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Washington DC’s Premier Provider of Au Pair Child Care

What is an Au Pair?

Au Pairs are pre-screened international young adults with child care experience who provide full time, live-in child care and introduces a memorable cultural experience at an affordable cost. With Au Pair child care, families in Washington DC can enjoy all the benefits of in home child care. Au Pairs can be responsible for general supervision of the children, driving, laundry, homework help, preparing meals, and providing morning and bedtime help. As an Au Pair agency, Go Au Pair is dedicated to helping families in the Washington DC area choose an Au Pair that fits their specific family needs.

Au Pair child care offers a valuable cultural exchange experience, while providing reliable, live-in child care which meets the specific needs of your family. Get More Details

Local Area Representative in Washington DC

Go Au Pair has a Local Area Representative in Washington DC and surrounding areas to help our families during their experience. Our agency local representative will assist your family and Au Pair with any questions related to your live in child care needs.

Amanda Walter

About me

My name is Amanda Walter and I am married with 5 children who range from 9 years old to toddler. I homeschool my own children as well as tutor young children. Education is a true passion of mine and with that comes the desire to never stop learning. This part of who I am helps me to be a great Local Area Representative. There is ALWAYS something new to learn!! My husband and I are lucky to enjoy spending time with our family as we have a huge extended family right in our area.

My favorite thing about being a LAR

I really enjoy my job as a Local Area Representative (LAR) for Go Au Pair. Not only do I bring my educational background, I have a wealth of cultural understanding having traveled abroad and raising a multicultural family. I love applying my knowledge in helping my families and au pairs have a successful cultural childcare experience. I also love that I get to learn about different cultures and see the diverse nuances of family life in my demographic area.

Why I love my job

I have worked with Go Au Pair for 6 years. Before Go Au Pair I worked in the Preschool environment for 15+years and have nannied for various familes with children that have had special needs and even had the chance to take care of twins. I have worked with many, many families and au pairs over the years. With Go Au Pair, I maintain monthly contact with my au pairs and host families via phone, email, text messages, skype, and social media; basically whatever it takes to have everyone feel supported. I do my best to host events that are fun for host families and au pairs, more than the standard 6 times a year. My cluster extends to the Northwest of 66. I take care of many parts of Loudon and Fairfax County and some of the Southern parts of Maryland, including Bethesda and Gaithersburg. I am always on the look out for potential families that would be a great fit for our program along with au pairs that would fit well with some of my current families.

Territory State(s)

Virginia (VA)

Territory Geo Description

Territory Major Towns

Ashburn, Fairfax, Reston

Territory Counties

Loudoun County, Fairfax County, and Montgomery County

Caroline Flaherty

About me

My name is Caroline. I was born and raised in Alexandria, VA. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bulgaria for two years and studied abroad in Italy. I taught kindergarten for six years. I have three sons and a dog.

I now serve as the LAR (Local Area Representative) for Go Au Pair and absolutely love working with my host families and au pairs. It’s a wonderful program and I’m proud to be a part of it.

My favorite thing about being a LAR

My favorite thing about the job is seeing the happiness that comes from host families and au pairs having a positive, fulfilling experience.

I often have host parents tell me how much happiness and peace of mind they and their children feel with their au pair in their family, and have au pairs tell me that this experience is better than they imagined it could be. That is one of many highlights of my job.

Why I love my job

I have served as an LAR since March 215 and I love working with my host families and au pairs. I have over a decade of experience working with families and children both as a kindergarten teacher, as well as a childcare provider before that. I was a Peace Corps volunteer and working with people from all unique cultures has always been a joy of mine.

As an LAR I stay in close contact with families and au pairs to support you and help make the program a wonderful experience for you. I also plan exciting cultural activities many times per year.

In my cluster we have 1-15 au pairs at a time from all over the world.

Territory State(s)

Virginia (VA) and Maryland (MD)

Territory Geo Description

I cover the section of Northern Virginia that includes Arlington County, Alexandria City, Eastern Fairfax County, and Stafford as well as Southern Prince George’s County in Maryland.

Territory Major Towns

Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Lorton, Stafford

Territory Counties

Fairfax, Arlington, Stafford, Southern Prince George’s

Migena Nuri

About me

My name is Migena Nuri and I am the Local Area Representative for Washington DC area. I am originally from Albania and am the mother of 2 beautiful kids. My educational background is in economics and international relations, I have spent several years working in an international organisation, specializing in training and staff development for both technical and general skills. Being a diplomat for my country in the past has offered me the chance to work and live in interesting places, with Washington DC being one of them. I tell all the Au Pairs in my cluster that we are so lucky to live in the nation’s vibrant and dynamic capital. DC has so much to offer, there is always something going on! A diplomat from the start, my life has been about supporting and building international relations. This has transferred nicely to my life in the DC area. I have earned both BA and Masters degrees in Economics and International relations in Budapest, Hungary. I am fluent in English, Hungarian, Italian, Albanian, and have a good working knowldge of Serbo-Croatian.

My favorite thing about being a LAR

My favorite thing about being a LAR is providing positive support to the brave young people who leave their homes and families to become part of the American culture for a year or more, as well as provide guidance and support to their Host Families.

Why I love my job

In my previous job, I dealt a lot with State Department’s exchange program and have seen the benefits of them for both participating countries, in particular for my country of origin. Childcare is something very close to my heart, being a mother of 2 young kids. I have a lot of esteem and gratitude for those that provide child care and know how much it means to know that your children are in good hands. Being a student in a foreign country, I also know that an experience like this broadens your horizons and gives you a different perspective in life. Au Pair combines all of these in one and has been no disappointment in this regard. My previous work has prepared me well for my position as a LAR with Go Au Pair. I am happy to support both Au Pairs and Host Families as they embark on their cultural childcare experiences as part of this mutually beneficial program. I have also enjoyed teaching Albanian language to children of friends, co-patriots and Albanian families living in Washington D.C. area.

Territory State(s)

District of Columbia (DC); Maryland (MD); Virginia (VA)

Territory Geo Description

I cover the entire District of Columbia, southern Maryland and some parts of Alexandria

Territory Major Towns

Washington DC, Chevy Chase, Silver Spring, Potomac, Bethesda, Kensington, Alexandria

Territory Counties

Montgomery County

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Washington DC Resources for Au Pairs & Host Families

Driver’s License

driver's license info for au pairs
Driving can be part of your Au Pair’s responsibilities. If this is the case, the Au Pair will need to get a driver’s license from the nearest Virginia (VA) DMV office.

Social Security Card

social security card info for au pairs
Obtaining a social security number is important to both the Au Pair and the Host Family for tax payments, tax credits, and opening bank accounts.

Public Transportation

public transportation info for au pairs
Au Pairs can learn about inexpensive solutions to travel around town. Taxis and shuttles are also available.

IRS Guidelines

IRS tax info for au pairs
Au Pairs and Host Families can learn about tax withholdings and filing specific for the Au Pair program. Always consult a tax advisor to learn how taxes apply.

Child Friendly Activities for Au Pairs and Host Families in Washington DC

Au Pairs will find that Washington DC offers a wide variety of exciting things to do and places to visit. There are many historical museums, art displays, scenic touring, and physical activities. Families can help Au Pairs find activities they are most interested in.

Colleges and Universities for Au Pairs to Attend in Washington DC

Au Pairs need to complete their education requirement as part of their exchange program in the United States. Here are some places in Washington DC they may be able to enroll.

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