Fees by Au Pair Type

///Fees by Au Pair Type
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1 Year Program FeesStandardEducarePlusPremiere
Application Fee$250$250$250$250
Program Fee$8,395$7,695$8,395$8,395
International & Domestic
Air Travel Fees
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Weekly Stipend (Minimum)$195.75$146.81$215.00$255.00
Education Contribution (Maximum)$500$1,000$500$500
Hours Per Week (Maximum)45 hours30 hours45 hours45 hours
Average Weekly Cost$367$314$386$426
Average Hourly Cost$8.15$10.47$8.58$9.47

In country Au Pairs are priced uniquely. Contact our office for more details.

Variations by Au Pair Type and Host Family

Fees for Au Pair child care depend on both the Host Family and the type of Au Pair chosen. Variations exist in the following categories:

  • Number of hours the Au Pair works each week (Maximum)
  • Number of weeks in the placement
  • Weekly Stipend (Minimum)*
  • Educational Contribution (Maximum)
  • Program fee
  • Domestic and international air travel fee
  • Optional New York Introductory Workshop (additional $400)
  • Discounts or promotions awarded

Go Au Pair does not charge an additional fee for infant qualified Au Pairs.

The number of hours the Au Pair works each week is determined by the Host Family and cannot exceed regulation maximums. EduCare Au Pairs work a maximum of 30 hours per week. All other Au Pairs work a maximum of 45 hours per week. Any Au Pair may work fewer hours than the regulation maximum which results in a different hourly average cost.

The number of weeks in the placement is 52 for a full-year out of country Au Pair (51 if the Au Pair attends the New York Introductory Workshop) and varies widely for in country Au Pairs. Out of country Au Pairs are currently residing outside the United States and upon matching with a Host Family, are available to travel to the US upon finalizing the paperwork. In country Au Pairs are currently residing within the United States and are available to extend their Au Pair experience or transfer Host Families. These in country Au Pairs are typically available sooner and have already been working as an Au Pair for a Host Family in the United States.

The educational contribution is a maximum contribution amount paid by Host Families and set by regulations. The maximum educational contribution is $1,000 for EduCare Au Pairs and $500 for all other Au Pairs.

Domestic and international air travel fees may apply to your out of country Au Pair depending on the international airport your Au Pair departs from and the domestic airport your Au Pair arrives into. Au Pairs already in the U.S. have unique air travel fees associated. Learn more about Domestic Air Travel fee and International Air Travel fees or contact us for specifics.

The optional New York Introductory Workshop ($400) includes CPR and First Aid Certification, a discussion on cultural differences, information on what to expect as an Au Pair, and a tour of New York City.

Discounts and promotions depend on the Host Family. All Host Families receive our application fee discount. Learn what other discounts you are eligible for on our discounts page.

*The shown Au Pair stipend of $195.75 is the minimum provided by the Department of State. However, Host Families and Au Pairs may agree to a stipend above the legally applicable minimum.

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