10 Reasons Families Love Their Male Au Pairs

/10 Reasons Families Love Their Male Au Pairs

I know, I know. You might be looking at this post title thinking, “Wait, can guys be Au Pairs?”

Why, yes, actually. Not only are there male nannies and Au Pairs, but male Au Pairs can be some of the sweetest childcare providers you’ve ever seen.

A male Au Pair, sometimes referred to as a “Bro Pair” on social media, has a unique opportunity to bond with his Host Kids in a way only males seem to.

Now, don’t get me wrong, female Au Pairs are awesome in their own way. But male Au Pairs just seem to have their own special vibe.

And tell me this picture of a male Au Pair with his baby twin Host Kids doesn’t just melt your heart.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. 😉

Reasons Host Families Adore Their Au Pairs

If you Google “male Au Pair UK” or “Au Pair male London,” you’ll see that male Au Pairs are actually quite popular outside of the U.S. They’re growing in popularity in America, too, and here’s why.

Lots of Energy

If your kids just never sit still and are always out and about a male Au Pair may be perfect for you.  Male Au Pairs love running around with your kids and having fun with them.  They have non stop energy to keep up with your kids.

Highly Motivated

There are not many male candidates and they know they are going up against a lot of female candidates so they are very active in their search for a wonderful Host Family.  They want to be the very best Au Pair they can be and are typically very goal-oriented.

“Nico is a happy, generous representative of his country, who has embraced our culture and our family.  Our lives are immeasurably enriched by his great attitude and his responsible, loving care of our children.  He is friend, teacher, coach and confidante to Natalie and Brendan. Having Nico as our au pair is not child care, it is a way of life.” -Host Mom, Gail

Bring a Male Dynamic to the Home

Male Au Pairs are great for families with boys, girls, or a mix of both.  They bring a brotherly and male presence to your home.  We see a lot of single mothers choose a male Au Pair so there can be a male role model in their home.

“As a single working mother of two children, my life was extremely stressful.  My work schedule is not consistent and trying to provide adequate care for my young son and teenage daughter was draining the life out of me.  We had matched with Marcos and he arrived on the 4th of July.  It has been life-changing!” -Host Mom, Ember

They Have Lots of Child Care Experience

Male Au Pairs know that they have some stiff competition amongst all of the female candidates so most of them are the best of the best when it comes to child care experiences.  They know they need to stand out amongst the rest.  We have seen a lot of male Au Pairs with special needs experience, teaching experience, experience with large groups of children, and more.

Responsible and Trustworthy

In some cultures, young men gain many responsibilities within their homes early on in their lives.  Many male Au Pair candidates have had previous jobs or have been attending college before choosing to become an Au Pair.  Host Families that choose a male Au Pair find that they are responsible and can manage all the tasks they are given each day.

“One of the things I have found to be a great comfort in my relationship with Demoy is that, as well as providing fun and companionship to Idris in the

Demoy and Idris

present, he is also very thoughtful about the future. As parents, we all worry about how our child is going to grow up, and what the future consequences may be of our current actions. Whilst being a wonderful playmate Demoy knows how to set boundaries, and is very careful to make sure that Idris is growing into a responsible young man.” -Host Mom, Elizabeth

They Love Sports

We see many Host Families choose a male Au Pair because their kids are active in sports and many male candidates play sports as well.  After all, soccer is the most popular sport in the world, kids love it and Au Pairs love it too.  Host Kids love that they can practice their favorite sports with their male Au Pair and learn new things from them.

Goals and the Need to Succeed

Male Au Pairs come to the Au Pair program with specific goals they want to achieve in the Au Pair program and for their future.  Many candidates want to go into the child care field after their time as an Au Pair and they have a passion for it.  They want to experience American culture and want to be there for their Host Family.

“I enjoy working with kids as well as learning new experiences, which is why I was so excited in deciding to fulfill my dream of being an au pair in the United States.” -Au Pair, Ivan

A Driver You Can Trust

Host Families have found that most male Au Pairs have a lot of driving experience.  Many gain their experience from driving to and from their jobs, for their jobs, or they have to drive for their family.  Host Families love that they can trust them to drive their kids to and from school and activities.

Bring a Unique Perspective to Child Care

Male Au Pairs can act as a role model or brotherly figure, hence the name Bro-pair, for your children.  They build special relationships with their Host Kids that will make memories that will last forever.

“Of course, his primary role is helping to care for my 8 year old daughter, Chloe.   About 2 months after he came, she said to me “is it okay if I tell Derik that I love him?”  He has basically become like an older brother to her—in all the best ways.”  -Host Mom, Alina

Play an Active Role With Your Children

It’s already been mentioned before, male Au Pairs have lots of energy and love sports, but male Au Pairs will constantly be active with your kids.  They can do it all, meals, arts and crafts, playing outside, teaching new things, and so much more.  Take this host mom’s word for it.

Tim and his Host Kids

“He was more than just an au pair to our two young boys; he was their big brother, their coach, and their personal jungle gym.” -Host Mom, Tiffany

How to Become a Male Au Pair

When is a male Au Pair needed most by a Host Family?  Well, A male Au Pair is most needed by any Family.  Men interested in becoming an Au Pair can sign up with any of the agencies we work with around the world, you just need to register first to find out if there is an agency near you.  You can become an Au Pair if you have prior childcare experience, are between the ages of 18-26, and if you speak English or want to better your English. The possibilities for male Au Pairs are endless and participating in the Au Pair program is a rewarding opportunity for anyone.

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