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Joan Lowell
Local Area Representative of Providence Joan Lowell

About my Life

My name is Joan Lowell and I am a work-from-home mom since 2009. Before that, I spent 14 years as a teacher of students with special needs as well as a English/Language Arts teacher at the middle level. After earning my Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education at Rhode Island College, I earned a Master of Education from Providence College. I stay busy volunteering and teaching at my church's school, supporting Host Families and Au Pairs in their cultural childcare experiences and writing content for Go Au Pair. I have six of my own children, two cats and a black lab named Teddy. Left to myself, I'd curl up by the wood stove with a good book until I starved. My husband and I enjoy outdoor activities with our kids, like gardening and raising a few animals on our small farm. 

About my Work

My cluster is growing in the Providence, Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut areas. We are actively recruiting for new families, offering outstanding customer service and personal attention to new Host Families. Local families find a cultural childcare experience with Go Au Pair an incredible opportunity to teach their children tolerance, love and acceptance of all people and cultures, as well as surprisingly affordable and flexible. Au Pairs find a cultural childcare experience with Go Au Pair one with dynamic possibilities. RI, CT and MA are ripe with cultural and historical events and destinations. My work with Go Au Pair is exciting and rewarding.

Favorite thing

As a LAR, or Local Area Representative, I am the closest point of contact for both the Host Families as well as Au Pairs. I am here to provide local support to both for the entire length of placement. Be it a phone call, email, or social/cultural event, I love to be in contact with my Host Families and Au Pairs as much as possible. I love sharing the cultural diversity of Rhode Island and nearby Connecticut and Massachusetts. Your successful cultural childcare experience is important to me! My favorite part of being a LAR is having happpy families and Au Pairs who make the most of this great adventure together!

Providence News

Finally, Sunny at the Zoo!

This past weekend, we were finally treated to two beautiful, sunny days. GoAuPair Providence was there! The Pettus family (most of it) & Steffi joined me, your GoAuPair Local Area Representative, at Roger Williams Park Zoo in downtown Providence. [read more]

Need Experienced, Flexible Care? Go Au Pair Has That!

Need someone with a bit of experience in the American culture but who can still provide a cultural exchange experience to your family? An Extension Au Pair might be perfect for you. [read more]

Short-Term Au Pair Childcare, Just When You Need It

Short-term cultural childcare experiences are available here in RI and Southern New England! Part-time options are available too! Read for details, get started today! [read more]

Au Pairs and US Taxes, History Revisited

H & R Block has partnered with Go Au Pair to answer questions and prepare Au Pair tax forms. [read more]

Go Au Pair Providence Attends Putnam Fire & Ice Winter Valentine Festival

Warmer weather and threat of rain could not keep us from Fire & Ice in Putnam, CT [read more]

Go Au Pair Participant Perks

Providence Au Pair Takes Advantage of Bed & Breakfast Program for her 13th month! [read more]

Resources for Au Pairs with Cold or Flu in RI

Host Families love the Au Pair Program for its flexibility, for those days when the kids need to stay home but mom and dad both have to work. Here are some basics to keep in mind if and when illness strikes. [read more]

Go Au Pair Providence Announces 2018 Calendar of Events!

Don’t miss out on all of the fun and cultural experiences of RI and southern New England! Join Au Pairs and Host Families for cultural exchange opportunities as part of the Au Pair Program in RI, CT and MA. [read more]

Yankee Swap and Japanese Hibachi for Go Au Pair Providence New Year Celebration

Au Pairs came from Colombia, China and France to enjoy some Japanese cooking for the first social event of our year together. Originally scheduled as our last event of 2017, our Yankee Swap was to celebration the spirit of giving at the holidays. [read more]

Holiday Cultural Childcare Experiences for RI and CT Au Pairs

Go Au Pair offers a mutually beneficial cultural experience with Au Pairs from dozens of countries. Our cluster has included Au Pairs from Spain, Argentina, Ukraine, South Africa, Russia and more, with current representatives from Colombia, China and [read more]

Winter Weather and Winter Driving has Arrived in RI!

Our weather really does have extremes, even in the winter. It can change from rain to sleet to snow in a matter of minutes. Au Pairs need to keep this in mind when dressing the kids and getting everyone safely from point A to point B. [read more]

Au Pair Program in Rhode Island - Host Family Costs and Benefits

Rhode Island parents pay too much for childcare and get too little for what they pay. Smart families are turning to comprehensive services like live-in childcare to provide lifelong learning experiences while meeting childcare needs at the same time. [read more]

Au Pair Health Coverage Q & A

Are you an Au Pair with Go Au Pair? Are you a Host Family? Read some common health care and insurance questions and their answers, before sickness strikes! [read more]

Which Au Pair Program is Right for Your Family?

Go Au Pair is a national Au Pair agency with groups in more than 75 US cities, including Providence, RI. I'm on a mission to educate parents about the exciting programs offered by Go Au Pair in this region. We’d love you to join us! [read more]

Healthy and Happy Halloween from Go Au Pair RI

Great stuff inside for Host Families and Au Pairs! Read about where to trick-or-treat in RI if your kids have food allergies AND driving tips to keep Halloween night full of safe fun! [read more]

Go Au Pair Providence at the Glocester Scarecrow Festival

We entered two scarecrows and came away with a third prize win in the humorous category! Yeah! [read more]

An Au Pair First: A Pig Roast

I invited the girls to my home for an old-fashioned pig roast and family picnic. Over 50 adults and over 20 kids enjoyed a beautiful day at my family home in northern Rhode Island! [read more]

Fall into Love with Autumn in Rhode Island

Did you know that RI has 39 cities and towns? You can also drive from the northernmost to southernmost tip of the state in just over an hour. Not bad, right? There are so many things to do in the fall, with your friends, Host Family or their children [read more]

Au Pair Experiences in Rhode Island

Au Pairs in RI, CT and MA are lucky enough to have each other. Their experiences can help guide other Au Pairs toward success in all they do. Read about some of the their different experiences and then consider it for your own family! [read more]

Welcome Xuemeng “Steffi” to Providence, RI Cluster!

I am excited to share the news that Go Au Pair Providence has grown again! Earlier this month, Steffi arrived from China to her Host Family home in nearby CT! Read about Steffi as she shares the beginning of her Au Pair journey with us! [read more]

Providence Cluster Faves

RI Au Pairs answered some questions at our last meeting. Read about their favorite places to hang out, meet friends and favorite new American foods (or not)! [read more]

Pool Party by the Bay!

Go Au Pair Providence had its August meeting at the home of a Host Family. The pool was open and the day was perfect for catching up and making plans! [read more]

Family Conference Day 2017

This weekend, the Go Au Pair Providence family got up close and personal with some real RI wildlife at the Save the Bay Exploration Center and Aquarium in beautiful Newport, RI. [read more]

Driving the Host Family Car, Do’s and Don’ts

One reason many families decide to host an Au Pair is for driving kids here, there and everywhere. So how does it work? Who sets the rules? What is required? What if an accident happens, she gets a ticket or breaks the rules? Read the basic rules. [read more]

Education Options for Providence Au Pairs

Au Pairs new to the RI, CT and MA area always want to know where to take classes or how they should earn their credits. Here are some popular choices Au Pairs have told us they enjoyed. [read more]


Go Au Pair Providence attended PVDFest 2017, a multicultural celebration of art, music and food! Artists and performers shared the best of Providence's creativity. This year was the biggest and best yet! [read more]

Welcome Jenni to Go Au Pair Providence Cluster!

Jenni, an Au Pair from Colombia, is excited to complete her second year in the Providence area. She has been gracious enough to answer some questions for families who might want to know more about the Au Pair Program and Go Au Pair in RI, CT and MA. [read more]

Tipping in New England

Think servers really need your gratuity? Read on to find out why you should tip, where to leave tips and how much is a fair amount? [read more]

Could the Au Pair Program Fit YOUR Family?

Read to find out if your family’s childcare needs and world views might be a match for Go Au Pair and the Au Pair Program. You can find us in RI, CT, MA and over 50 US cities! [read more]

Providence, Please Welcome Aude from France!

The Ocean State wishes a very warm welcome (not our warmest May weather) to Au Pair Aude Dubois as she joins the Providence cluster of Go Au Pair [read more]

Child Care Safety - An Au Pair’s Guide

For Au Pairs: A room-by-room tour of the perils and dangers to little ones in your care [read more]

Tax Season for Au Pairs?

Every year, they ask. My answer never changes. Do Au Pairs need to file? Yes. Will they owe? I can't say. Please read and share with your Au Pair and Host Family friends. [read more]

RI Cultural Experiences

We have beautiful places, dynamic events, unique foods and much more! That is why Au Pairs love coming to their RI Host Families. Read about cultural experiences available to Rhode Island families, children and international exchange visitors alike. [read more]

Rhode Rules - An Au Pair’s Guide to Driving in RI

Parents are thrilled to find Au Pairs are able to work flexible schedules, drive, cook and more. Driving the kids here and there is just one example of getting so much more than childcare when you participate in the Au Pair Program with Go Au Pair. [read more]

RI’s Hidden Gems (Off the Beaten Path)

A native of RI, I love to discover hidden gems on back roads and less-traveled places in our state. This year, share some jewels with your kids or give this list to their childcare provider for field trip ideas. [read more]

RI’s Hidden Gems (You Must Discover in 2017)

Everyone knows about Roger Williams, the Newport Mansions, Providence WaterFire and our beautiful beaches.What else is there in the Ocean State? Come discover hidden gems on back roads and less-traveled places in our state. [read more]

Go Au Pair Providence 2017 Calendar of Events

You’re invited to our first event of 2017 - ice skating with Go Au Pair Providence (and maybe some Boston Au Pairs) at the Alex and Ani City Center in downtown Providence, RI. Contact me to be included or register online to become a Host Family. [read more]

Reflections on Au Pair Life in Providence, RI

Marcela, a Colombian Au Pair in the Providence, RI area, shares some heartfelt reflections as she begins her extension year with her Host Family. I would like to thank Marcela for sharing her powerful experiences and thank her Host Family [read more]

RI Holiday Celebrations & Cultural Events

Like the holiday card sent to me from my very good friend Jill (who happens to celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah in her home), “Whatever you celebrate, hope it is happy.” It is simple yet heartfelt. [read more]

Tips to Survive Winter in New England!

Au Pairs who come to New England, specifically RI, CT and MA, find out very quickly that winter here is bitter cold! And I mean really cold, unless you are like former Au Pairs Anna and Viktoriia from Ukraine or Ellina from Russia. [read more]

Join the Host Family Community

Considering a way to share a culture or language with your kids? Paying multiple forms of childcare? Want to ensure your family will remain bilingual? Go Au Pair has you covered in nearly 130 US cities with nearly 100 Local Area Reps (LARs) [read more]

Rhode to Relaxation: Locals’ Guide to RI’s Best Places to Visit in Autumn

Who needs New Hampshire? It is peak foliage right now! Take your Au Pair (and her friends) for a ride through back roads anywhere near here. Read all about it in this local girl's guide to RI’s best places to visit in Autumn. [read more]

7 Ways Gardening is Like Hosting an Au Pair

No matter your lifestyle, if you’re considering alternatives to a private nanny, babysitter or daycare, you’ll want to read this. Hosting an Au Pair offers an incredible cultural exchange experience while also meeting the very real need for affordabl [read more]

Connect in Connecticut - Awesome Things to Do in the Constitution State

Did you know Go Au Pair is in Connecticut too? Go Au Pair is proud to also have representatives covering the rest of CT, with clusters near the cities of Stamford and Hartford. Here are some Connecticut cultural and seasonal destinations. [read more]

7 Reasons to Love The ColorRun

The Tropicolor World Tour 2016 has come to Providence and Team Go Au Pair Providence was there in full color! Even if you’re not into races or running isn’t your thing, you will love this fun annual event that comes to hundreds of cities in over 35 [read more]

Auto Insurance for Au Pairs

Many American families are thrilled to discover that part of their Au Pair’s duties can include driving. After researching agencies including AAA, Amica Mutual Insurance Company & Progressive, I found some helpful (I hope) information. [read more]

Massachusetts Must-Sees

Our Providence cluster often includes Au Pairs who reside in nearby Massachusetts, in towns like Blackstone, Seekonk, Sharon and Sutton. While they visit RI for many of our local events, I thought it appropriate to share some of what the Bay State [read more]

Summer is Fading Fast - Time to Make a Plan

I know you don't want to hear it, but it's true. With only three weeks until my kids return to school, I have to face reality and so do you! If you haven’t started school shopping, that’s right around the corner too. With the last of our summer cal [read more]

Are You an Excellent Host Family?

Go Au Pair recognizes Au Pairs who have connected with their Host Families in special ways with our Au Pair in Excellence Award. Au Pairs truly provide more than childcare; they change the lives of their Host Families through hard work and effort. [read more]

Au Pairs in the Ocean State

Rhode Island is known as the Ocean State with good reason. We are proud of our over 400 miles of shoreline along Narragansett Bay and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Go Au Pair Providence held its July event at Misquamicut State Beach in Westerly, RI. [read more]

Get WaterFired Up at Pride Fest!

I am excited and I hope you are too! Not only is there a full lighting of WaterFire tomorrow night, but PrideFest will be having their Illuminated Night Parade, all within walking distance in downtown Providence! [read more]

Red Sox Nation in Providence

The day started sunny and windy and turned overcast for a while during the game, but that would not stop the Pawtucket Red Sox in their quest to beat the Gwinnett Braves from the Atlanta area. It was game three and the PawSox would not be denied [read more]

Wild in Providence

Go Au Pair got wild in Providence this weekend! The Boston and Providence clusters joined up at Roger William Park Zoo for a group cultural event. Boston LAR Michelle brought her family and several Au Pairs to explore the zoo with us again, as we've [read more]

Distracted Driving in RI

Go Au Pair is totally committed to our Host Families and Au Pairs; I implore you to insist on distraction-free driving from both yourself, your Au Pair or any caregiver, as well as your children. Eyes on the road and hands on the wheel! [read more]

How Much is Childcare Costing YOU?

Rhode Island families are paying too much for reliable childcare and not getting enough in return. I hope this does not apply to you. How much are you actually paying for childcare? Are you getting anything in addition to actual childcare? [read more]

Rhode Island Au Pair Faves

One of the best parts of the experience for Au Pairs is the cultural exchange. Au Pairs engage in the local community on their off-duty time, which includes making friends and exploring the local community. So where do Au Pairs go and what do they do [read more]

Beating the Winter Blues in RI

Where is the winter fun in RI? The Au Pair Program is about engaging in a mutually beneficial relationship where Au Pairs provides high quality live-in childcare and Host Families share our great American culture and American family life. Join us! [read more]

Fun on February Vacation in Rhode Island

I asked Rhode Island area Au Pairs and Host Families what they're doing for fun over February vacation and here is what they said: indoor stuff! While we have had a somewhat mild winter this year, compared to last year's record snowfall, many ... [read more]

Should Au Pairs File Taxes?

Short answer - yes. Au Pairs are required and advised to file US Federal Income Tax forms each year - please see your Welcome Packet. That's right. You may not have read every page, or when you did, it was overwhelming or you only processed what ... [read more]

Go Au Pair Providence 2016 Events

Go Au Pair Providence announces its 2016 calendar of events for Rhode Island area Host Families and Au Pairs, starting with an ice skating event with the Boston, MA cluster of Au Pairs. GoAuPair events provide social opportunities for local Au Pairs. [read more]

Au Pair Holiday Reflections

Au Pairs are eager young people who happen to share a love of children and a love of travel. The Au Pair Program is a marriage of the two and a perfect opportunity for local families to experience another culture, its language and traditions... [read more]

Holiday Lights Event

Each Local Area Representative (LAR) for Go Au Pair hosts multiple events throughout the year. I love this aspect of my job! It allows me to get out, which can be difficult when you have six kids and a life! The au pairs love these events too, as it [read more]

Providence Au Pair Favorites

Want to know where Rhode Island Au Pairs go? Keep reading. As a LAR, or Local Area Representative, for Go Au Pair, your best ranking agency for au pair childcare, I have polled our local Au Pairs and Host Families. They have been kind enough to ... [read more]

Go Au Pair Powered by Steam!

Providence-area Host Families and Au Pairs came out this weekend for some steamy, fall fun! We ventured to the southern tip of our cluster's boundaries to visit the oldest steam-powered cider press in the country! The shed at B.F. Clyde's Cider Mi... [read more]

Providence Gets Colorful!

For the third consecutive year, Go Au Pair Providence has represented at The ColorRun! This year, it is the Shine Tour, and let me tell you, did we shine, along with thousands of other participants and spectators! It truly was a party in the park. [read more]

Go Au Pair Providence Family Nominated!

Go Au Pair Providence has a Host Family in Excellence nomination! Congratulations to the Kamphorst/Cale family and their great kids! Their au pair, Maryke, a native of South Africa, has been living with them and caring for their children since [read more]

WaterFire Providence Is Cultural Gold!

When an au pair arrives at their new Host Family, I am lucky enough to be the person from our agency who goes to meet and greet them at their Host Family home. I am there to conduct the Au Pair Orientation and allow the au pair to have a face and con [read more]

Newport Cliff Walk & Beach Day

Why is Rhode Island called the Ocean State? We may be the smallest state in the union, since we can travel one end to the next in an hour, but we have literally hundreds of miles of beaches and coastline! Including our 35 islands, we have over 384 mi [read more]

Go Au Pair at the Zoo!

Go Au Pair Providence played host cluster this weekend to our Boston neighbors at Roger Williams Park Zoo, along with the Providence YMCA and its Healthy Kids Day, the tree-huggers from RISD and the brown-suit-jacket-wearing Brown University Band wit [read more]

Join an Au Pair Event

This year, we will invite Host Families and au pairs to Providence’s Roger Williams Park Zoo in April, the Newport Cliff Walk in August, and Mystic, CT’s BF Clyde’s Cider Mill in October! [read more]

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