**2019 Runner-Up** My Host Family Saved My Vacation

/**2019 Runner-Up** My Host Family Saved My Vacation

My Host Dad Asked Me To Say with Them Another Year By “Proposing”

I’m so grateful that I have joined the Wharry family for over one year already. As their Au Pair, I am treated truly like a part of the family. My host kids, 9.5 and 2.5 years old, are just adorable and precious to all of us. Deciding to stay another year with them is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I remember the day when my host dad knelt down in front of me and asked, “Anna, would you like to stay with our family?”

I was so surprised, but it was actually both so emotional and so funny that I couldn’t stop laughing. My host mom sitting right next to him apologized to me for her “crazy” husband. Haha. Oh, he is the most humorous host dad in the world. And obviously, you guys can guess my answer was “Yes, please.”

My host family and I have been sharing with each other a lot of fun and unforgettable memories. It is hard to pick up just one moment for this nomination. However, to randomly tell you a memory, I would love to talk about a story that happened to me only two weeks ago.

When I Had Trouble During My Vacation, My Host Family Came to the Rescue.

I went on vacation with six other Vietnamese girls in California. We are from different states but we all together planned the trip many months before that to make it happen. Our nine-day trip started in San Francisco and ended in Los Angeles. The seven of us were so happy when finally met up at San Francisco airport. We decided to go to China Town for dinner before heading to the Airbnb house.

Unfortunately, our excitement didn’t last long. After dinner, we walked back to the car and couldn’t believe our eyes.

“Oh No! Where is the luggage?” one of us yelled. We looked around but nothing was found.

We called 911 and reported the robbery to a nearby police station. From that moment, there was no more excitement or laughter. Instead, we were all scared, worried and couldn’t believe that we been robbed right from the first day in San Francisco and that we lost all of the luggage, for all seven people on the trip.

I text my host family that night just to let them know what happened, even though I knew they were sleeping. The next morning, the girls and I woke up sadly and didn’t know what to do next. Then I got a call from my host dad. Fifteen minutes later, I got another call from my host mom, and then another one from Nanny (grandma).

I almost burst into tears while telling them how bad my situation was at that time and because I was touched when my host family really cared about me. They felt bad too, and gave me all the sweetest words to cheer me up.

They truly saved our vacation and helped us remember to have a good time.

My host dad said that we would obviously be upset for a couple of days but we should try to be happy again quickly and have some fun for the rest of the trip. Surprisingly, my host mom came to a decision that she would give me and the girls all the rewards that the family earned from Old Navy (approx $650). She hoped it could help us buy some new clothes and continue the trip.

“I know it’s tough, Anna. But think positively that you can go shopping for free and have new clothes again. Don’t be so sad. You better enjoy the trip now,” my host dad added.

Oh thank god! Why do I have such an awesome host family? I have to say that my host family really gave me the feeling of home. I never looked forward to going back home like I did at that time. I couldn’t thank them enough for making my day and healing all the girls quickly. Our trip ended up amazingly and we will never forget my host family’s treat.

Thank you so much again, to the Wharry family.

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