“Her Light and Good Nature Show in Everything She Does”

/“Her Light and Good Nature Show in Everything She Does”

There are no words to truly highlight the comfort and care that Katy provides to our family. She is always pleasant, extremely grateful, kind, courteous, and loving to our family. She became part of the family instantly. She accepts our love and care too, which feels really terrific. Her light and good nature show in everything she does. We are happier and less stressed because of her. We trust Katy, and can go to work in peace. Our kids run to her when they are hurt, because they love and her and her warmth. That says it all right there. She manages to be the center of their world, but share that center with both my husband and I. That is very hard to do. However, we seamlessly work as a team.

Sometimes I wonder how we picked such a gem. You never know who a person is by their profile and Skype chats. I passed over Katy’s profile a few times for no good reason. Never did I imagine that the young girl I saw in the picture would be one of the kindest people I have ever met in my entire life. We are extremely lucky to have her as our au pair.

Katy has shown us many times that she is here for our family.

It is very hard for my husband and me to get time alone out of the house. We have a one-year-old and a three-year-old. My parents live close by, but my mom has been quite sick and my dad works long hours. Katy bought my husband and me a very generous gift card to a steak house for the Holidays. The best part was the beautiful letter she wrote to us, with the promise to watch the kids as part of her gift. It brought a tear to my eye. She goes above and beyond. She helps us so much every day.

Another example of Katy’s dedication to our family is when she took the kids to the zoo with my parents, while my husband and I were at work. It is something my parents would never have been able to do alone. It meant a lot to my parents to take the kids to the zoo and Katy went along without any hesitation. It is a day that my son and parents talked about all summer. It would have never happened without Katy.

Katy is a beautiful person inside and out. She is down to earth and communicates very well. She is mature, but still happy and young at heart. Her family did an amazing job raising such a smart, good-natured, and strong young lady. Katy is very talented and can do anything she puts her mind to. I guarantee, she will do good things wherever she goes. Often times, Katy knows what everyone in the family needs without even asking.

She is one of our best friends.

She always lends a helping hand and treats her job as if it isn’t a job. She is genuinely happy to be with our kids and help my husband and I. Nominating Katy for Au Pair of the Year brings me great pleasure. Please keep her in mind as the best au pair for your contest.

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