How to Develop Career Goals as an Au Pair

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Topic: Career Development, Travel, & Cultural Differences Are you wondering how to develop career goals as an Au Pair? Are you a Host Family who likes the idea of contributing to your Au Pair's future when they return home? In this interview, Au Pair Marina shares how she's been able to develop career goals as an

How Jennifer Communicates Effectively with Her Au Pair

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Topic: Communicate Effectively, Set Expectations, & Ensure Success with Your Au Pair In this interview, Host Mom Jennifer shares how she communicates effectively with her Au Pair, Danel. Jennifer has some great insights into how to set clear expectations and maintain consistent communication. (Danel nominated her Host Family for the 2018 #LoveMyHostFamily Contest and

Au Pair Calls Host Parents “Vision of What I Want” in Marriage

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Au Pair Carmen Duran, of Ecuador, wrote to Go Au Pair to nominate the Mooney Family for the 2018 #LoveMyHostFamily Contest. Her incredible story made 3rd place, and it isn't hard to see why. A United Family Carmen says her Host Family is a "united family." She calls her Host Parents "a vision of

After Rematching 2 Times, Au Pair Finds Dream Family

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Ale Cuervo joined the Au Pair program because she enjoys working with children. In her hometown of Bogota, Colombia, she worked as a neonatal nurse and “spent most of [the] time taking care of newborns.” Since she wanted to continue working with kids, improve her English, travel, and explore the U.S., the Au Pair

Host Family “Exceeded Expectations,” Couldn’t Have Been Better

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Au Pair Danel Wagenaar expected a “kind and amazing” Host Family; in fact, she says her “expectations were really high.” But the Pierce Family went above and beyond to help their new Au Pair get the most from her time in the U.S. Their story has already captured the hearts of thousands of people

Like a Sister or Daughter: What it’s Like Bonding With My Au Pair

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I've been pleasantly surprised to see my relationship with my Au Pair develop into something very much like a sister or daughter. My sister and I have never been what most would consider “close”, and when we were young and were constantly bickering, people would say to us, “You just wait; when you get

When My Husband Travels for Work, My Au Pair Steps Up!

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One of the main reasons we decided that Au Pair childcare was the perfect solution for our family’s situation was my husband travels often for work, and leaves me with two very young children and an extremely frazzled state of mind. Knowing that there would be another adult and a potential additional set of

Considering Extending With Our Au Pair

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I think it’s fairly obvious by now my Au Pair is a very good match with our family. After about six months of hosting, I have been looking more closely into the details of extending. Initially, when the search for our very first Au Pair began, one of my major requirements was to find

Things I’ll Do Differently With My 2nd Au Pair

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It may be early in the process, but I already know which things I'll do differently with my 2nd Au Pair. I’m a big planner, and I am now in the midst of searching for my 2nd Au Pair who will be taking my current Au Pair’s place in September. Just as we all

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