Indoor Games for Kids & Au Pairs (That Are FUN!)

/Indoor Games for Kids & Au Pairs (That Are FUN!)

Indoor games for kids are fun and useful, whether it’s raining or you just want to keep the kids away from screens. But sometimes, kids get tired of their toys and forget how much fun they can have indoors.

Here are our Top 10 Indoor Games for Kids & Au Pairs to spark some ideas on how to have more creative fun inside with the kids.

Top 10 Indoor Games for Kids and Au Pairs!

sometimes kids forget how much fun it can be to play indoors

1. “Indoor Crab-Walk Football” Gives Kids Exercise

This fun game will keep the kids moving. (What a workout!)

This is a really fun and fit activity, just make sure everyone has enough space so they are not kicking each other or priceless family heirlooms. 😉

2. Broom Hockey Keeps Kids Active

Broom Hockey is a silly indoor version of hockey. Again, be sure to play in an area without a lot of breakable items.

You may also want to consider using pool noodles instead of brooms, just in case the kids get wild. 🏑

3. Penguin Waddle Will Have Kids Laughing

This is a fun, silly indoor game for kids that’s guaranteed to have everyone laughing. Just inflate a few balloons and have the kids walk (or waddle) around with a balloon between their knees!

You can make it a race or just a ridiculous penguin party. It’s up to you!

4. Make-Believe Animals Evokes Imagination

My kids pretend to be Paw Patrol pups every day. Imaginative play is a great way for kids to work through issues they may not know how to grapple with otherwise. It’s also important for child development and supporting kids’ social skills, language skills, and more.

Kids love pretending to be animals, but feel free to encourage other types of make-believe games, too! (Hint: You can pretend to be Ryder & give the Paw Patrol their “mission”).

5. “The Floor is Lava” Encourages Problem-Solving

This is one of the most classic indoor games for kids. What kid hasn’t played “The Floor is Lava”?

This game evokes problem-solving. Help the kids build a “safe path” through the lava with pillows or stuffed animals. My kids love jumping across pillows between our couch and beanbag. You can ramp up the fun by pretending to be a lava monster!

6. An Indoor Fort is a Great Place to Readindoor games for kids

Building an indoor fort with blankets is fun for both kids and adults. It’s easiest to put a large sheet over a table or couch so the blankets don’t fall down.

Forts are a great place to encourage reading. Put some pillows inside, bring a flashlight, and settle in for some fun story time.

7. A Giant Car Track is Exciting

You don’t have to be as extreme as these guys, but building a giant car track can keep kids occupied for hours. Even if you don’t have battery-powered cars or Magic Tracks, you can be creative in what you use to build a car track.

My kids love using wooden blocks as a “road” and driving Matchbox Cars across them. Bonus points for building a city out of blocks, too!

8. Simon Says Teaches Kids to Pay Attention

“Simon Says” is an oldie but goodie. Not only is it a great opportunity to be silly with the kids, but it also teaches children to pay attention and follow instructions.

If you’re watching toddlers, The Wiggles have a song version of Simon Says that’s easy for little ones to follow along with. My kids love The Wiggles!

9. Matching Games Help With Memory & Attention Span

People often think of board games when they need fun indoor games for kids. However, if you’re watching little kids, they may not be developmentally ready for most board games. Matching games are beneficial and help kids improve attention span.

You can find some fun matching games with your Host Kids’ favorite TV characters on them. Or, you could just draw some yourself on index cards!

10. Silly Messes Are Always Fun

Kids love to make messes! Parents & Au Pairs don’t always love cleaning up messes. But the good news is there are lots of activities that allow kids to make a mess that’s also easy to clean up. Try some homemade play-dough or slime!

If your Host Kids love TV as much as my kids do (oh boy, do they), they’d get a huge kick out of pretending to be the PJ Masks & using their slime as Sticky Splat.

Try These Out & Tell Us What You Think!

Now that you have some ideas for indoor games for kids, try a couple out and let us know how it goes!

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