forward to nominating Kathy for Au Pair of the Year Award. [read more]

2016 Year with Go Au Pair!

As a Local Area Representative for the best ranking agency Go Au Pair, I am blessed with my job. I always enjoy being around my Au Pairs because their smiles, emotions and excitement are infectious. [read more]

The Au Pair year- learning and giving.

Volunteerism is an important part of U.S. culture. Au Pairs from Go Au Pair agency from the Philadelphia and Bucks County area have volunteered many times. [read more]

Cultural event - The International Spring Festival

Recently, Au Pairs from Philadelphia, Bucks County cluster and two Go Au Pair clusters from NJ attended the International Spring Festival. This Festival is the largest diversity event in the region, includes international foods, music, entertainment. [read more]

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