Au Pair is “Grateful and Blessed” to be with Her Host Family

/Au Pair is “Grateful and Blessed” to be with Her Host Family

Grateful and Blessed!

I would like to start with those words, because that kind of words they have been defining my personal experience with them. Just, I came here 8 months ago, and althrough the time, just I can confirm my first impression to them, it was not wrong; It is unbelivable, they are the most humble, helpfully and amazing people I had never knew, but besides they opened the doors of their home also, they opened the doors of their hearts to me.

I feel a part of their family.

Actually it is really hard to say it, because in my personal case I felt the language it was a big obstacle between us, but I did not need to understand every single word to be comfortable, a hug, a kiss, a joke, they always worried about my personal preferences, video tv, movies, food, but above & beyond they ask me about my family, my friends, they make me feel I am important for them, I live comfortable, I do not need anything else here, but I love when they give a chance to share that things with my family and friends, I can invite friends at home, or even if I want to spend time with my family they have the doors open just not for me, even for the people who are important to me. They have to many things to do but they always take personal time to ask me about my feelings, my family, among others.

Even when I have trouble, they make me feel now It is not my problem, now this problem is our too, they always tell me, how we can help you. I really appreciate this support because sometimes can be most important a word someone who can tell you. Everything is going to be all right. They are my motivation for my job every day to do the best, because If I make mistakes they always give me best feedback, they teach me every day worth things about family life, and the most important I can proof the family love is real, my totally admiration for them, It is unbelievable how you can be happy in the smaller things of the life.

“My Handsome English Teacher” is 5 Years Old.

I need to tell you about my experience with the boys. It has been amazing, my handsome English teacher he is 5 years old, and he is adorable, he is smart, lovely, humble, helpful. He is like an adult in a small body hahaha, I remember my first vacation week, he was so worried because he was thinking I do not have plans, and he told me you can not be here by yourself, I thought I can not believe it was a big surprise for me, because he is a little boy. my second boy he is amazing It is the most well behave I never had seen, he steal my heart, he is 2 years old, lovely, respectful, intelligent, when he is running to me every morning to kiss me, and hug me, It is a beautiful feeling.

Above and beyond to win, I want to tell them A BIG THANKS, because I had the best experience next to them, and I feel lucky to be part of your family, and congrats for to be a beautiful example to have a happy family.

Forever you guys have a special place of my heart.

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