Top 10 Reasons to Choose In Home Child Care

/Top 10 Reasons to Choose In Home Child Care

Finding reliable child care can often be difficult, and with so many options out there, how do you find the right fit for your family? Here are the top 10 reasons why many of our Host Families choose in-home child care, not necessarily in this order.

1.  Personalized child care following your expectations

Host Families love Au Pair childcare because Au Pairs live with you and you get to personalize your child care experience.  You make the schedule, you set expectations, and you get the freedom of knowing you have someone caring for your children that you trust.

2.  Convenience and Flexibility

Parents choose in home child care because of the convenience and flexibility of an Au Pair living in your home with you.  Au Pairs can provide up to 45 hours of child care per week and up to 10 hours of childcare per day, hours like that give you a lot of flexibility for when you need child care.

Imagine you need to pick up the kids from school and get them to their activities but your spouse is out of town, well your Au Pair can do that for you.  Au Pairs are available when you need them.  They can help you with early mornings, evenings, and even weekends.

3.  Au Pairs are there for life’s surprises like sick days

Life can throw you a curve ball now and then and sometimes that leave parents wondering who is going to take care of the kids.  Kids get sick and parents need to go to work, with in home child care you have someone home to take care of your child when they don’t feel well.

What about an unexpected snow day, an Au Pair will be there and can even plan fun activities like building a snowman and drinking hot chocolate.  With an Au Pair you don’t have to worry about un-expected changes in the schedule.

4.  Help with household chores for your children

Au Pairs can help with chores for your children around the house.  Au Pairs can help with anything child care related, clean up, driving, home-work, laundry, and even healthy meals for your kids.

As a busy parent it can be difficult to get to all the things your kids need each day.  Hosting an Au Pair alleviates the stress of all those tasks.  When you leave work after a busy day you come home to a lot going on, with an Au Pair you get home to kids that are fed and have already finished their homework so you can focus on quality time with your family.

5.  Value

Host Families tend to find that Au Pair child care is more of a value than other child care options like day care. The fees are the same no matter the number or ages of your children.  With in home child care you also get more than what is offered with other child care options, you get convenience, culture, personalization, and reliability

6.  Role model for your children

Au Pairs not only become a family member but they can be a role model for your children.  Many Au Pairs have accolades like job experience, college degrees, certificates, and aspirations for their future.  An Au Pair can be someone your children look up to.

Becoming an Au Pair takes drive and courage, Au Pairs leave their home country to experience a new culture and to live with a new family.  We see a lot of Host Children say they will never forget the memories with their Au Pair.

7.  Au Pairs are young, energetic, and they love kids

Au Pairs are young and can keep up with your energetic kids.  Au Pairs are between the ages of 18-26.  We get it, kids have a lot of energy and want to do fun things.  An Au Pair can plan craft time, fun outings, play outside, and sports to name a few.

Au Pairs also love kids, they chose this cultural exchange program among others because they enjoy spending time with kids.  Au Pairs can have many different types of child care experience like baby-sitting, as a nanny, daycare, teaching, tutoring, and sometimes previous Au Pair experience.

8.  An Au Pair is a friend and trusted member of your family

Because an Au Pair lives with you they are much more than an employee, they are part of your family.  They love to share their culture with your family and they want to learn about your culture too.  Host Families typically build life changing and forever bonds with their Au Pairs, some Host Families even visit their previous Au Pairs in the Au Pair’s home country.

You can relax knowing you have a family member that you can trust to take care of your kids and the things you need.  The Au Pair program brings people together like no other child care experience can.

9.  More quality time for you and your family

We hear from a lot of Host Parents that having in home child care has strengthened their relationships because Au Pairs are helping with the many child care tasks so that leaves more time for Parents to do things they care about and more quality time as a family.  Host Parents can plan date nights and now they don’t need to call around for a baby-sitter, you will know you have someone that already knows and loves your kids to be there when you want to go out.

10.  You and your children experience a new culture and possibly a new language

One of the main reasons Host Families love Au Pair child care is because of the cultural exchange aspect.  Au Pairs come from all over the world and speak many languages.  Au Pairs are excited to learn about American culture and better their English and in exchange they want to share their culture and language with you.

These days a lot of children attend language immersion schools, with Au Pair child care your children can continue learning a new language at home straight from someone that speaks it as a first language.

As you can see Au Pair child care is a wonderful solution and can be exactly what you have been searching for to solve your child care needs. With an energetic, reliable, and trustworthy Au Pair in your home your kids will be happy and you will be less stressed.

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