The Au Pair Program in the USA is..

They make your life easier by performing common childcare tasks.

“I don’t have to worry about planning outfits, lunches, scheduling transportation… [I can] be more present.”

Andrea • Host Mom

“She takes them on fun outings, and ensures they are safe and secure at every turn.”

Jamie • Host Mom

“The guilt that I had leaving my child in daycare has been alleviated.”

Tiffany • Host Mom

“We couldn’t be happier [to] have Aleja in our family. She loves our kids whole heartedly and they love her back.”

Nikita • Host Mom

Frequently Asked Questions About the Au Pair Program

Yes, Au Pairs are allowed to care for special needs children, as identified by the Host Family, when the Au Pair has specifically identified their prior experience, skills or training in the care of special needs children and the Host Family has reviewed and acknowledged in writing the Au Pair’s prior experience, skills or training so identified.  Many of our available Au Pairs have broad experiences and are interested in caring for children with special needs.

Yes, your Au Pair may drive in the U.S. for a variety of reasons including (but not limited to) as part of child care responsibilities, to attend school, to attend events hosted by your Local Area Representative and/or for personal/social reasons. Host Families are responsible for reviewing and screening an Au Pair’s driving experience during the matching process and for helping the Au Pair adjust to driving in the U.S. after arrival.

Au Pairs do not have cars. If driving is part of the Au Pair’s child care responsibilities then a car must be provided. All other car access is coordinated between the Au Pair and Host Family. Any Au Pair driving in the U.S. must have auto insurance coverage and a driver’s license (either international license or state license depending on state law).

What Qualifications do Au Pairs have?

  • Childcare experience: all our Au Pairs have verified employment experience across various types of childcare.

  • Infant Qualified: Specialty experience requirements to care for children under the age of 2, giving parents peace of mind.

  • Driving Experience: The most common childcare responsibility – identify what will be involved in getting your Au Pair acclimated to driving in the USA.

  • Personality: See personality traits to help get a deeper connection with your live-in childcare provider.

Learn more about Au Pair services & childcare.

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