“My Friends Think I’m Crazy… but I Know I Love My Host Family!”

/“My Friends Think I’m Crazy… but I Know I Love My Host Family!”

In the past 10 months, Steve, Jackie, and Alex became my friend. To be exact, they became my family.

When I arrived in the United States, I felt strange and frightened about this country. Different cultures and different languages make me afraid to communicate with others in English. Jackie helped me find English classes in libraries. The classes helped me learn English, understand American culture, and make new friends. Until now, I still go to the library every week for classes.MeanwhileSteve and Jackie always chat with me, teaching me new words and parenting knowledge, helping me to be a volunteer in daycare. These make me deeply understand the different ways of education in China and the United States.so that I don’t feel afraid and strange about the city anymore and I’d love to talk with people in English now. My Haiku poems are also published in the school magazine of Seattle Community University. I will share with them every achievement I have made, and they will always encourage me. Their encouragement is like a light in the dark guiding me forward. Thanks to them for helping me face fear and integrate into life here.

They Support Me Wherever I Go…

Jackie and Steve will give me advice when I travel, help me choose the address of the safe area, and tell me how to buy bus tickets and airplane tickets. With their encouragement and support, I have been to New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Orlando, Miami, Key West, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and other cities, as well as antelope valley, Grand Canyon and other natural attractions in this year.I’ve been to all the places I want to go to America and I made many friends on my journey. I can say that my American life would not have been so wonderful without them.

When my travel plan clashes with Christmas, Jackie and Steve spend Christmas a week ahead of schedule in order to let me feel the atmosphere of Christmas. This is my most special Christmas. We cooked food together, decorated Christmas trees together, and opened gifts together. That’s awesome!! I hope I will celebrate every festival with them!

They helped me with homesickness.

When I feel homesick, they encouraged me to have a video chat with my parents and give me a holiday to let me go home. At the same time, Steve, Jackie, and Alex who gave me the same feeling with my family. We celebrate Christmasbirthdays, we went to the parks and join some interesting activities together. They took me to meet their family and friends, that made me feel like I’m part of the family. I appreciate they help me to overcome homesickness and think of me as their family.

Even Steve and Jackie’s parents are treating me as their daughter. They often care about whether I adapt to life here or not, worry about my eating habits and bought some special food for me in Chinatown. They are really nice to me.

Alex is very cute and warm-hearted. He often helps me organize toys, wash clothes and clean up. We’re always dancing together. He is my joy, my sunshine, every time if I am in a bad mood .when I see him, I will be happy. While I teach Alex to learn Chinese, I also teach him daily life skills. Every time I see his progress, I feel especially accomplished. Every time when he put his clothes in the washing machine alone. When he helped me sweep the floor with a vacuum cleaner, when he put his bowl in the sink after dinner, when he wiped the table with a rag. When I say a word that he understands, it always makes me feel comfortable. Whenever he sleeps, I always say I love you to him in Mandarin. He will giggle, although he can not speak many words now, but he must know that I love him, I know that he loves me. Every time Alex sees me running towards me, I think this is my Alex, unique Alex!

My Friends Think I’m Crazy for Staying for Another Year, But I Love My Host Family!

They’re also the reason why I decision to extend one year. Compared with two years as a au pair, one year will benefit my work in China. Being an au pair for one year will be enough, makes me to accumulate experience and opportunities for my career in China, but I was choose Jackie, Steve, and Alex not to care about anything. My friends think I’m crazy, but I know I love my Host Family! They deserve it!

During this 10-month period. We often talk and laugh together like friends, help each other like family members, understand each other and learn from each other. I cherish every day with them. They changed me. I’m not afraid of anything with them! I don’t know how lucky I am to meet them. I do love them! They’re the best Host family in the world!!

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