My Host Family Made Sure I Was Never Homesick

/My Host Family Made Sure I Was Never Homesick

Making new decisions sometimes comes accompanied by insecurity, fears, anxiety … and so it happened to me. When I decided to become an Au Pair! Another country, with a new language and culture, to live and share a place with new people. But nowadays, I can guarantee that becoming an Au Pair was one of the best decisions I’ve ever had in all my life.

“Homesickness was a word that did not exist in my vocabulary.”

During my first days, even with a lot of information, with all the support from the agency and especially from my host family, I felt very comfortable with my new stay. They would often ask me if I was feeling well, if I needed anything, and if they could do anything for me. And this certainly made me feel very secure.

I know that each human being is unique and each one has his different feelings, but in my case homesick was a word that did not exist in my vocabulary during this amazing experience. The environment that my Host Family built in the house is so pleasant that it feels like an extension of my own home.

About my Host Parents and Host Kids, I feel very lucky and grateful that they have chosen me as their Au Pair. They are always worried about my well-being. I will always be grateful to them for giving me such a sensational and important experience in my life. They always help me improve my English skills, and for any situation, I need I know I can always count on them.

They went out of their way to give me a happy birthday…

Two of the AHA moments that has more meaning for me are: on my birthday some friends of mine combined with my Host Family if I could have the day off to be able to travel and celebrate surrounded by friends. My Host Family readily said yes, and I remember when I woke up on my birthday, my Host Dad had woke up earlier just to prepare a lovely breakfast with lots of bacon (they know I love bacon. lol) and I received all their affection for then to celebrate my birthday with other friends in another state.

And also what I most admire in my Host Family is that although there have 4 children and one of them has special needs.. the way they manage and handle everything for that no child is deprived of a healthy childhood with lots of interaction and fun give me lots of gratitude! I’m very proud to be able to collaborate with this. Certainly one of my favorite AHA moments.

The Au Pair program was essential to my personal and professional growth.

This experience has brought me much maturity. I can guarantee there is a Marco before and after the Au Pair program. It is very gratifying to be able to see new perspectives for new points of view and new cultures. When we build bridges between different cultures and people, we become better people!

I know that maybe the perfect family does not exist. But my Host Family showed me that where there is love, there is the base of a great family!

Many thanks, Day Family! You all always will be in my heart!

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