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What is an Au Pair?

Au Pairs are pre-screened international young adults with child care experience who provide full time, live-in child care and introduces a memorable cultural experience at an affordable cost. With Au Pair child care, families in Phoenix can enjoy all the benefits of in home child care. Au Pairs can be responsible for general supervision of the children, driving, laundry, homework help, preparing meals, and providing morning and bedtime help. As an Au Pair agency, Go Au Pair is dedicated to helping families in the Phoenix area choose an Au Pair that fits their specific family needs.

Au Pair child care offers a valuable cultural exchange experience, while providing reliable, live-in child care which meets the specific needs of your family. Get More Details

Local Area Representative in Phoenix

Go Au Pair has a Local Area Representative in Phoenix and surrounding areas to help our families during their experience. Our agency local representative will assist your family and Au Pair with any questions related to your live in child care needs.

Ashley Trost

About me

My name is Ashley Trost, and I’m a Local Area Representative at Go Au Pair in the Phoenix area.  I have many years of experience in childcare, parenting and working at a treatment center for troubled teenagers.  I also have a bachelors degree in sociology and a minor in music.  I love being a LAR because I like to help families and Au Pairs experience a rewarding cultural exchange relationship.  I have great memories in my childhood of my family fostering many exchange students over the years.  I learned about many different cultures.  These students learned about how it is to live in America and many were able to improve their English speaking. It was a great experience that I will always remember.  I have been a LAR since the summer of 2017.  

My favorite thing about being a LAR

As a LAR, I love being helpful to the host families and Au Pairs.  I like to be as helpful as possible in the process and I look forward to learning more each day.

Why I love my job

I have a devotion to my husband and 3 children, and I love to watch my family grow and become the best they can be.  I get satisfaction in making good choices in life and trying to be a good person.  In my spare time, I like singing, playing the piano, reading, running outside and most of all, spending time with my family.  I also enjoy traveling often.  I’m thankful for my family and all the joy life can bring if you just seek it out.

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Phoenix Resources for Au Pairs & Host Families

Driver’s License

driver's license info for au pairs
Driving can be part of your Au Pair’s responsibilities. If this is the case, the Au Pair will need to get a driver’s license from the nearest DMV office.

Social Security Card

social security card info for au pairs
Obtaining a social security number is important to both the Au Pair and the Host Family for tax payments, tax credits, and opening bank accounts.

Public Transportation

public transportation info for au pairs
Au Pairs can learn about inexpensive solutions to travel around town. Taxis and shuttles are also available.

IRS Guidelines

IRS tax info for au pairs
Au Pairs and Host Families can learn about tax withholdings and filing specific for the Au Pair program. Always consult a tax advisor to learn how taxes apply.

Child Friendly Activities for Au Pairs and Host Families in Phoenix

Au Pairs will find that Phoenix offers a wide variety of exciting things to do and places to visit. There are many historical museums, art displays, scenic touring, and physical activities. Families can help Au Pairs find activities they are most interested in.

Colleges and Universities for Au Pairs to Attend in Phoenix

Au Pairs need to complete their education requirement as part of their exchange program in the United States. Here are some places in Phoenix they may be able to enroll.

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