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Want to be an Au Pair?

Be an Au Pair in the United States

For nearly 28 years, Go Au Pair has been offering young adults from around the globe the opportunity to live with a Host Family of their choosing to experience the American lifestyle. As an Au Pair, you will become part of the family as a sibling, role model, best friend, co-parent, and valuable member of the family for a minimum of 1 year with the option to extend for up to 2 years.

Go Au Pair also supports U.S. citizens wishing to travel abroad and be an Au Pair in a different country.

  • Learn the American culture

  • Become part of a welcoming family

  • Gain valuable child care experience

  • Improve your English skills

  • Become more self-reliant

  • Establish friendships for a lifetime

  • Earn weekly compensation

  • Ability to study and travel in the U.S.

Top Five Questions from New Au Pairs

Can I choose where I want to live?

We encourage you to choose a Host Family based on lifestyle, hobbies and other interests similar to your own. The family you join is more important than their location. It’s important to remember the more flexible you are in choosing your location, the faster you will be able to match with a Host Family.

If I have a lot of experience, can I make more money?

Yes, both our Au Pair Plus and Premiere Au Pair Programs are designed for Au Pairs with more experience. Depending on your qualifications and experience, you may be able to register for multiple programs; to increase your chances of matching.

Can Au Pairs stay for more than one year?

Yes, the U. S. Department of State allows Au Pairs to stay an additional 6, 9 or 12 months after their first year. Certain terms apply. Contact Go Au Pair to learn more.

Will I be accepted into the program if my only experience is babysitting?

The more experience you have, the more attractive you will be as an Au Pair candidate. Host Families are always looking for an experienced Au Pair. However, there are other qualities that are important for placement such as maturity, a sense of responsibility, an interest in cultural exchange and a genuine desire to take care of children.

Can Au Pairs travel internationally?

Yes, during the first 12 months of the Au Pair program, you are free to travel internationally. However, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate visa for the country you are visiting. Certain steps must be taken to ensure successful international travel and we require you contact your Local Area Representative and Go Au Pair prior to your trip.

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