“I Cannot Describe the Love I See in Her Eyes”

/“I Cannot Describe the Love I See in Her Eyes”

Dizzy has been by far the best au-pair there is. She came to my home at a time of many transitions and was able to not only fulfill her responsibilities but lessen the burdens and worries I have as a new single mom. One of our first conversations when interviewing her was about family. I needed someone I could trust with my family, and she was looking for a family that will make her feel welcome. We were a match!

After a not so charming experience with Au-Pair 5, I had decided to give up on the program. Glad I did not. I think Dizzy came to our family at the perfect time and for perfect reasons. I cannot describe the love I see in her eyes. She loves my kids, and my children love her in return. My eldest came to me once: “Mamma, I love Dizzy as much as I loved Marce.”

Marce was our third au pair and left a huge print on the boys. Hearing this from Liam offered me a lot of comfort.

Dizzy has learned about life in the US in a different way than my previous au-pairs. Unlike the other au-pairs, I have not been able to travel with her or experience more outdoor events. However, I have shown her that in the United States, everything is possible. She can go to school, learn English, meet people, travel with them, save money and dream for the future. All of it while having fun and knowing that her new family looks after her and loves her.

We often talk about the future, about her dreams and hopes.

Likewise, during the transition I have experienced, I found a calm companion that often helps me find solutions. Sometimes, after the kids are in bed, we seat to talk and laugh together. It builds a nice bond. She understands that my two boys are my primary concern, so she keeps me appraised with text messages and photos. This simple gesture helps me focus at work. Managing the safety of over 100 assets is a bit stressful, she brings in peace when I know that my boys are well taken care of.

Dizzy is a blessing not only because she brings peace of mind, but because she embodies the spirit of the program. She is learning about life in the United States, learning English, expanding her horizons, dreaming about opportunities to better her own life back in her country… and all of it while becoming a new member, to a family she recently met. We have all become a family and I look forward to seeing her become the woman she is now dreaming to be.

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