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Finding an Au Pair for your family

Once you register, you’ll gain access to view hundreds of Au Pair profiles. Below are the most commonly screened traits that families look for in Au Pair candidates, and an example Au Pair listing to help you understand what you’ll see inside our Host Family community, which is where to find an Au Pair. We do whatever we can to make your Au Pair search as painless as possible. When looking for an Au Pair, here are some of the main traits you’ll see in our Au Pair listings.

Childcare Experience

  • Ages of kids Au Pair has experience with

  • Number of kids

  • Special needs

  • Environment (in-home vs. daycare center)

  • Verified employment references (at least 2 child care references from non-family members)

  • Twins / Triplets / Multiples

  • Additional skills (swimming, cooking, first aid, CPR, driven in snow, etc.)

Driving Experience

  • Driver’s license copy (if applicable)

  • Years of driving

  • Road / Traffic / Vehicle Type

Personality Traits

  • Au Pair video / photo collage

  • Personality as a human

  • Personality as a child care provider

  • 1 personal character reference

  • “Dear Host Family” letter

  • Au Pair Successful Placement Questionnaire

  • In-person interview with International Rep

  • Personality profile

  • Psychometric test

Infant Qualified

  • 200 hours minimum

  • # of hours in 3 to 6-month ranges

  • Under 2 verification form

Alisson H.

Learn about Au Pairs from:

First Name: AlissonNationality: Ecuadorian
Last Name: H.Gender: Female
Nickname: AliBirthdate: 9/10/1994
Age: 27.6City of Birth: Quito
Height: 5’1″ (155cm)Country of birth: ECUADOR
Weight: 110lbs (50kg)
Tell us about yourselfI consider myself a calm and very affectionate person with children, they fill my heart.
My hobbies, interests and talentsIn my free time I enjoy doing Hula Hoop because I like to be in movement and that my body feels free that is why I dedicate an hour a day to do such a beautiful sport I also like to dance all kinds of music and rhythms; I like to walk through the old town of Quito and visit museums, theaters, Colonial parks and structures since for me I am very passionate about knowing my history and roots, I also like to sing and in fact I spend most of the time doing it because it is something very natural for me; I really enjoy doing crafts, it is something that relaxes me and gives me a lot of peace, combining textures, colors, etc. My soul fills with joy I like to feel nature closely and be able to feel everything that it offers us with my five senses, taste a fruit or smell a flower, step on the grass or look at a beautiful landscape! Nature is very important to me and my biggest hobby is taking care of it.
Nickname:Birthdate: 9/10/1994
Does the Au Pair have siblings: YesPersonality Color 1: Blue
Number of Siblings: 2Personality Color 2: White
Are they younger, older, or both? YoungerPersonality Color Descriptions: Click here to view personality descriptions
Vegetarian: NoReligion: Christian
Tattoos: YesCurrently in a steady romantic relationship: No
Piercings: NoHave you lived away from home? No
Smoker: No
Age ranges of child care experience: Under 2 Years old; 2-5 Years Old; 5-10 years old; Over 10 years oldInfant qualified Au Pairs must have at least 200 hours of documented child care experience caring for infants. Below are the number of hours of experience this Au Pair has caring for infants in that age range.
Type(s) of child care experience: Baby-sitting, Daycare, TutoringInfant Care Qualified: Yes
Special Care Experience: YesDocumented Hours
Special Care Description: I worked with a boy with Asperger level mild and with a boy with Autistic Disorder, I help both of them to develop different skills in all their areas: cognitive, motor, language, affective, I learned so much in those two experiences0-3 months:
Multiple birth child care experience (twins, etc.): No3-6 months:
6-12 months:
12-18 months:
18-24 months: 480
Total Hours: 480
Months of driving experience: 60+ mo.Size of car(s) typically driven: Van – Full Size
Driver’s license: YesType of car typically driven: Automatic, Manual
Date driver’s license was issued: 10/12/2018Experience driving in snow: No
U.S. drivers license: NoTraffic flow experience: Moderate
International driver’s license: NoList driving concerns: Few
Date began driving: 12/7/2016
Hours of driving per week: 8-10
Languages spoken: English, French, SpanishFirst Aid Certified: Yes
Educational/professional training: I feel a very prepared woman since I have traveled in very good quality schools starting my school at Spellman Cardinal school, Following my high school at Rudolf Steiner school and finishinf my baccalaureate at the French school of Quito.CPR Certified in home country: Yes
Spoken English skills rank (1=poor, 5=native English speaker): 4Cooking: Yes
Awards, honors and achievements: Education is something paramount for me, that is why throughout this time I have taken several courses, I have learned a lot from all of them, however, the ones I love are: workshop create your own school garden obtained in the month of June of the year 2019, workshop on successful communication obteined in the month July of the year 2018, workshop on innovate strategies to create happy classrooms obteined in the month October of the year 2018, introductory workshop to the Floortime methodology obteined in the month January of the year 2016, theoropractic workshop offace paintings, balloon art and strategies for being a clown obteined in the month June of the year 2017 and finally my beautiful course of self-care and body awareness (mindfulness) obteined in the month November of the year 2018.Skiing: No
Highest level of Education: Some CollegeSwimming: Yes
Average wait time for arrival to family’s home: N/AAu Pair Program(s): Standard Au Pair
Maximum Length of placement: N/AMaximum work hours per week: Full-time (45 hrs/week)
Age range and childcare preferencesI am comfortable living with a Host Family of a religion different from my own: Yes
0-2 Years: yesI am willing to be in a home with pets: Yes
2-5 Years: yesPets/animals I don’t want to be placed with: Lizards
5-10 years: yesI am comfortable working with Host Parents who are:
10+ years: yesMarried (2-parent): Yes
Multiple birth (twins, etc.): yesSingle Mom: Yes
Children requiring special care: yesSingle Dad: Yes
Gay: no
Lesbian: no

Once registered, you can view the following documents from each Au Pair in the community:

Our Au Pair Selection Process

Many of our clients want to know how we find the Au Pairs on our site. At Go Au Pair, we take the selection of our Au Pairs very seriously. Our thorough Au Pair Selection Process is designed to ensure that all interested caregivers meet the Department of State requirements before joining our Au Pair Program.

We go above and beyond to match our Host Families with dedicated Au Pairs who meet their unique needs. Our goal is to find Au Pairs that provide families with peace of mind knowing that their children are in the care of responsible, reliable, and experienced caregivers. 

The steps for how to find an Au Pair can feel overwhelming, but Go Au Pair does the hard work for you. When screening Au Pairs, we require:

  • AP successful placement questionnaire
  • Personal letter to the Host Family
  • In-person interview with an IR 
  • Photo collage
  • At least 2 child care references (from non-family members) 
  • At least 1 personal character reference
  • Physician’s health report
  • Criminal background check
  • Personality profile
  • Psychometric test 
  • Under 2 verification form (if the Au Pair is infant-qualified)
  • Completing 32 hours of multimedia child care training and passing all tests 
  • Driver’s license copy (if applicable)
  • High school diploma/secondary school completion

We want every family and every caregiver to have a great experience together, which is why we conduct an extensive screening and selection process. Let’s look at the process in more detail.  

Au Pair Recruitment

international partners for au pairsAt Go Au Pair, we partner with International Representative Agencies (IRs) in each country where our Au Pairs are recruited from. These IRs find Au Pairs with strong English language and child care skills. 

Host Families can rest assured knowing that our IRs prioritize finding candidates with a range of childcare experience beyond babysitting, such as working in a daycare or youth groups. Our IRs focus on recruiting mature and responsible Au Pairs with driver’s licenses in their home country and at least 200 hours of experience caring for children under the age of two. 

All potential Au Pairs must apply through an International Agency and anyone who contacts Go Au Pair directly is connected with the agency in their home country. Our IRs are fully responsible for recruiting young hopefuls into the Au Pair program, and we trust them to find the best possible candidates for our Host Families.

At Go Au Pair, our partnership with IRs helps us to find the most qualified and experienced Au Pairs from around the world.

Au Pair Screening 

Potential Au Pairs considering the Au Pair Program are then provided with detailed information about the program’s requirements and responsibilities by our IRs to manage expectations on both the fun of living and traveling in America and the hard work and dedication needed to care for children and live with the Host Family. 

Our IRs will help register the potential Au Pair’s information in our online community and ask them to complete the online application. From here, the IR will continue to screen potential Au Pairs across numerous minimum requirements to ensure they meet our experience, maturity, and language skills standards.

Our screening process guarantees that only the most qualified and experienced Au Pairs are accepted into our program, providing our Host Families with responsible, reliable, and experienced caregivers.

Au Pair Application

au pair filling out ds 2019 formOur online application process includes a thorough review of candidates’ childcare experience, age group preferences, and personality traits by our IRs to ensure they meet our Au Pair requirements. We also verify each candidate’s criminal background and passport validity for at least two years.

Our IRs conduct an interview in English to verify the candidate can communicate effectively, genuinely desires to become an Au Pair, and is interested in caring for children safely. 

We encourage candidates to showcase additional certifications or awards to demonstrate their dedication to the profession. 

Additional documents are required for Au Pairs to extend their program for a second year before their profile becomes available online again.

Au Pair Agreement 

We make it our mission to find Au Pairs fully prepared for the program, with a deep understanding of their responsibilities as part of the cultural exchange experience. 

Before an Au Pair profile is made available on our website, we require them to sign an Au Pair Agreement that covers all the essential details, including general program requirements, allowed child care duties, maximum allowed child care hours, minimum stipend and minimum paid vacation amount. Only the Host Family can specify the details of child care responsibilities and stipend which the Au Pair reviews and agrees to as part of accepting the offer at match. This solidifies that they clearly understand what is expected of them and how they can contribute to your family’s needs.

Our International Representatives are available to help explain all legal aspects of the agreement to our Au Pairs, ensuring they fully understand what they agree to before signing. This agreement solidifies expectations and clearly communicates duties so that Au Pairs are fully prepared to provide the best possible care for your children.

The agreement also covers fees and expenses that the Au Pair must pay during their programs, such as program fees, optional insurance upgrade costs, and potential additional costs. By requiring all of our Au Pairs to sign the agreement, we ensure that you get an Au Pair who is ready and committed to providing excellent child care.

Online Psychometric Test 

Second Language BookWe care about ensuring that our Au Pairs are a good fit for the program, and that’s where the online psychometric test comes in. It’s one of the final steps required for an Au Pair to complete the application process, and it helps us determine how well-suited they are for child care. 

The test consists of seven categories:

  • Adjustment 
  • Ambition 
  • Sociability 
  • Interpersonal Sensitivity 
  • Prudence 
  • Inquisitive 
  • Learning Approach 

Each category is calculated into a percentage, which is used to determine if the applicant is a “Moderate Fit” or “High Fit” for the program. This test streamlines the process, allowing us to find Au Pairs who don’t just have experience caring for children, but the disposition to integrate seamlessly into family dynamics.  

We want to ensure that our Au Pairs have the best possible experience. That’s why we take the online psychometric test seriously, connecting dedicated caregivers with work opportunities in the U.S. doing what they love.

Au Pair Child Care Training (Required 32 hours)

Consider your scheduling needs when screening Au PairsWe want every family to feel safe and secure with their live-in help, which is why we require all our Au Pairs to complete a mandatory Child Care Training program. 

This program consists of 32 hours of online training focused on childhood development and safety. To complete the training, Au Pairs must watch 32 hours of training videos, read the training manuals, and conduct all the required exercises and tests. This ensures that your Au Pair is knowledgeable and qualified to care for your children.

At Go Au Pair, we take pride in our training program, which sets us apart from other agencies. While other agencies conduct in-person workshops, which can be difficult for Au Pairs to absorb quickly, our agency provides self-paced online training, so our Au Pairs have the knowledge and skills to provide the best possible care for your family.

How to Find an Au Pair: 6 Steps to a Successful Placement

Step 1

Identifying Your Needs

au pair interview checklistIdentifying your needs when searching for an au pair lays the foundation for a successful and harmonious relationship. An au pair serves as a valuable addition to a family, providing support and care for children while offering cultural exchange. By clearly defining your requirements, you can ensure that you find an au pair who aligns with your family’s values, lifestyle, and childcare expectations.

When identifying your needs, consider factors such as the desired level of experience, personality, language proficiency, specific skills (e.g., cooking, tutoring), and the number of hours or days of assistance required. By being thorough in your assessment, you can find an au pair who not only meets your practical needs but also forms a genuine connection with your family and offers a nurturing and supportive environment for your children. Completing the Host Family Profile and Successful Placement Questionnaire helps families realize and prioritize their needs both for child care and personally.

Step 2

Search & Identify Your Favorites

favorite au pairNow that you know what your family’s requirements are, it’s time to start the search for someone who meets those needs. You can quickly filter your results by age, nationality, language skills, experience, and availability. Review the au pair profiles thoroughly, paying attention to their personal descriptions, childcare experience, and any additional skills or qualifications they possess. Take note of candidates who seem to align well with your family’s needs and values.

As you come across potential favorites, add them to your shortlist. This allows you to keep track of the au pairs you find most promising. As you browse through your top au pair profiles, take note of specific qualities or experiences that stand out to you, such as a strong educational background, experience with specific age groups, or relevant certifications. By carefully selecting up to 20 favorites, you can ensure a manageable number of candidates to further evaluate and eventually initiate conversations with, moving you closer to finding the ideal au pair for your family.

Step 3

Evaluate & Rank Your Top Candidates

2019 #LoveMyHostFamily Winner, Gina & her Host FamilyAfter creating your list of favorites, it’s time to narrow it down to an A-list of your top 5-10 candidates. When evaluating and ranking your top au pairs, it is essential to consider what’s most important to you. Begin by reviewing each au pair’s profile in more detail, paying attention to their experience, qualifications, and any specific skills that align with your family’s needs. Take note of their previous childcare roles, the age groups they have worked with, and any relevant certifications or training they have obtained.

Consider their personality compatibility and how well they may integrate into your family’s lifestyle. Evaluate their personal interests, hobbies, and values to gauge if they would be a good fit for your family dynamics. Additionally, read reviews and testimonials about the Au Pair’s previous child care experience. This feedback can offer valuable perspectives on the au pair’s reliability, responsibility, and ability to establish a positive rapport with children.

Once you have gathered this information, rank the au pairs based on your preferences and priorities. Trust your instincts and choose the au pairs who you believe would best meet your family’s needs and create a harmonious environment for your children.

Step 4

Communicate & Schedule Interviews

Au Pair interview questions. Can Au Pairs drive?Now it’s time to start getting to know your potential au pairs. When it comes to communicating and scheduling interviews with your top candidates, it’s important to establish clear and efficient communication channels. Start by sending personalized messages or emails to each candidate, expressing your interest in their profile and inviting them for an interview. You can share your Family Profile with the au pair so they can learn about you. We recommend sharing your profile prior to the interview to ensure au pairs are interested in matching. 

To keep you from getting overwhelmed, we recommend starting with 3-5 interviews. Provide options for interview dates and times, taking into consideration time zone differences if applicable. Offer flexibility to accommodate the au pair’s schedule as well. It’s advisable to suggest multiple time slots to increase the likelihood of finding a mutually convenient time for the interview.

When scheduling the interviews, use video call platforms such as Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime for a more interactive and personal conversation. Video interviews allow you to observe the candidate’s non-verbal cues and assess their communication skills and overall demeanor.

Once you’ve initiated contact with an Au Pair, they will have the option to politely decline to match with your family and be removed from your favorites. This useful feature enables both the Host Family and Au Pair to focus on finding their ideal match. You’ll be notified via email if an Au Pair declines to work with your family, so you won’t wonder why they’re no longer visible inside the community.

Step 5

Conduct Interviews

Video interviews are important for helping you find the best Au Pair for your family.Interviews will help you narrow down the perfect person for the job based on your needs. We recommend conducting at least two interviews. We also provide recommended interview questions to help you make the right choice.  

During the interviews, ask open-ended questions about their childcare experiences, their approach to handling different situations, and their expectations of the au pair role. Discuss logistical details such as hours, responsibilities, and any specific requirements or concerns you may have. Take notes and compare their responses with your initial criteria to evaluate their suitability.

After the interviews, give yourself time to reflect on each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Consider how well they addressed your concerns, their level of enthusiasm, and the connection you felt during the conversation. Use these insights to further narrow down your choices and make an informed decision.

By establishing effective communication and conducting thorough interviews, you can ensure a smoother and more successful selection process, ultimately finding the au pair who is the best match for your family.

Step 6

Find a Mutual Match

Parents are thrilled with the affordability of Au PairsCongrats, it’s time to invite your au pair to join your family! Once you feel you’ve found your perfect match, promptly extend an offer with the selected au pair and express your interest in having them join your family. 

A member of our team will help facilitate the matching process and confirm the Au Pair accepts. In order to mutually match, your Family Profile, photos, detailed duties, and benefits are provided to the au pair. The au pair must accept the offer and once accepted, the Go Au Pair team will help finalize the next steps. These include agreeing to the contract, completing relevant documents, arranging travel plans, and more.

Only families with approved Family Profiles can complete these steps. If you’re ready to get started, register and complete your profile today!

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