These Busy Host Parents Still Find Time for Their Au Pair

/These Busy Host Parents Still Find Time for Their Au Pair

I am Kaiqi Guo, I come from China. I’m glad to be an Au Pair with my current host family. The first day I arrived, I was greeted at the airport with grandpa, he talked to me all the time on the way home. When I got home, I met grandma and my host parents.

They welcomed me into their home and their heart with open arms.

They are so kind and welcoming. My host mom and host dad are really busy and successful. They are so nice, so sweet and so kind. They help and teach me everything. I love everybody in the family very much. I also met my two host kids, they are so cute and they drew a nice picture for me. (I keep it all the time.) I should note that my host kids are wonderful, too. They’re comfortable around me and love spending time with me – I really think they see me as a big sister. I love that. I felt comfortable and at home with them. And they made my time abroad an experience I’ll carry with me forever.

We have done so many family activities together since I been here. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my host family’s friends in Florida. This was the first time I have celebrated Thanksgiving. We also celebrated Halloween, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year.

Those were lovely days for me that I will always remember.

At Hanukkah time, my host family celebrated for 7 days. They gave the boys presents every night, and even me, which was unexpected. The whole family was so generous and I received so many lovely and thoughtful presents. I felt like a part of the family.

My “AHA” moment: My host mom, Susan, always encourages me to go out with my friends in my free time. She always helps me planning to travel. A short time ago, I decided to went back to China to visit my family. My host family bought me the plane tickets for me! It’s a very expensive trip. I was truly touched that she had thought about this and done this for me. I learned a lot from my host parents and grandparents, also the kids. I am so grateful and feel so lucky. For now, I try my best to help my host family every day. Because I really want to do something for them in return. That is the way I do it for them, even just something easy.

Everything that my host family does for me comes naturally to them. They are caring, loving, thoughtful and really truly treat me like I am a member of their family. That meant so much to me. They are the most perfect family that I could have wished to find. I am so excited of all the days, months, laughs, experiences and special times we had. Plus the time we are going to have.

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