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Au Pair/Host Kid Relationship: Tumelo Khoza

“From the word ‘go’ the bond with the children was set. And they love me. And I love them; most importantly.” Tumelo understood that she would be spending 45 hours a week of her time in America with children. She stresses the importance of genuinely loving children to participate in the program.  “I’ve realized that in fulfilling my dreams and reaching my goals as an individual there has to be that part of me that has a genuine love for children.” She recognizes the small details that go into caring for a child. All of this is part of that bonding relationship between an Au Pair and a Host Kid. “The time that I spend with them, makes the time away from them, when I reflect on the time that I do spend with them, so beautiful. I find myself missing them.”
Tumelo has shared her culture with her Host Kids, by teaching the younger two a greeting from South Africa and her 6 year old as learned a few common phrases. Tumelo enjoys sharing her culture and it makes her feel closer to home. “Here these beautiful creatures are, making me feel so much closer to home with every engagement that we have; and it’s special.”  She is also sharing the children’s culture as well! The children are learning Hebrew and Tumelo as joined in with them. She proudly says, ‘Shalom!’  Tumelo also spends a lot of time reading to the children and telling them stories from home. She is not only teaching them, but feels that she herself is evolving as well. “I think if I wasn’t Au Pairing, I would be teaching children. Anything that has to do with children has been very rewarding.”

Posted: 10/4/2013 8:00:00 AM by Au Pair Sis