Best Kids’ Movies for Au Pairs to Watch with Host Kids

/Best Kids’ Movies for Au Pairs to Watch with Host Kids

With everyone self-isolating right now, TV is probably on your mind. How much screen time is too much? How can your Au Pair keep your kids out of your hair while you’re working from home?

Kids’ movies are a great tool to pass some time indoors and for your kids to bond with their Au Pair. Plus, American movies are an experience for your Au Pair. Many Au Pairs come to America with ideas they learned from movies. (Boy, do they have some funny ideas about us!)

Of course, life with Host Parents and Host Kids gives Au Pairs a more realistic vision of our American culture. Au Pairs really can expand their knowledge by watching some of the best kids movies with their Host Kids.

Good kids’ movies can be hard to find, especially with so many options available to kids and families. (I mean clean and wholesome).

That’s why I did some work for you. I found these classics that deserve to be included in any list of best children’s movies. (I hope you’ve got some popcorn on hand, cause these movies will create the optimum snuggle opportunities!)

What are the best family movies?

Family movies lend themselves to family time. They also lend themselves to valuable life lessons.

These days, families look different and time is limited. Some households include multiple generations, parents may work from home, and some even include live-in providers like Au Pairs. 

Any list of top family movies should be appropriate for all members of the family to enjoy. Au Pairs become part of that extended family by being with their host kids when parents work or have other commitments. 

The best kids’ movies teach life lessons. They show how people from all places are more alike than we are different. Good kids’ movies expand our thinking and help us appreciate diversity. They value things like hard work, friendship, and doing the right thing.  The best family movies are rated for general audiences.

Can good family movies really teach values and widen our world view?

Cinderella (1950) has been pleasing audiences for decades and with good reason. It is a fantastic kids movie that teaches empathy, the value of individuals, and the power of love.

Lady & the Tramp (1955) is a classic story of friendship and seeing the world from a different perspective. This is just like the experience of an au pair, taking a chance, making new friends for life.

Wall-E (2008) is a great movie for kids, sure to spawn conversations about the condition of our planet. Of course, that could lead to real action kids and families can do together to help.

Which kids’ movies encourage language development?

The Little Mermaid (1989) just lends itself to language. I love the part where Ariel has her treasure trove of human objects, but calls them all the wrong names and has all the wrong uses in her mind. What an opportunity to learn words in another language too!

Babe (1995) is not just a holiday movie. It’s a story of relationships and fitting in, of embracing our gifts. Kids will want to teach their au pair all the animals’ names, and learn them in Spanish or Mandarin!

Do any good kids movies have educational content?

101 Dalmatians (1996) is beloved by children and adults alike. I am not only talking about counting but also the conversations that can happen around animal cruelty and responsible pet ownership. 

Charlotte’s Web (2006) is another classic children’s book made into a movie worthy of a list of good kids’ movies. Wilbur finds a friend in Charlotte and Templeton finds a whole new world at the fair.

Why are kids movies more fun with an Au Pair?

Mary Poppins (1964) is the perfect kids’ movie for Host Kids to watch with their Au Pair. Au Pairs aren’t magic, but sometimes it feels that way to their Host Families.

“Cherel is like a magic elf in our house. When we return home from work, the kids’ beds are made, rooms tidied, and bathroom sink devoid of dried up toothpaste." - Anna, Host Mom

Where the Red Fern Grows (1974) still makes me cry, so fair warning. The story of a boy and his dogs, of loss and hope for the future, it’s got all the makings of one of the best kids movies I’ve ever seen.

Finding Nemo (2003) tops my list of the best children’s movies because it checks all the boxes for top kids’ movies. All of them. It teaches appreciation of others and their gifts. It’s got the value of friendship and a crazy variety of ocean life!

What is an Au Pair?

Au Pairs are high school graduates, at minimum, with documented childcare experience and some level of English proficiency. In addition to providing consistent, reliable childcare, Au Pairs bond with the children in their care. They love their host kids like a little brother or sister. Au Pairs spend time with kids morning, noon, and night, depending on the needs of the host family.

What is a Host Family?

Host Families are families who need consistent, flexible childcare and who also value cultural exchange. They “host” Au Pairs, or live-in international visitors,  providing room & board, an educational contribution, and a weekly stipend. 

In exchange, the Au Pair provides up to 45 hours of childcare or childcare-related duties. Host Families set house rules, weekly schedules, and curfews. If driving is required, Host Families can select candidates with varying levels of driving experience.

What is the Au Pair Program?

The Au Pair Program is a lot like the best kids’ movies. There is a focus on relationships and learning from each other. Cultural exchange is key to the Au Pair Program.

The U.S. Department of State regulates the program and agencies act as sponsors. That means Go Au Pair handles all the logistics for you and provides the support of a national agency with 30 years of experience working with families and Au Pairs.

Host Families love to share our American culture with their international visitors. Host kids love to share their favorite activities, and popular kids movies, with their au pairs. During sick days, rainy days, and extended stays at home, Au Pairs and families should try to watch their way through these top kids’ movies together.

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