Au Pair Calls Host Parents “Vision of What I Want” in Marriage

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Au Pair Carmen Duran, of Ecuador, wrote to Go Au Pair to nominate the Mooney Family for the 2018 #LoveMyHostFamily Contest. Her incredible story made 3rd place, and it isn't hard to see why.   A United Family Carmen says her Host Family is a "united family." She calls her Host Parents "a vision of

After Rematching 2 Times, Au Pair Finds Dream Family

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Ale Cuervo joined the Au Pair program because she enjoys working with children. In her hometown of Bogota, Colombia, she worked as a neonatal nurse and “spent most of [the] time taking care of newborns.” Since she wanted to continue working with kids, improve her English, travel, and explore the U.S., the Au Pair

Host Family “Exceeded Expectations,” Couldn’t Have Been Better

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Au Pair Danel Wagenaar expected a “kind and amazing” Host Family; in fact, she says her “expectations were really high.” But the Pierce Family went above and beyond to help their new Au Pair get the most from her time in the U.S. Their story has already captured the hearts of thousands of people

Little Hiccups: Addressing Issues I Never Foresaw

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We've had little hiccups in our placement & I've found myself addressing issues I never foresaw before they happened. When I envisioned hosting an Au Pair, my mind focused on the major issues like: Will my children like her? Will she fit into to our family, or will it be awkward? How will she

The Importance of Au Pair Friendships

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Au Pair friendships are an often-overlooked factor in a placement. Sometimes, when we get caught up in our own lives and our own problems, we can tend to forget that our Au Pairs really need to have a life outside our homes. They need friends outside of the family dynamic. We as Host Parents

First Month of Hosting: Thoughts and Reflections

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During our first month of hosting, there have been ups and downs and learning through trial-by-fire. Here are my thoughts and reflections from the first month of being a first-time Host Mom: Tips & Tricks Sure, when you decide to host an Au Pair, you kind of dismiss some of the ugly annoyances that

The Importance of the Weekly Meeting

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So apparently, having a weekly meeting with your Au Pair is a thing. When I heard we as a Host Family were supposed to conduct a weekly (informal) meeting with our Au Pair, I thought to myself, “This must be meant for other families who don’t have a good relationship with their Au Pairs…

For the First Time in Forever: Meeting My Au Pair

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I didn't expect to be exhausted before meeting my Au Pair. It's ironic the amount of work that goes into preparing to host someone who's supposed to help ease your workload. Like most women, I wanted my home to make a good first impression on my Au Pair. That meant a very long, stress-filled

Prepare Your Children for Your Au Pair’s Arrival

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If you take the time to prepare your children for your Au Pair before her arrival, it can help ease the transition to a first-time Au Pair. (Or in our case, from nanny to Au Pair). Whether changes are good or bad, the fact of the matter is that change in life is inevitable.

The Adjustment Period: First 3 Weeks of Hosting

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Every placement has an adjustment period. All Host Families and Au Pairs are different (kind of like how everyone tells you that every child and every pregnancy is different). And when you take into consideration how much cultural variance we have, just within the United States, it's impossible to predict the exact experience you

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