“I have an ‘AHA’ moment with my host family every day”

/“I have an ‘AHA’ moment with my host family every day”

I honestly can say that I have an “AHA” moment with my host family every day. Some would say that can’t be, but every day when my kids do/say something funny, cute or silly, I just feel like the luckiest girl alive. Every day when my host mom, Anna, gets home we have a whole gossip session about just anything that happened, and I love it!

So to say that I had an “AHA” moment is quite difficult just because I feel like that every day. But if I have to pick, I would pick my first interview with them. After my first interview with them, I told my mom “this is my family! I can feel it!” And they are amazing. I am honestly blessed beyond words with my host family.

They have made me feel at home from the moment I got in the United States.

Apart from taking me on vacations like Mexico, San Diego and more to come, and also spoiling me with gifts, manicures and pedicures, I feel part of the family every day and that is more than I could’ve asked for.

I have learned so much from them since my journey to the US started. Apart from working hard at her job and traveling quite a bit, my host mom also has her own maternity clothing line, which she lets me help her with. Since I’ve been doing that I have learned so much about business and I am now thinking of someday opening my own business. I would say that my host mom feels like my best friend and also a sister. PS – people have actually asked us if we are best friends or sisters. LOL!

My host dad is really awesome. He is very considerate, making sure we have Starbucks coffee supplies in the house (we are the only ones in the family that drink coffee) and making sure my room is outfitted with fast internet and a big screen TV. He also encourages me to experience everything Minnesota and the US has to offer.

I look up to my host mom and dad for all the success they have achieved and for the amazing people they are.

Then there are my kids. The love I have for these kids is unreal! They put a smile on my face every day! We have that “no filter” kind of relationship, which some people might find a little weird, but it turns out that 4 and 6-year-olds think poo, and any poo song on Amazon, is really funny. It softens my heart every day when Scarlett or Rory just out of nowhere tell me they love me, which I think makes our bond even stronger. It is the most amazing feeling when you teach them something and they learn to do it. This summer Scarlett wanted to learn how to tie her shoes and I taught her how to make two bunny ears. I was so proud when I saw her do that after two weeks of trying.

I had to do a course in New York two times and every time I left I missed them instantly. So with that being said, I don’t know how I am going to leave them next year October!

With that: I have THE BEST host family ever!

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