Physical – Indoor Foot Volleyball

/Physical – Indoor Foot Volleyball

This fun game will keep the kids moving and it is very physical…trust me! What a workout! To play this game, you will need:

A balloon
A piece of string
At least 2 players

First, you will create a barrier to make sides for each team. The pin suggests using a string tied across about 2 inches off the ground, but you can modify this. Feel free to use anything you have…pillows, toys, anything to divide the 2 sides.

Next, spilt the teams and pick a side. Each team member will get into crab style position. This is both hands and feet on the floor with the front of your body raised in the air (See Picture).

You will use your feet only to kick the balloon to the other side. The object is to not let the balloon touch the ground. If the balloon touches the ground on your side, the other team gets a point. Typically, when you play games with points, you play until one team reaches a predetermined number and they must win with 2 points more than the other team. So if you are playing to 21 and you get 21, but the other team has 20, you must score another point to win by 2.

The pin also suggests flipping a coin to see who starts with the balloon but you can also volley for the balloon. This means that the balloon will be hit back and forth between each side once and then after that, whoever is the last one to hit the balloon before it touches the ground will go first.

This is a really fun and fit activity, just make sure everyone has enough space so they are not kicking each other or priceless family heirlooms. Have fun!

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