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Salvadorian Au Pairs

We asked our Savladorian Au Pairs…

What makes Salvadorian Au Pairs unique?

“We are really happy and friendly people i think that is one of the things that my host family loves from me, i help like an big sister”

Maritza, Salvadorian Au Pair

“We are so caring people, fun with kids and respectful to our host parents, we believe in family values so, our host family take something from us”

Monica, Salvadorian Au Pair

What was the best part of being an Au Pair?

“The best part of being an Au Pair is that you get to know new friends and experience a new culture.”

Gisela, Salvadorian Au Pair

“I learned a lot while being a Au pair. I traveled a lot! I met so many great people from different places all over the world. The whole experience of living here in the United States and get to explore places and learn new traditions and meet new people was amazing.”

Alexander, Salvadorian Au Pair

Find your Au Pair and enrich your family in ways you never thought possible.

Salvadorian Au Pairs often…

  • Have experience teaching, nannying, and baby-sitting.

  • Are 19-26 years of age.

  • Have an English speaking rank of 4

Typical hobbies include:

  • Cooking

  • Sports

  • Reading

  • Swimming

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