Au Pair Says Her Host Family Makes Her Feel “Special and Loved”

/Au Pair Says Her Host Family Makes Her Feel “Special and Loved”

The moment I knew was when we were at the Cabin. I was trying to water ski, trying my very best over and over failing over and over, almost getting up a few times, they knew how much I wanted to succeed and Lucky for me they kept encouraging me. That’s when I knew that they will stand by my side whether it is water skiing or whatever it might be and I love them for that and much more…

Au Pair Danel's Host Mom calls her "little angel"

My Host Mom calls me her little Angel.

When I am with my host Kids although challenging at times with 4. I Love them and makes me happy to see them happy, I love to play with them whether its dress up, legos or at a park or play at a pool or wherever I love them all so much.

My Host Kids are Asher (6.5) he is very smart and good at skiing. Selah (5) she is kind, although all of them are kind, she is compassionate about everything she does. Hudson (3) or as shall I say Superman he is so loving he gives the best hugs and is just great and last but not least. Wesley(4 months) I knew him since he was born he is so cute he smiles most of the time, he barely cries and he is just a little angel.

I love spending time with my Host Mom Jennifer we love are talks we can talk for hours, she is kind, generous with her love and attention if she puts her mind on something she gets the job done whether it cheers someone up or her favorite to deep clean the house. 😉

My Host Dad Aaron is great to he reminds me a lot of my Dad, he always makes things fun whether we are all hiding for him to come home so we can throw water balloons on him and he always gets us back or just going for a road trip to the Cabin.

I’m so grateful for this experience.

I want to thank my Host Family for making me feel like I am part of their family. For including me in movie nights or going places, for the yummy coffee and chocolates. You make me feel special and loved for who I am and when I am around all of you, thank you for showing me that you care it means the world to me.

Thank you Pierces for helping me follow my dreams whether it is to SkyDive that I’m going to do on the 3rd of August 2019 (can’t wait) or a simple thing as letting me enjoy every moment of life I appreciate everything that you are doing for me.

The experience I had so far has changed my life for the better and is going to help me in the future. I know that when we part ways I will be very sad.

I want to Thank Go Au Pair and all the people who helped me for giving me the opportunity to come here and letting me have a great opportunity.

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