Au Pair Helps Host Kid with Speech Therapy

/Au Pair Helps Host Kid with Speech Therapy

Priscila joined our family in March 2019 and immediately settled into our crazy household without hesitation. We have a very busy home, with four rambunctious children, ten and under. Things became a bit more complicated when we realized that our youngest was very behind in his speech development and needed to start attending speech therapy. 

Priscila has been an active participant in his speech therapy including making up games to help with his therapy homework. His speech has grown tremendously, in part, from her assistance.  She has also bonded well with our spirited youngest daughter and often makes her hair into beautiful braids, which I am sad to say I have no skill at doing. She leaves her bedroom door open and welcomes our youngest daughter to join her, even in her off time. Our eldest two daughters are more independent but they have enjoyed Priscila’s company and the art projects she helps them with. 

Priscila has made the most our of her year here in Jacksonville and we think that she now knows this city better than us and often has great recommendations for restaurants or things to do. We will miss having her in our home but we wish her luck as she leaves to continue her amazing journey and we know that she will be a member of our family forever.

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