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Au Pair Driving

Au Pair from Moldova, Ludmila Colesnic, talks about her experience driving in America. Ludmila was a very confident driver from the start and her Host Mom even said that Ludmila drives better than she does! 

Ludmila was a confident driver in Moldova, but when she came to America, she wondered if she would feel as confident. As it turned out, she had no reason to worry! Her first time out on American roads was great and she had no doubts about her skills. 

Her Host Mom took her out driving to show her where the kids' school was and their activities. Then, she let Ludmila get behind the wheel. Of course, like any Host Mom, she was nervous because driving was important to her. Ludmila had no trouble navigating through traffic, in snow and ice, rain and even mastered New Jersey's jug handles! Ludmila's Host Mom was so confident in her driving that she lets Ludmila take the car everywhere she would like to go and never worries about her driving with the kids. 

Some Au Pairs are not as confident as Ludmila their first time driving. For some, it may take some practice with their Host Parent and then some practice on their own. Sometimes, they have even taken a driving course to gain their confidence. They are usually able to gain their confidence fairly quickly and driving is no longer a concern for Au Pairs and their Host Families. 

Posted: 8/5/2013 8:00:00 AM by Au Pair Sis