“My Heart Family.” Au Pair Describes Her Special Host Family

/“My Heart Family.” Au Pair Describes Her Special Host Family

I still remember the day that we had our first conversation by Skype. Our quote was great minds think alike why? Because when I receive the family profile from Go Au Pair I started to write them but after I sent the email I just received one from them at exactly the same time.

The Swensons are very good with me, I always feel that I’m part of the family, we are 7 people in this family four kids and three grown-ups. Michael and Melissa are the parents they both are very friendly and always being interest in the activities that I made in my free time, they already met my friends and all of them agree that they are a great family. My 4 little monkeys are Bella, Alexis, Cady, and Zach, some people would think that they are too many kids and a lot of work, but we have very good communication and a good relationship; they take care of me and we always respect my opinion. Every day we made different activities to enjoy the time together we like a lot to swim and go to the beach.

We are so lucky about the place that we live; Florida is beautiful, close to everything, and our neighborhood has water parks and pools in almost all the places. There is always a plan that involves water to do.

The first week that I arrive at our house the family plan a trip to Disney to spent time together and meet each other we had fun there, Disney is a place with a tons of magic and in the middle of that magic I realize how lucky I am to have them, I’m very grateful to my host family because they are very open with me and make efforts to have a good relation in the house, missy is super sweet, she always plan things to do together but also respect my free time.

My first week Missy was looking around our neighborhood for other Au Pairs because she knows that it is important to socialize so that I know my very first friend because of her. That gesture means a lot to me. It shows the interest that they have to make me feel comfortable with them.  The last week we made a trip to Seattle because they want to introduce me with the rest of the family, all of them live in Seattle because they are originally from there but they have adventure souls that I also have. Those days were awesome, Swenson family are really nice and friendly people, the more time that spend with them is the most grateful I feel to have them.

They are for sure my heart family because I never feel alone even kilometers away from my real family. I have been 5 months living with them and every day is different but the way that we live the day is very similar at this time we didn’t disagree at any point.

For me they are special. When I started the process to be an Au Pair and in every decision that I made I have always put God first so he did it well send me to the U.S. with the right family. I’m so happy to live with them in our everlasting vacation because in Florida summer is always there.

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