The Au Pair Program is Built on Family

//The Au Pair Program is Built on Family
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Au Pair child care is uniquely designed to create a family relationship between children, parents and Au Pair with profound life-long effects. Instead of hiring an employee, Host Families welcome a distant cousin (soon-to-be-best-friend) and open their home, community and hearts. Au Pairs are described as “sisters”, “brothers”, “best friends”, “a single team” and “member of the family”. Au Pairs describe their families as “little angels”, “beautiful little siblings”, “super hero”, “the best host family ever” and “wonderful people”.

This family relationship sets Au Pairs apart from all other kinds of child care. Not only do parents receive the benefits of a reliable care provider, flexible scheduling, and the in home child care tasks you’d expect, they also experience the love of a family member and the trust and confidence that comes with it.

Ecuadorian Au Pair

~ Joha, Au Pair from Ecuador, caring for 2 children ages 7 and 10

When we arrived at the house, I felt I came back home after a long time, finally I had found my perfect match. My host family is incredibly special, they were three before, but now we are a family of 4 people: my host mom, my two kids and me. My kids are the sweetest in the world, they took me back to life! They gave me the reason to believe I can do something meaningful with my life…I’m growing as a human being because of them…We have a great communication and I feel free to express myself; I love this feeling of being part of a family that appreciates what I do for them in the same way I do appreciate what they do for me. I already know I am just in the place I should be. I can say I become a better version of myself everyday thanks to the challenges we deal with as a family. I love them so much and I am saving every moment we spent together in the bottom of my heart.

I think when you sign up to be a host parent, you have the expectations of exceptional child care, a helping hand, and someone to bring culture and life from a foreign country into your home. But what you really get is a lifelong family member and some of the most incredible memories your children will always have. In our case – we were given the ultimate gift of closeness, an indestructible bond, patience, love, and faith that our youngest child can and will overcome a diagnosis.

~ Jules, Host Mom in Detroit, MI with 4 children ages 3 to 13

They include me in everything they are going to do, even when I’m not around, our communication is incredible! They care about me, even though they are very busy people, I appreciate everything they do for me, the patience all attention and help, at the end of the day when I am tired I have a room so comfortable that I feel happy just to enter it, I feel peaceful and safe.I think they deserve not only this award, but all the good things that life will provide for them, because they are people with an incredible heart, an open mind, respect, a lot of complicity and humility! for showing their culture in a very fun way, for the opportunity to be achieving goals, dreams, to get out of my comfort zone and face everything. I am not an au pair, I am a MEMBER of this family that lit the path of my dreams.

~ Keila, Au Pair from Brazil, caring for 3 children ages 2 to 11

B [Au Pair] has become an integral part of our family; I find myself thinking of us as a family of eight now, instead of seven. We have thoroughly enjoyed including B in several of our family outings and vacations. Whenever she is not with us, it feels like someone is missing. I love B, and would claim her as my own in a heartbeat. She is one of the sweetest, most selfless persons I have ever met. We are blessed that she chose to come live with us, and I am already dreading the day she has to leave.

~ Marlena, Host Mom in Thousand Oaks, CA with 5  children ages 3 to 16

Through my family’s small daily actions, I found a special kind of love, the kind of love that fills you up and empowers you to get through any situation. It was when, from the beginning my host mom and I had the best connection. It was the days when I was at the boy school and he would introduce to his friends and his teachers and everybody to his au pair in a really excited way. It’s been when I have felt their tiny hands reach for mine to cross the street in the parking lot. It’s been when my host dad makes special dinners and text me or tell me excited that he knows i will love it (he is a meat lover like me). It’s been the hours that have flown by while my host mom and I have sat, engrossed in conversation.  You know one of those girlfriends you have who you can tell EVERYTHING?  Well, it’s like that. It has been the summers at the lake with my little monsters. It’s all the times that my boys have trusted me with their deepest feelings, enlisting me to help them untangle their difficult emotions when conflicts arise in their daily relationships. It’s the freedom they give me and how much they respect my personal life and my free time. It’s the randomly and funny text we send to each other’s, even when i am gone or in my vacations. It’s the time that my host brothers welcomed me with the biggest hugs after my vacations. It’s the pictures of me they put on the wall, and make me feel as a member of the family.

~ Adriana, Au Pair from Colombia, caring for 2 children ages 4 and 6

When I saw my two host kids for the first time I felt more than emotional for the reason that sometimes we don’t remember what people say, but we always remember the feeling that people gave us. From that moment I knew my heart belonged to them.  My host children have great personalities and good hearts.  They also care about people so much. For example, we were watching a movie after dinner on the weekend. My host kids would let me hug their favorite toys when I was too scared to watch.  They appreciate small things and are very thankful. Like in every family, you need to put a lot of effort to help host parents in raising their children. However, if in return you receive love, praise and you know that you can count on them, then there is nothing more motivating.  Because when you’re meant to spend two years with four people you’ve never met before, it’s not the grand gestures that make the experience amazing, but the little things.  It’s every time S (Host Mom) and G (Host Dad) introduce me to their friends by using my name and not only the title ‘our au pair.’ It’s the fact that whenever someone asks them to take a family picture, they never forget to include me.

~ Kaiqi, Au Pair from China, caring for 2 children ages 8 and 12

~ Emma, Au Pair from France, caring for 2 children ages 10 and 4

Then come my two extraordinary kiddos: R (Host Kid), 10 and K (Host Kid), 4. If you saw them your heart would melt I swear! They are really unique and make me feel like a big sister through them I can see myself with my siblings and that warms my heart every time… I wasn’t expecting my life would change like this because of people I didn’t know before. Since I am part of their family I have learned about myself, everything I can achieve, how strong I am and how important it’s to have people to count on. I’m blessed to have them in my life. My host family rocks!

Our 3-year-old was so shy, at first he refused to warm up to her [Au Pair]. But I can still remember the first day she sent me a picture while I was at work: our son, curled up in her bed with his favorite blanket. The picture was captioned with the message, “Look who finally decided to cuddle with me.” She calls the kids, “Mi vida,” brings them little gifts from her travels, and dotes on them like they’re her own.

~ Jenni, Host Mom from Salt Lake City, UT with 2 children ages 3 and 5

My host family is not only my home, is part of my heart, they are animators in my projects, they are the ones who promote the best version of me and who have unselfishly given me the best of them; because each one teaches me different ways of seeing life, enjoying it and living it.  Their three little people have touched my soul, fibers of my heart that I did not know, regardless of the language, because love has been our translator, in each action, a sign of affection and embrace that without a doubt show how much we love each other.

~ Ana, Au Pair from Colombia, caring for 3 children ages 2 to 6

…not just them their parents, their brothers and sisters all of them have been kind and generous with me, they made my dreams came true and wish to have a family like them….If I am ok or not, they made me feel so happy and protected they even made soup as my would for me… Our relationship is really good is friendly, respectful, funny its lovely! I would never be able to forget all the support they gave me every day even during this pandemic as J (Host Mom) told me “we are family and family takes care of each other”

~ Diana, Au Pair from Ecuador, caring for 4 children ages 4 to 14

during my stay I have been part of their family from the day I arrive, my work with the girls when started was complicated, but with the passing of the days we have formed a bond of love, respect and mutual admiration. Every day I learn something new from each of my family members… the time you give your family will be the best time invested and it is so true, because the family will always be the base of everything…the most wonderful gift they gave me the last year on my birthday, they had a surprise party for me, with all my au pair friends and I couldn’t contain my tears and happiness, at that time I knew that love, respect and admiration was mutual, I think that was and will be forever the best memory of how wonderful they have done for me

~ Estefania, Au Pair from Ecuador, caring for 2 children ages 2 and 5

I think D [Au Pair] came to our family at the perfect time and for the perfect reasons. I cannot describe the love I see in her eyes. She loves my kids, and my children love her in return.

~ Sonia, Host Mom in Houston, TX with 2 children ages 3 and 9

~ Melany, Au Pair from Colombia, caring for 1 child age 9

The relationship with J (Host kid) is sisters, we share good and bad moments, we learn from each other, with M (Host Mom) and B (Host dad) there is excellent communication, they are like my parents, the relationship is of mutual respect and support, they are very kind, generous, but above all they worry that everything is well and in control when something happens.  I can say I have the best family you can find, the perfect American parents and the most beautiful sister of all!.

They consider me as a member of the family and to me, the host members are the same as my brothers and the sisters.  We invest time together, to build a closet relationship. For my host family, it is the quality time spent taking and storing precious photos of special occasions as Oregon summer vacation in 2019, creating and upholding Vietnamese family traditions.  Sometimes, arguments just have to occur; in other words, they are inevitable. The arguments are actually valuable between the adults and the children, especially when they are raised to solve a burning disagreement. It is best to be straightforward with the beloved ones; however, we try not to turn discussions into wars of snapping and anger. I understand that arguments meant to bring peace, not war.

~ Thi Hanh, Au Pair from Thailand, caring for one child age 11

I got a family with 4 children living in California, do not start too afraid of not being able to stand or eat, for example, time passed and I saw how much they love me and are part of the family, I have a lot of work but I also have the wonderful hostparets that give me more than I need and always take care of me, we have an incredible friendship, a good relationship and an open conversation about everything, I can say that this is the secret…I can say that this program has and there is a good family, a family that takes care and wants well, I can say that I love my hostkids and that my hostmom is a great friend here and I can count on her always, and in what period is most difficult for everyone Noe was where they showed this love for me the most and always produced everything for me, as well as happy, they are the best host family in the world for me, their effects are like I am full of them, more with love and a good mind and a lot of work everything becomes light and easy to take

~ Matheus, Au Pair from Brazil, caring for 4 children ages 1 to 6

I live in an incredible state and I have learned and known a lot and they have helped me feel at home. Every time we travel or have dinner or share, they make me feel like another member of the family; they care about me, my well-being, whether I feel comfortable or not… I recently remembered that I was very sad and eager to return to Colombia… they have been supporting me and making me feel that no matter what happens or the situation we are going through, I’m welcome in their home and I will always have a place where I will be appreciated and very well treated.  from the first day I knew that things were going to be different I have learned to enjoy this experience, they have allowed me to travel, they have invited me on their trips, they have included their family and their plans, they have taught me new things, they have a good sense of humor, they cook deliciously and they make me feel good , safe and in peace.  being here I feel happy and I feel that I can count on my host family, not only as bosses and talk about labor issues if not that I can count on them as friends, as counselors and often as parents.

~ Anny, Au Pair from Colombia, caring for 3 children ages 1 to 10

These small details are very meaningful to me and helped me realize that I am not only a person who works as your daughter’s babysitter but I’m actually a part of the D family. In addition, they have always tried to help me achieve my goals. They have helped me find an institution where I can continue to study the English language in a more formal way. Also, they have tried to help improve my English skills by having me talk about different conversation topics in an attempt to improve my fluency in the language.

~ Monica, Au Pair from Ecuador, caring for 1 child age 3

~ Jomari, Au Pair from South Africa, caring for 2 children ages 3 and 6

They always ask me how I’m doing and how my family back home is doing during this time and that shows that they really do care about me and realizing that makes it feel like I really am part of the B clan!  When we were working out my new schedule they made sure that I was comfortable with it and at the end of every day they ask me how I am doing and how the day was. I really don’t know how I would have been able to do this without their help and support.  They really do make me feel like I am part of their family and the other day my oldest host kid told me he loved me and it felt so amazing hearing that. The relationship that we have built is something soooo much more special than a work relationship! I love this family and I am so thankful to have matched with them. They truly are the best!

Finally, I consider that our relationship is not between host family and Au Pair, we are a single team, this is how we live together and support each other.  I want this recognition for my family.  They really strive to be better every day and I want other people to see what I saw in them: more than a host family, little angels who came into my life to teach me, to guide me and to leave a big mark on my heart.  Without them my experience here would not have been the same and my achievements would not have the same meaning now that I have them in my life.

~ Ana, Au Pair from Colombia, caring for 3 children ages 2 to 6

Before being here I did not know how much I could love these three little boys. They fill my heart with so much joy every single day. I am living with the craziest, loving, fun and best host family. We are the perfect match for each other. I would not change anything; because now, they are my family.

~ Sofia, Au Pair from Mexico, caring for 3 children ages 2 to 7

Honestly I am a slow person.  I need more time to get used to everything new, I was kind of worried…At that time, my host mom warmed my heart.  She said that I can decide my own weekends, if I miss my friends both she and my host dad can drive me to the station whenever I want…She gave me space to do my own things but invited me to have some nice food or go somewhere interesting to make my aupair year a fun year.  For my host dad, he doesn’t talk so much but he always acts like a gentleman and a superman.  He is way so smart but never be like a boss to me and all the kids.  The most amazing thing is that the four kids are the most adorable kids I have never seen…when I see their smile, I will be like; everything will be fine.  And all the nice people around this family make me feel like I am the luckiest person to have them…I feel like they are really like my family members.

~ Yue, Au Pair from China, caring for 4 children ages 6 to 12

I am incredibly happy and proud of my host mom. She is an important example in my life.  She is person that I can trust blindly, she listens and gives me advise all the time. I love to share my free time with her, feel the freedom to talk, and do activities together. Although I have my space and independence, I am incredibly happy to share my time with them. They always include me in their activities, and I feel part of their family.  The D family is a blessing and my life will not reach for me to give back everything they have done for me, for helping me in my personal and professional growth, for being my pillar and my second family for this and more. I consider them to be the best host family in the world!

~ Gabriela, Au Pair from Ecuador, caring for 2 children ages 1 and 6

~ Genesis, Au Pair from Ecuador, caring for 5 child ages 3 to 16

The J (Family) have been a blessing and a guide for me. I have learnt many things from them. I believe, if I have children in the future, I would like to raise them the same way as my host parents do.  Writing this letter is a way to thank them for who they are with me and with others. I admire them in so many ways, I love their kindness, generosity, patience, the love they transmit and how amazing people they are.  You could ask anyone who knows The J (Family) and they are going to tell you just good things about them.

My family is amazing simply because they are true to who they are, from the grand-parents to the kids. When I arrived I was wondering why they even needed an au pair just based on how self-sufficient the kids are. I thought they would ease up and expect me to take complete control, but the kids are still self-sufficient 7 months later. It is such a joy for me to watch them develop into their personalities. My wish is to have a lifetime relationship with them even long after I have left the programme.

~ Raven, Au Pair from South Africa, caring for 3 children ages 2 to 7

I want to finish by telling them thank you for all the support that they have given me. For welcoming me into their home and treating me like a daughter. For always making me feel loved and for all the happy moments that we shared together. Every dinner, family meeting and trip along with the endless smiles and laughs are the memories I will cherish forever. Words cannot express my love and gratitude for the W family. They are now my second family and they will always have a special place in my heart.

~ Jannella, Au Pair from Ecuador, caring for 3 children ages 2 to 5

I want to express my feelings about how I have felt with you in this months. It’s almost a year since I have been part of your life, I want to thank you so much for everything; you always make me feel appreciated and loved. also you treat to me, with respect but at the same time with affection as If I were your daughter because you care about me, understand me, listen me, have patience to me, support me; motivate me to do things that sometimes I distrust, doubt or fear of me, but being even a small part of you life or a passenger of it, I have been pretty happy of this experience and I know, It will be difficult to say GOODBYE when my second year will be over with you, and also I know, I will cry a lot, but it will be happiness to see two years lived with all of you.

~ Rosa, Au Pair from Ecuador, caring for 3 children ages 3 to 8

Chinese Au Pair

~ Yihui, Au Pair from China, caring for 2 children ages 3 and 7

In my view, I am a lucky one who has a chance to become part of their family. So I have to introduce all of them. The first thing that let me so moved from the big boy- A (Host Kid). He is a so sweet boy. My most time is to stay with the younger boy- H (Host Kid).  I don’t know how to express my mood and the events left the stamp on my mind! My host mom Y gave me so many advices when I want to apply for the course.  And she always encouraged me to makes more friends. She is likes my older sister and I respect and love her so much. Then, R (Host Dad) is a gentleman who always politely and let me know a lot of American history and culture. The little boy H is a sweet heart who is so cute and funny one. We loved to call him kissy face. Also I spent mostly time with him and love this guy so much. He brought a lot of fun to me and family. To put it in a nutshell, they are the best ones for the host family.

I could not say that we have a specific moment that I have felt a part of my host family but I always remembered the first hug that I had with my host mom, E. When I first met them in person, it is indescribable the happiness they showed me. E (Host Mom) and R (Host Dad) were so patient with me.  I would like to say that I have the best host family ever. We can share a lot of special moments. We can laugh about silly things and I find that they put their heart, soul & life into all the things they do for me and the family.  I know that E and R are wonderful people who I trust and I only wish the best things for them. They are always giving me some advice which is comforting when

you are far from your parents. God is always with you and sending angels to your life, like E & R.  Finally, I can not finish this letter without mentioning I have two wonderful kids S 3 and D 18 months old. I take care of them as if

they were my own children.  They are little people that make my days different. I do not know, if they will remember me when they become older, but I am sure hope to leave good memories in their hearts. Thank you the entire family for everything that you do for me. You are the winners.

~ Katherine, Au Pair from Ecuador, caring for 2 children ages 1 and 3

The rest of the family, such as grandmothers, grandparents, uncles, and cousins, have included me in their family. I really like going to the children’s grandmother’s house because she always sends me sweets and desserts. I never feel excluded from any party or activity, I thought it would be very difficult to be in another country and I would feel alone, but with my host family I never feel like that. It is good to know that there are still good people in the world with a big heart.

~ Vanessa, Au Pair from Ecuador, caring for 3 children ages 5 to 10

Also, they always thank me for what I do, but the truth is that I don’t feel that I am working in my working hours or I don’t feel that this is a job because I just feel part of the family and I feel that I have two beautiful little siblings whom I adore and who have stolen my heart and a mom and a dad who care about me, and this is what the families does, and really are always on the lookout, and it should be clarified that not only from me, also from my family in Mexico, they always ask if they are well, how they are doing and if I have spoken with them, they have also been on the lookout  and very excited to know when my family will come to visit me, I could even say that they are more excited than me!

~ Jessica, Au Pair from Mexico, caring for two children ages 4 months and 2

I saved the best part for last; their children -my kids- are the best part. They are my buddies. All those people who say that a kid can change your life are totally right because they have changed mine. The feeling of knowing you can be the reason of their smiles is the greatest thing. I love all their creativity and kindness. They make me a better person because I learn from them every day. From their naive but loving way of seeing the world. They give me the opportunity to be a child again, and as an adult, that is not a luxury that anyone can have. In other words, I cannot imagine one day without them.
I do not know what thing I did so well to deserve all these things yet. Every day, I repeat how grateful I am because thanks to these lovely people, I am fulfilling one of my impossible dreams as the best experience of my life.

~ Jessica, Au Pair from Ecuador, caring for 3 children ages 9 to 16

I just felt I was in the right place. They talked to me about their family, their jobs and their faith. It was as if we had met long ago. They are respectful of my time, my space and myself. They care about me as if I was their 4th daughter but still treat me like the adult that I am. Any concern that we might have can be talked about and solutions come up right away. I honestly feel that we are a great team.

~ Miriam, Au Pair from Mexico, caring for 3 children ages 4 to 9

Ecuadorian Au Pair

~ Estefany, Au Pair from Ecuador, caring for 3 children ages 6 to 12

It is beautiful to share in family with everyone here I consider them as my own family since they have come to help me not to I missed my native family, my children are the most behaved children in this world, I know that they sometimes have tantrums, but later they are a love when we go out to the lake together they help me a lot to collect things to take them to the car my children are a A dream come true.

The new host family welcomed me not only into their family unit, but also their extended family. My host mom’s two nieces who live nearby quickly became like the two sisters I left behind in Mexico. My host father’s dad soon became my Abuelo (grandfather) providing lots of hugs, speaking to me in Spanish and sharing helpful life tips that have not only warmed my heart, but pushed me to think of opportunities differently. My experience with my host family has been a series of life changing moments and one I am thankful for getting to experience with the F (Host Family), all of them the mom, dad and my twins!

~ Ana, Au Pair from Mexico, caring for 2 children age 9

He gives advice, teaches life lessons and helps like only a dad can, but he also takes on the role of a joking, teasing older brother with grace, I’m proud to call him my Host Dad. Host mom B is like a charming gardener who makes my soul blossom. She is real, she is honest and she is kind. She listens with patience, her actions and words inspire and just like a mom she feels a little like home. An only child herself, she called me her sister she never knew she needed, what a true statement. Little J (Host Kid) bear, he stole my heart the first time I saw him and he still has a firm hold on it with his dirty little hands. Going home scares me, he has quite literally become my world and it’s hard to imagine a house not filled with the warmth of a toddler’s belly laugh, not hearing his little footsteps upstairs, not tripping over toys or collapsing on the couch after an epic dance party.

~ Shannon, Au Pair from South Africa, caring for 1 child age 1

I find it so easy to communicate with my host parents as they are always more than willing to listen to me and help guide me if I am facing some problems. They are honestly my second family. I have never felt more comfortable and “at home” as I do with them. We share so many laughs, meaningful conversations and interests that I feel like I’ve known them for years!

~ Mikayla, Au Pair from South Africa, caring for 3 children ages 5 to 8

I think that you know that you have the perfect match when that family looks like your real family in your country. D [Host Dad] remembers me my father repairing everything and distracted. He is kind and knows a lot of art and history, you cannot ask him a question and wait for a answer, because he has 10 answers to your question. M [Host Mom] remembers me my mother, cooking delicious food and making me fat. She really acts like a mother telling a lot of things that I would not like to believe but she is always right.

~ Paola, Au Pair from Ecuador, caring for 2 children age 3

Guatemalan Au Pair

~ Kristel, Au Pair from Guatemala, caring for 4 children ages 7 to 14

Every time I think about what my host family means to me, I always think in this word: Ineffable. Ineffable means: something so incredible that is not able to be expressed by words…it is hard for me to express all the love I keep in my heart for them (because it is something you need to live to fully understand).

There are some other family members who I really want to introduce, the grandparents. Booboo is really patient. I always tell her what I am confused and the problems i got. She always paid a lot of attention to listen to my story and gave me a lot suggestions. Yeye, a very nice and kind one. He came here every Wednesday and Thursday for making the delicious food which the kids like very much. Yeye said the happiest thing during the week is to come here to play with the kids. At the same time, yeye always made the delicious food for me, what i was moved is that yeye remember all the food i like, and he made that dish for me every time. Nainai is also very kind woman, who always call me to check me if everything is ok. Every time we have meal together, Nainai always gave me a lot of food in my bowl to make sure i would be full.

~ Xuejing, Au Pair from China caring for 2 children ages 6 and 8

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