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Go Au Pair in Tulsa offers a child care experience through cultural exchange

We are using an Au Pair through Go Au Pair and we’ve been very happy. The process to get the nanny here was smooth and so far we haven’t run into any issues. This is a great program and we have referred it to many of our friends with babies.
Radostin Kanev
Radostin Kanev
We have had the pleasure of working with GoAuPair as our au pair agency, and we are satisfied with the placement and the services they have provided. Throughout the process, Gina has been incredibly supportive, taking the time to explain contracts and terms to us. Judith has also been wonderful in following up with us and has been friendly and helpful. We have been hosting au pairs since our twins were born, and we have had the opportunity to welcome four au pairs from Mexico and China, with another one soon to arrive from Peru. In our experience, the price we pay when working with an au pair through GoAuPair (including agency fees and au pair fees) is quite reasonable compared to the hourly rates of local nannies. It's important to note that with this cost-saving, there is a trade-off. We have dedicated time to train our au pairs, help them with driving and familiarize them with the area. In some cases, we have also supported them in improving their English language skills if needed. Additionally, we provide our au pairs with full access to a car and a membership to Lifetime Athletic, an excellent country club. We encourage them to explore the area and make friends. In return, our au pairs have been exceptional with our children and have taught them valuable second languages, such as Chinese and Spanish. Thanks to our au pairs, our kids are now trilingual and have become globally-oriented, embracing new cultures and languages. This experience has also instilled in them a broader understanding of the concept of a global economy and vision. Hosting au pairs has brought many positive aspects to our family life, and we have received excellent services from GoAuPair throughout the process. We highly recommend their services to anyone considering hosting an au pair.
Wenting Gao
Wenting Gao
Great experience with Go Au Pair! Responsive and easy to work with. Helpful in answering questions. Found a great au pair to join our family and would highly recommend!
Kathryn Schaeffer
Kathryn Schaeffer
We had a wonderful experience with this Au pair agency. We enjoyed being involved with the search and selection of the au pair (a unique feature that sets them apart). We are also impressed with the exceptional customer service. Our coordinator has been prompt in answering all of our questions and any concerns. We are grateful for this agency and all the staff working hard behind the scenes to make this program possible, thank you!
Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas
We have had two au pairs placed by Go Au Pair. I would recommend them as they have an excellent variety of au pairs to connect with.
Zane Aukee
Zane Aukee
I have worked with several folks at Go Au Pair during my search process. They have all been well informed, respectful, responsive and a pleasure to work with. I would gladly recommend this agency to anyone in search of an Au Pair
Tom Dudzic
Tom Dudzic
I started this process about 2 weeks ago and was able to find a match, but not without endless amount of time invested. For the most part the pricing is stated upfront so you know what you're getting into, however, the fees for the flight/travel are unable to be determined until that is booked. PROS: - The representatives that you work with are very nice and helpful - They create the contract with the cost out after you've extended an offer to an AuPair pretty quickly - There are lots of AuPairs to choose from and a couple new ones might be added each week - There isn't a local representative in my area so my local rep was almost across the country from me so they assigned 2 people to help me out. Having the support was fine. Totally fine but I got confused on who I address for certain things in the beginning. - Final costs are about an extra $500-$1000 than whats stated upfront due to travel costs, etc. - Overall we are very happy so far with the process and the representatives we've been working with are super sweet and kind. They can really help you out and try to be super available for you. We were happy with our reps. CONS: - There are a lot of emails with bits and pieces of information, the next steps are not detailed in the beginning so there is a lot of things not exactly clear, mainly detailed info on the entire process. This was frustrating but if you talk to your rep to clear it up you should be fine - Payment plan details should be shown upfront because a family needs to see if it's realistically affordable or compare their local childcare pricing prior to starting the search and investing so much time into it. However, I guess a family going this route for childcare might not be stressing over little costs here and there? Not sure - Travel fees/cost need to be elaborated/clear a bit more in the beginning of the process
Krystal Ahmad
Krystal Ahmad
There is a good selection of au pairs, and the search function makes it easy to find one that meets your needs. -Zane
We HIGHLY recommend Go Au Pair (GAP). In the world of working parent guilt and a global pandemic, it really does take a village to raise children--but what does one do when one's village alternates quarantining and childcare is chaos. When we heard about the au pair program and began to research it, we knew it was our only hope, though we had many concerns. The first was what agency to choose--a huge agency? A small agency? We wondered what role our agency would play, and agonized over the choice. Ultimately, GAP provided terrific, high-quality, personalized service that clearly comes from their experience in the AP world and not being so enormous that they lose sight of their families and APs. We are a family, not just a number, to GAP. Our AP is such a very special young lady who is authentic, bright, and thoughtful. She is fantastic with children, and an extremely strong driver. With 3 very young boys, having a third adult is such an unbelievable help in our family. Our AP is leaving an unforgettable impression on our children and has made it so easy to be a working parent. We cannot thank GAP enough!
Jamie K
Jamie K
We first found Go Au Pair in January 2022 when we were looking for a childcare provider for our toddler. Their website is setup well and searching for candidates is simple. While filling out the host profile takes a bit of time it's worth it as both you and the au pairs are able to share a lot of information. We found an Au Pair in rematch and our local coordinator in town and placement manager were supportive. They were easy to get a hold of and always got back to us in a timely manner. While our match with our Au Pair did not last the staff at Go Au Pair has made moving on painless and helped provide our Au Pair with a new opportunity in a different state. They were impartial and patient while addressing our concerns.
Kevin Dahm
Kevin Dahm

What is an Au Pair?

Au Pairs are pre-screened international young adults with child care experience who provide full time, live-in child care and introduces a memorable cultural experience at an affordable cost. With Au Pair child care, families in Tulsa can enjoy all the benefits of in home child care.

Au Pairs can be responsible for general supervision of the children, driving, laundry, homework help, preparing meals, and providing morning and bedtime help. As an Au Pair agency, Go Au Pair is dedicated to helping families in the Tulsa area choose an Au Pair that fits their specific family needs.

Local Area Representative in Tulsa

Go Au Pair has a Local Area Representative in Tulsa and surrounding areas to help our families during their experience. Our agency’s local representative will assist your family and Au Pair with any questions related to your live in child care needs.

Karise Duff

My journey with cultural exchange began as a People to People Student Ambassador, where I explored Europe through the lens of the celebrated Dwight Eisenhower Scholarship. That adventure ignited a lifelong passion for understanding and embracing the diverse tapestry of global cultures. It taught me the power of connection and the depth of insight that comes from truly immersing oneself in another way of life.

Now, with a solid professional foundation in system analysis and project management, I find joy in merging my technical expertise with my enthusiasm for cultural exchange in the Au Pair program. Here, I have the privilege of facilitating impactful interactions, much like those that sparked my own path years ago. It’s an opportunity to help others discover the world and its myriad cultures from the comfort of their homes, fostering growth and understanding just as I experienced.

In this role, my technical know-how takes on new meaning. It’s about making intricate systems user-friendly and supporting the seamless integration of lives and cultures. The reward comes in seeing the bonds formed and the horizons broadened, echoing the transformation I underwent as a young traveler. Every day, I am reminded that this is more than a career—it’s the continuation of a mission to connect, learn, and grow together.

Au Pair Cultural Activities

Au Pairs are required to attend a number of Cultural Activities with their Local Area Representative and nearby Au Pairs to make sure they experience the local community and culture during their stay. Below are some of the activities Karise’s cluster has been up to recently!

Cultural and Creative Workshops 

  • Painting at Pinot’s Palette: 
  • Location 1: Cherry Street District, 1621 E 15th St, Tulsa, OK 74120 
  • Location 2: Riverwalk, 300 Riverwalk Terrace #160, Jenks, OK 74037 
  • Website: Pinot’s Palette 
  • Details: Choose between two vibrant locations to unleash your creativity on canvas. Each venue offers a unique atmosphere—Cherry Street’s urban charm or Riverwalk’s scenic views—perfect for a relaxing evening of painting. 
  • Pottery Making at 3rd Street Clayworks: 
  • Location: 1001 E 3rd St, Tulsa, OK 74120 
  • Details: Experience the joy of pottery making in a workshop that guides you through the entire process. This hands-on activity is ideal for those looking to explore the art of ceramics, from molding the clay to the final glaze. 
  • Screen Printing at Tulsa Fab Lab: 
  • Location: 710 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74104 
  • Details: Dive into the world of screen printing with a workshop that combines creativity with technology. Design and print your unique t-shirts, learning valuable skills in a state-of-the-art makers’ space. 
  • Makers’ Space at Tulsa Public Library: 
  • Location: Central Library, 400 Civic Center, Tulsa, OK 74103 
  • Phone: (918) 549-7323 
  • Website: Tulsa Library Makers’ Space 
  • Details: The Tulsa Public Library’s Makers’ Space offers an array of tools and resources for creative projects, including 3D printing, laser cutting, and more. It’s an excellent place for individuals looking to explore new creative mediums or work on personal projects. 

Route 66 Marathon and Tour 

  • Event: Route 66 Marathon and Historical Tour 
  • Location: Starting in Tulsa, covering various segments of Route 66 in Oklahoma 
  • Company/Organization: Tulsa Route 66 Marathon, Inc. & Oklahoma Historical Society 
  • Details: The marathon could begin in downtown Tulsa, with guided tour stops at significant landmarks such as the Blue Whale of Catoosa, the Route 66 Historical Village, and the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum in Clinton. Participants would receive historical insights at each point, making it a rich cultural and physical experience. 

Mud Run and Kayaking Event at Keystone Lake 

  • Event: Keystone Adventure Day – Mud Run & Kayaking 
  • Location: Keystone State Park, 1926 OK-151, Sand Springs, OK 74063 
  • Company/Organization: Tulsa Adventure Sports & Keystone State Park 
  • Details: The day would kick off with a challenging mud run organized on the grounds near Keystone Lake, followed by kayaking sessions facilitated by Tulsa Adventure Sports, allowing participants to explore the serene waters of Keystone Lake. 

For the envisioned kayaking component of the Keystone Adventure Day, integrating educational themes related to Tulsa’s landmarks and cultural history could significantly enhance the experience, making it not just an adventure but a journey through the essence of Tulsa itself. Here are some themes and key monuments that could be shared as they relate to kayaking for this event: 

Key Tulsa Monuments and Themes: 

  • Tulsa’s River Parks: While kayaking on Keystone Lake, participants could learn about the extensive River Parks system that lines the banks of the Arkansas River through Tulsa. These parks are a testament to the city’s dedication to outdoor spaces and recreational activities, offering miles of scenic beauty and wildlife habitats that are crucial for the local ecosystem. 
  • Gathering Place: Discussions could highlight Gathering Place, a world-class riverfront park that has transformed the Tulsa waterfront. Although not directly on Keystone Lake, this landmark serves as an example of community-driven efforts to enhance natural landscapes for public enjoyment and environmental conservation, principles that are echoed in the kayaking adventure. 
  • The Arkansas River’s Role in Tulsa’s Development: As participants paddle, they could learn about the historical and ongoing significance of the Arkansas River and its tributaries in shaping Tulsa’s economic and cultural landscapes. This includes discussions on how waterways contributed to the city’s growth, especially during the oil boom era, and how they continue to play a vital role in urban development and recreation. 
  • Zink Dam and the Low Water Dams Project: The adventure could include information on the Zink Dam and the envisioned low water dams projects aimed at enhancing river flow control and creating more stable water levels for recreational use. These projects highlight Tulsa’s efforts to balance urban development with natural preservation and recreational use of water bodies. 
  • Environmental Stewardship Efforts: As kayakers glide through the waters, they could engage in conversations about local environmental stewardship efforts, including river cleanup initiatives and wildlife conservation programs. Highlighting the importance of these efforts reinforces the responsibility of community members and visitors alike to preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of Tulsa’s waterways. 

By weaving these key monuments and themes into the kayaking experience at Keystone Lake, participants would not only enjoy the physical activity but also gain a deeper understanding of Tulsa’s rich heritage, environmental initiatives, and the community’s connection to its natural landscapes. This approach ensures that the adventure is both informative and inspiring, encouraging au pairs and all participants to appreciate and contribute to the preservation and enrichment of Tulsa’s natural and cultural environment. 


Camping, Bonfire, and BBQ in the Wilderness 

  • Event: Wilderness Escape: Camping & BBQ Night 
  • Location: Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area, 6850 S Elwood Ave, Tulsa, OK 74132 
  • Company/Organization: River Parks Authority & Local BBQ Caterers=Company/Organization: River Parks Authority (www.riverparks.org) & Local BBQ Caterers such as Burn Co BBQ (www.burnbbq.com) 
  • Details: An overnight camping event featuring guided hikes, a bonfire storytelling session, and a BBQ dinner catered by local Tulsa BBQ joints, offering an authentic outdoor experience in one of Tulsa’s prime natural locations. This overnight event features a guided exploration of Turkey Mountain, an evening bonfire with stories of local lore, and a gourmet BBQ dinner under the stars, providing an immersive outdoor experience. 

Historical and Cultural Exploration 

  • Visiting Green Country’s Historic Downtown & Black Wall Street: 
  • Details: Begin the day with a guided tour of Tulsa’s historic downtown area, focusing on the Greenwood District, famously known as Black Wall Street. This tour offers an insightful look into the rich history and resilience of one of the most prosperous African American communities in the early 20th century. 
  • Follow-up: Continue the exploration by visiting local Black artisans in the area, providing an opportunity to learn about and support the thriving community of artists, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs who draw inspiration from their historical and cultural heritage. 


Culinary and Cultural Tours 

  • Downtown Tulsa Limo Culinary Tour: 
  • Company/Organization: Galaxy Limousine Service 
  • Details: A luxury limousine tour around downtown Tulsa, stopping at culinary hotspots like the Deco District for appetizers, Mother Road Market for main courses, and Glacier Confection for exquisite desserts. 
  • OKC Cultural Day Trip: 
  • Location: Oklahoma City, visiting the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum and exploring Bricktown 
  • Transport: Oklahoma City Streetcar for local exploration and a chartered bus from Tulsa for group transportation 
  • Details: A guided tour of the 911 Tribute at the Oklahoma City National Memorial followed by a leisurely exploration of Bricktown via the OKC Streetcar, including stops at local eateries and shops. 

Opera and Performing Arts Event 

Au pairs will attend an opera at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, located at 110 E 2nd St, Tulsa, OK 74103. They will have the opportunity to dive into the cultural fabric of the city, dressed in their finest attire to enjoy the magnificence of classical music and theatrical performance. This future event promises an enriching and captivating experience, allowing them to appreciate the sophistication of live performances and the remarkable talent of opera singers. It’s set to be an unforgettable evening that fosters a deeper appreciation for the arts and culture, offering a window into the artistic expressions that transcend language barriers. 

Ax Throwing Event 

Au pairs will participate in an ax throwing event at Got Wood Ax Throwing Co., situated at 6528 E 51st St, Tulsa, OK 74145. This upcoming event promises a thrilling and unique experience that will test their precision and foster friendly competition among them. Set in a rustic and electrifying atmosphere, participants will aim for the bullseye, turning the activity into not only a fun outing but also an excellent team-building exercise. This event is the perfect mix of adventure and leisure, introducing them to an unconventional yet increasingly popular sport. 

The areas I serve in Oklahoma

In my territory, delineated by what I will affectionately refer to as the “Purple Line,” the landscape is divided into distinct areas, each with its own character and communities.

West of the Purple Line, you’ll find a collection of towns that echo the diverse spirit of the region, including Barnsdall (74002), Bixby (74008), Bristow (74010), Cleveland (74020), Glenpool (74033), Hominy (74035), Kellyville (74039), Mannford (74044), Mounds (74047), Oakhurst (74050), Sand Springs (74063), Sapulpa (74066, 74067), Skiatook (74070), and Sperry (74073). These areas are known for their tight-knit communities and sprawling landscapes, offering a slice of tranquility just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle.

East of the Purple Line, the vibe shifts to bustling towns and burgeoning cities, including Bartlesville (74003, 74006), Catoosa (74015), Collinsville (74021), Inola (74036), Oologah (74053), Owasso (74055), and a significant portion of Tulsa (74108, 74116, 74117, 74128, 74129, 74130, 74134), along with Coweta (74429), Porter (74454), Redbird (74458), Schulter (74460), Stidham (74461), Stigler (74462), Tahlequah (74464), Wagoner (74467), Webbers Falls (74469), Welling (74470, 74471), and Whitefield (74472). This area is a melting pot of cultural and recreational opportunities, set against the backdrop of Oklahoma’s beautiful green landscapes.

Directly along the Purple Line, the corridor of growth and connectivity includes Broken Arrow (74011, 74012, 74014), Claremore (74017, 74019), Jenks (74037), Kiefer (74041), Owasso (74055), and an extensive part of Tulsa (74103, 74104, 74105, 74106, 74107, 74110, 74112, 74114, 74115, 74119, 74120, 74126, 74127, 74131, 74132, 74133, 74135, 74136, 74137, 74141, 74145, 74146, 74172), alongside Muskogee (74401, 74403), Beggs (74421), Boynton (74422), Braggs (74423), Checotah (74426), Council Hill (74428), Dewar (74431), Eufaula (74432), Fort Gibson (74434), Haskell (74436), Henryetta (74437), Hulbert (74441), Indianola (74442), Morris (74445), Okay (74446), Okmulgee (74447), Oktaha (74450), Porum (74455), Preston (74456), Warner (74468), and Wagoner (74477). This line represents a fusion of urban and suburban life, where modern amenities meet the charm of small-town living, creating a diverse community fabric woven through with the threads of Oklahoma’s rich history.

Each segment of the territory, from the bustling east to the serene west and the vibrant communities directly along the Purple Line, showcases the unique blend of cultures, landscapes, and lifestyles that make this area truly special.

Additional Resources for Families and Au Pairs in Tulsa, OK

driver's license info for au pairsIn Oklahoma, international drivers can use their foreign driver’s license along with an International Driving Permit for a short period. For a state license, residents must pass vision, written, and driving tests. The best approach for new residents or those without a U.S. license is to study the Oklahoma Driver’s Manual, schedule an appointment at the DMV, and gather necessary documents like proof of identity, residency, and legal presence. More detailed information and steps can be found on the Oklahoma DMV website: Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. 

public transportation info for au pairsTulsa Transit offers a variety of public transportation options including fixed routes, paratransit services for individuals with disabilities, and microtransit for on-demand needs. They also provide Bus Rapid Transit for efficient city travel. Accommodations for riders with specific needs are available, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all users. For detailed schedules, fares, and service alerts, you can visit the official Tulsa Transit website at www.tulsatransit.org 

For educational programs in Tulsa, Oklahoma, both Northeastern State University (NSU) and Oklahoma State University (OSU) offer a range of degrees and certifications catering to education, language, and cultural studies. 

Northeastern State University (NSU) in Tulsa: 

NSU emphasizes the preparation of students for careers in education, highlighting the empowerment of individuals to become socially responsible global citizens. The Special Education program at NSU, housed within the College of Education’s Curriculum & Instruction department, offers several degree and certification options aimed at training highly qualified educators and professionals. Degree options include Bachelor of Science in Education for Special Education – Mild/Moderate Disorders, Master of Education for Special Education – Autism Spectrum Disorders, and a minor in American Sign Language. This program is dedicated to preparing engaged individuals who celebrate diversity and inclusivity​​​​. 

For more information, you can visit NSU’s Special Education Program. 

Oklahoma State University (OSU) in Tulsa: 

OSU Tulsa offers a diverse range of education degrees that cater to future teachers, counselors, and administrators. Their programs are designed to meet Oklahoma’s demand for well-qualified professionals in these areas. Available degree programs span from Bachelor’s and Master’s levels to Ph.D. and include specialties such as Counseling, Educational Leadership Studies, Educational Psychology, and Special Education among others. The Master of Science in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership with an option in Special Education is notably designed for educators working with students with disabilities, emphasizing foundational knowledge and skills necessary for addressing academic, communication, social, behavioral, and adaptive skills​​​​. 

For detailed program information, you can explore OSU Tulsa’s Education Programs and OSU’s Special Education, MS Program. 

Both institutions are committed to advancing education through comprehensive, inclusive programs that not only focus on academic excellence but also on the practical application of skills in educational settings. Whether you’re interested in advancing your career in education, specializing in special education, or exploring cultural and language education, NSU and OSU in Tulsa provide robust options to consider. 


Oral Roberts University (ORU) in Tulsa, OK 

Oral Roberts University’s College of Education prepares educators to positively impact student learning from day one, offering 11 undergraduate teaching programs, 4 master’s level programs, and 4 doctoral study areas. Programs are nationally accredited, ensuring broad acceptance of credentials. Partnerships with diverse school districts provide rich, multicultural experiences. All recent graduates are employed in education or pursuing further degrees. The college also offers a first-year teacher mentoring program and opportunities for undergraduates to fast-track into master’s programs at no additional cost​​. 

For more information, visit the ORU College of Education. 


University of Oklahoma in Tulsa 

The University of Oklahoma in Tulsa offers a comprehensive range of education programs through the Jeanine Rainbolt College of Education. These programs include bachelor’s degrees in Early Childhood Education, Master’s degrees in areas like Childhood Well-Being and Educational Administration, and Doctorate degrees in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum in Early Childhood Education, among others. OU-Tulsa emphasizes inquiry and practice across teaching, research, and educational service, aiming to prepare students for impactful careers in diverse educational environments​​. 

For further details, visit OU-Tulsa Education Programs. 

IRS tax info for au pairsAu Pairs and Host Families can learn about tax withholdings and filing specific for the Au Pair program. Always consult a tax advisor to learn how taxes apply.

social security card info for au pairsAn Au Pair will need to get a Social Security # before getting a bank account and driver’s license. Go Au Pair will provide a welcome packet with social security information, on the Au Pairs arrival. We advise Au Pairs to wait 10 days after arrival to get their social security number. You can make an appointment at a social security office, closest to your home.

Child Friendly Activities for Au Pairs and Host Families

Tulsa, Oklahoma, is brimming with activities that are perfect for au pairs to enjoy with their host families. Here are some family-friendly activities to explore: 

  1. Gathering Place: This is a sprawling park along the Arkansas River that offers a blend of nature, play areas, and stunning architecture. It’s a great spot for families to have fun outdoors (familydestinationsguide.com). 
  2. Tulsa Zoo: Located in Mohawk Park, the Tulsa Zoo features a wide range of animals and offers educational experiences for children, making it an excellent destination for a family day out (visittulsa.com). 
  3. Tulsa Botanic Garden: With its extensive variety of plants and interactive features for children, the Tulsa Botanic Garden is an ideal place to appreciate nature and enjoy the beauty of well-kept gardens (familytravelgo.com). 
  4. Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium: If your host family has a fascination with aviation or space, this museum offers educational displays, historic aircraft, and a planetarium that provides an out-of-this-world experience (crazyfamilyadventure.com). 
  5. Oxley Nature Center: An 800-acre oasis, the Oxley Nature Center has trails for hiking and an interpretive center with hands-on exhibits. It’s a fantastic location for children to learn about nature while burning off energy (crazyfamilyadventure.com). 
  6. Philbrook Museum: Not only does this museum house an impressive art collection, but it also boasts beautiful gardens that reflect different periods in American history, providing a cultural and historical exploration for the entire family (familytravelgo.com). 
  7. Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art: Offering insights into Jewish history, culture, and art, this museum presents beautiful artwork and rotating exhibits that can be educational for older children and adults (crazyfamilyadventure.com). 
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