Host Kids Block the Door, Say, “Don’t go back to China!”

/Host Kids Block the Door, Say, “Don’t go back to China!”

My name is Chunxue Pan, an au pair living in Houston now. I have been in Houston almost 5 months, and this is my second year in the U.S. There are two kids in my host family, both are girls, I have a lovely host family. I write this just wanting to show how appreciative I am to them.

I love my host parents because they really care for me. Since I came here, they prepared me a lovely bedroom, which had some of my travel pictures on the wall, many things that I needed in the bedroom. They make me a clear schedule to tell me about my work and the things I need to do, bought a new phone and let me use it. This really let me feel comfortable when I arrived in a new place.

Au Pair's Host Kids Say "Don't Go Back to China!"

My Host Parents Really Care About Me…

They let me know U.S. culture. Usually, we have dinner together. We will talk about something, let me and kids know some more knowledge, I enjoy dinner time with them.

By the way, my host dad cooks a delicious meal, my host dad is a good example for me and kids to learn.

They bought me rodeo tickets to know TX culture and gave me a present at Easter Day, they treat me like a family member, celebrated my birthday, and when I was in travel, my host mom reminds me to get my phone charger, wallet, suggest me go some nice place and so on, that’s so sweet.

My host mom drove me to the airport at earlier morning, and picked me up at earlier morning, worry about if I will be safe. This month we will travel together,  that would be more fun, sometimes I am not good at expressing my thoughts, but I am really appreciative of everything they did for me.

“Chunxue, don’t go back to China, we will miss you!”

I love my host kids because they are really lovely and sweet, they made a welcome card and wrote a lovely letter for me when I arrived here, they did many things that moved me in these 5 months. One time I go to school after done my work, they blocked the door and would not let me go, and I did not understand why. They said, “Chunxue, don’t go back to China, we will miss you!”

They are so cute, and when I cut fruits for them, they said, “Be careful Chunxue, don’t get hurt.” One time my arm bumped into a table and my little girl bear gets a band-aid for me very quickly when she saw me feel painful. Even though she was not tall enough to reach it, even though I was not bleeding in that moment. She’s just a little girl, she doesn’t know how to use a band-aid, but I know she loves me.

I am also working like before, keep following family rules, just speak mandarin with them, read lots book for them, bring them to explore more fun things to do and so on. I will do my best, I know how important a healthy and happy childhood is to a person’s life, so I hope the kids will have a great year with me.

Thanks, au pair program, for giving me this opportunity to express my thoughts, for letting me have wonderful experiences in the U.S. in these two years. These will be unforgettable memories in my life.

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