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Go Au Pair in San Diego, CA offers a child care experience through cultural exchange.

Au Pairs provide reliable, live-in child care which meets the specific needs of your family.

And – an Au Pair costs the same no matter how many children you have.

Au Pairs in San Diego

What our Host Families love about the Au Pair program


Au Pairs are pre-screened international young adults with child care experience who provide full time, live-in child care and introduces a memorable cultural experience at an affordable cost. With Au Pair child care, families in San Diego, CA can enjoy all the benefits of in home child care.

Au Pairs can be responsible for general supervision of the children, driving, laundry, homework help, preparing meals, and providing morning and bedtime help. As an Au Pair agency, Go Au Pair is dedicated to helping families in the San Diego area choose an Au Pair that fits their specific family needs.

Local Area Representative in San Diego

Go Au Pair has a Local Area Representative in San Diego, CA and surrounding areas to help our families during their experience. Our agency’s local representative will assist your family and Au Pair with any questions related to your live in child care needs.

Lita Bowie

The areas I serve in California

I cover the entirety of the county of San Diego. From North County, to the coastal cities, down to the border and every where in between.

My name is Lita Bowie and I have been the San Diego Local Area Rep (LAR) since 2022. I live in the city of San Diego with my husband and toddler and hold a bachelors in Psychology. I enjoy spending time with my family and the many wonderful things there are to do in San Diego.

What I love most about the Go Au Pair program is getting to know wonderful families and being a big sister to the Au Pairs that arrive. I love being a part of the journey they all go through and feel special to have the opportunity to work alongside them.

Our current Au Pairs are from Central and South America all the way to Asia and come to San Diego because we’re right on the beach! Our host families have littles from newborn to toddler to elementary age and are in the finance, legal, and entrepreneurial industries.

Au Pair Cultural Activities

Au Pairs are required to attend a number of Cultural Activities with their Local Area Representative and nearby Au Pairs to make sure they experience the local community and culture during their stay. Below are some of the activities Lita’s cluster has been up to recently!

We went to have coffee down at a wonderful cafe right at the beach. We spent time outside enjoying the weather and getting to know each other with get-to-know-you games. 

We went to the Farmers Market in Little Italy and had fun being outside, sampling food, and seeing local artisans sharing their passions.

We went to Birch Aquarium, a very fun and educational aquarium here in San Diego. We saw different sea life native to San Diego waters and enjoyed time learning about each others favorite sea creatures.

Additional Resources for Families and Au Pairs in San Diego, CA

As San Diego is a large county, transportation is a must. Many Host families will provide a vehicle for transportation and thankfully there are many options such as public transportation, Uber/Lyft, or carpooling with friends.


public transportation in utahAu Pairs can learn about inexpensive solutions to travel around town. Taxis and shuttles are also available.

All Au Pairs are required to complete 6 credit units/72 classroom hours while they are here in San Diego. Due to the expansive area of San Diego, many schools are able to offer the required courses needed to meet the 6 credit criteria.

au pair tax deduction informationAu Pairs and Host Families can learn about tax withholdings and filing specific for the Au Pair program. Always consult a tax advisor to learn how taxes apply.

au pair social security card informationAn Au Pair will need to get a Social Security # before getting a bank account and driver’s license. Go Au Pair will provide a welcome packet with social security information, on the Au Pairs arrival. We advise Au Pairs to wait 10 days after arrival to get their social security number. You can make an appointment at a social security office, closest to your home.

Child-Friendly Activities for Au Pairs and Host Families

Au Pairs will find that San Diego offers a wide variety of exciting things to do and places to visit. There are many historical museums, art displays, scenic touring, and physical activities. Families can help Au Pairs find activities they are most interested in.

About Our Au Pair Agency

Go Au Pair is one of the best Au Pair agencies in the United States, providing quality child care for over 30 years. Beginning as a nanny company in 1984, we soon expanded to include Au Pairs. We were one of the original Au Pair Program sponsors designated by the department of State in 1989.

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