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South African Au Pairs

We asked our South African Au Pairs…

What makes South African Au Pairs unique?

“Aupairs from my home country are very diverse, they adapt quickly to their environment, they’re very open minded and willing to experience different things. They are very friendly and are always willing to offer a helping and are very hard workers”

Daniela, South African Au Pair

“In my opinion I feel as though Au pairs from South Africa that I know and have come across we are very open minded and can easily adapt to the US culture , we are of gods character and that is a trait that is beneficial in being good role models for kids”

Savannah, South African Au Pair

What was the best part of being an Au Pair?

“I am a people person and loves children. I’m passionate about spending time with people dorm different backgrounds and teaching”

Mishkah, South African Au Pair

“I have decided to become an Au Pair because of my love and passion for kids, I want to become an inspiration and role model to my host kids. I want to apply my childcare skills that I have gained thus far in America”

Onkabetse, South African Au Pair

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South African Au Pairs often…

  • Are qualified to take care of children under the age of 2.

  • Have experience teaching, tutoring, participating in youth groups, being a nanny/babysitter.

  • Are 21-24 years of age.

  • Have a driver’s license with more than 1 year of driving experience.

Typical hobbies include:

  • Outdoor activities

  • Photography

  • Listening to music

  • Swimming

  • Arts & Crafts

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