Au Pair is Wonderful with Host Kid Who Has Autism

/Au Pair is Wonderful with Host Kid Who Has Autism

Leidy came to us just over a year ago and has been a wonderful addition to our family and the lives of our three sons. Our oldest son has autism, and Leidy has shown so much patience and love to him. He is thriving at home and at school, which has certainly been helped by having a loving, warm, patient Au Pair at home. He loves to tell her about school and show her how every appliance and gadget in our house works.

Leidy calls Taeghan her English teacher! Leidy’s biggest influence, though, has been on our two-year-old, Rylan. He adores her. As we all know, two-year-olds can be a challenge as they find their own way and struggle to understand boundaries. Leidy is so wonderful for him, and they share a special bond. He is growing up bilingual thanks to her! I love watching her speak to him in Spanish and him to answer in some mixed English/Spanish response, not even knowing that he is speaking two different languages.

Leidy moved with us from Philadelphia to the suburbs a few months ago, and in that transition, she went out of her way to find activities and local libraries for Rylan. They walk to parks and ride the train to other suburbs for special activities. This has all been even more amazing as we have a new baby, Aidan, who Leidy is also wonderful with. She has a natural way with both babies and kids and is able to calm him with ease. When Leidy arrived in the US, her English was limited. She has taken multiple English classes and now speaks quite well! She has traveled to Atlantic City, New York, Washington DC, Florida and Puerto Rico in the last year. She has met wonderful friends and truly enjoyed the experience of being in America. She makes me a better mom by allowing me to have one on one time with each of my kids. Even if it is five minutes to sit down with my kindergartener and talk about school or how his day was while Leidy entertains the other boys, it makes a huge difference. We love her and she will always be a part of our family!

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