“I Knew My Heart Belonged to Them”

/“I Knew My Heart Belonged to Them”

I would like to say that I am very thrilled to have been a part of the au pair program and I found my current host family. Being an au pair one of the best experiences in my life.

My first year almost over with my current host family. I have had an amazing host family! When I saw my two little host kids for the first time at the airport, from that moment I knew…

My heart belonged to them.

When I arrived at house, we immediately got along with my host family. My host family always supports me and it makes me feel like the home. Svetlana and Murat very helpful and empathetic people. I can talk about anything with them, I feel like they’re my big brother and sister because I can open myself about any topic and we will laugh about it together.

They definitely helped me a lot to adapt to America. My first weeks, they always took me somewhere and showed me around the place, that way I have learned how to go somewhere. I had so much fun with them. We went to the holiday, so we have had change to knowing each other better. We have done so many family activities together this year.

What my Host Family means to me…

I should also note that my host children are wonderful. They’re comfortable around me and love spending time with me. I really think they see me as a big sister.

Svetlana always asked me that how I feel and she always trying me feel to the happy and comfortable. My host mom is such a genuine, kind-hearted human being and deserves nothing but the best, Thank you for everything that you do to make my stay memorable.

It never feels like a job. It really is such a pleasure being with you and your girls. Thank you for loving me the way you do! Thank you for caring so much and making me feel special.

Murat was like my big brother. He would always take me out to try new, different foods, fruits, or take home some unfamiliar food. They always listen to me and give me suggestions when I have a problem. I have had a lot of enlightening and fun experiences and got to learn a lot about U.S. culture and language with my host family. They helped me to attend the activities and I made many friends from all the countries, who were also a part of the Au Pair program.

Learning About U.S. Culture from My Host Family:

I saved a lot of beautiful memories. I love learning about different cultures and show empathy to everyone in the world, so it was precious for me to meet new people from the US and also from all over the world. I also had a better understanding of American culture, people and food. I enjoyed spending time here with my host family , and learning the language and being able to listen to everyone ideas and respect them.

Throughout my time, as I love playing chess and going hiking, My host family helped me to find some chess Meetup where I made new friends who also love chess. We have met regularly to play chess and practice English. Also, I went hiking with groups of people and had the opportunity to meet many American people which has helped me practice my English and also learn about the culture.

I love my host family, my life changed a lot and I’m thankful of having them in my life because they are the type of people that hug me when I need and give me support and care. I will miss each one of them so much when I leave, but I’m sure that our friendship won’t have an end; I’ll try my best to keep in contact and still be part of their lives. The precious moments and times we lived together will be forever in my heart.

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