Keep Kids Safe in Public: Guidelines for Parents & Caregivers

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Parents are always conscious about keeping kids safe (sometimes to the point of paranoia). Many, especially those with more than one child, would welcome an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands. Let Go Au Pair be your solution! Hosting an Au Pair brings peace of mind to parents who

Live-in Au Pairs Eliminate Daycare Problems

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Daycare problems are a concern for many parents. A daycare center is a solution many parents turn to out of necessity, but even the most awesome daycares have aspects that aren't ideal for every family. While daycare solves one problem, it can also come with its own problems, including lapses

Top 5 Back to School Hacks for Busy Parents

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The Best Back to School Hacks for Parents If you're looking for back to school hacks for parents, you've come to the right place. This is one of the most stressful times of year for parents. You have school shopping, carpools to arrange, and somehow you have to fit everything

Childcare with After School Pick Up, Homework Help, and More!

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It's hard to find childcare with after school pick up, unless you host an Au Pair. Finding reliable & affordable childcare with after school pick up is a major problem facing many American families. So is getting good homework help. Go Au Pair has your help! Hosting an Au Pair

How Living with an Au Pair Gives Working Parents Peace of Mind

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Living with an Au Pair may sound like work for the Host Family. But many parents say it gives them peace of mind above all else. Living With an Au Pair Alleviates Many Parenting Concerns 1. Au Pairs help relieve stress & anxiety for parents From finding a daycare for

**2019 Winner** Au Pair Discovers a “New World”

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Do you know what roti, chapati, and samosa mean? Maybe you are thinking that those are cities or exotic fruits, but if you know that those are Indian dishes, you are going to understand me when I say, "Your tongue has found a

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