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Finding the right Host Family is the most important step in the entire Au Pair Placement process. We have taken 20 years of child care and Au Pair experience and developed a unique, easy and helpful way to ensure you and your Host Family have a great year together.


About Host Family Applicants

Knowing every one of our Host Families is part of our commitment to you for your safety and enjoyment during your year in the Au Pair program. Just as you are required to meet certain qualifications to participate in the Au Pair program, Host Families likewise have to meet rigorous standards established by the U.S. Department of State.

One of the requirements of the U.S. Department of State is to have a Local Area Representative within a one-hour drive of our Host Families homes. Your great Local Area Representative helps you adapt to life in the U.S. while introducing you to other Au Pairs in the area.

Be Searched

Go Au Pair lists your profile on our Search Au Pairs tool. Search Au Pairs allows Host Families to search Au Pairs without even having to apply. This means numerous Host Families see your profile while looking for an Au Pair that fits their needs. Host Families can find your profile by creating searches based on their preferences, including:

Child care experience



Languages spoken

English Skills


Driving abilities

And More!

Work closely with your International Representative to help your profile stand out by highlighting your talents and experience.

Interview and Compare

Go Au Pair developed the Mutual Match system based on our 20 plus years of experience to help create the best match between you and your Host Family.

Through the Mutual Match system, Go Au Pair allows families to view multiple Au Pair files, so they can choose the best Au Pair for their needs. This means you don’t have to worry about a family matching with you because they think you are their only option.

When a Host Family finds that your qualifications meet their needs they will want to interview you by telephone. Host Families may call you via telephone or Skype depending on the technology available to both you and them. Your International Representative helps you prepare for the interview.

The interview is a great time to get to know the potential Host Family. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the family lifestyle, interests and hobbies. Knowing the Host Family with which you place helps ensure compatibility and a great match.


Accepting the Offer

The final stage of our Mutual Match process comes when the match is made. When a Host Family decides you are the best fit for their family, they will call you and offer you the position. After reviewing parts of the Host Family’s application, a basic schedule, and house rules, and talking with them at least two times, you have the option to decide if you think you fit well with the family. If you do not think you are a good fit for the family, please decline their offer so you can find a more suitable match.


Au Pair Visa Process

After matching with a family, you need to schedule an appointment for an interview at your local U.S. embassy. In order to apply for a visa you need a Form DS-2019. This is a form that Go Au Pair issues which is our sponsorship of your visa. We send this form once you have matched with a Host Family and all of the required paperwork and training are complete.

Every embassy operates differently and scheduling an appointment can vary greatly by country. Your International Representative is familiar with the embassies in your country and will assist you throughout the entire process.

Since the final decision rests with the consulate at the embassy, Go Au Pair cannot guarantee that every Au Pair receives a visa. However, we, along with our International Representatives, help you prepare for your interview as much as possible to give you the best possible chance of obtaining your visa.

Pre Arrival Preparations

Depending on your location, it usually takes two to six weeks from the time your visa is approved until you arrive at your Host Family’s home. Although we would like to be able to guarantee the time it takes to arrive to your Host Family’s home, we are unable to do so.

Go Au Pair is the only agency to book each Au Pair’s flight individually. Our dedicated Travel Coordinator works with both you and your Host Family to reserve a flight that fits everyone’s schedule.

You and you Host Family also decide if you attend our New York Introductory Workshop. Our skilled instructors and hosts help you prepare for your year as an Au Pair with an orientation course with topics including, expectations of the Au Pair program, American Culture, CPR instruction and First Aid certification.


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