Host Mom Says Au Pair “Can Cheer Anybody Up”

/Host Mom Says Au Pair “Can Cheer Anybody Up”

It is an honor for our family to nominate Flor Maria Sivisaca Ramirez as the best Au Pair.

Flor has joined our family in April of 2019. Although the beginning was difficult – starting a new life in the new family with four kids in the foreign country Flor has mastered it very well.

Very quickly she has passed her driving knowledge test and focused on practical driving skills. She was very dedicated working hard with the instructor and family members and after few classes, the Pennsylvania driving license was in the valet! Soon Floor became a second mom and a big sister in our family.

She is amazing at being a part of our big family. In the morning, she helps the younger kids to get ready for school – puts their backpack together, packs lunch and walks them to the bus stop. After school, she meets kids from the bus and brings them all home. She ensures kids are cleanly dressed and well-fed. During the day, Flor helps them with homework, cooks delicious meals, and most of all, she is a lot of fun. She is quite a skilled driver by now and brings kids to all the numerous afterschool activities kids have to attend – martial arts, music classes, enrichment at school, choir, jazz band and others. She ensures they get enough of the fresh air in the spare time by playing with them outside or in the park and plays with them in basketball, soccer, badminton or teaches them to ride bicycle.

Flor is very helpful and kind. She enjoys teaching kids the Spanish language and is always very patient with everybody. Kids to speak Spanish by now, after just a few months with her.

She is always willing to help with any problems we have and no matter what happens, she is always there and available. She is always available to talk to and can cheer anybody up in a few minutes. Flor always makes sure everybody is doing well and everything in the house is going well and that nobody is having any issues. She makes sure that everybody is doing their part and that nobody is in a bad mood. She is always helping the younger kids out by teaching different words and letters.

Despite being so busy, she is a very hard-working student. She took two classes in English at the Bucks County Community College and has done really well. She enjoys learning and her English has significantly improved – she is now very comfortable maintaining the casual conversation and speaking over the phone.

She has joined our family on some of the trips – to Six Flags, Jersey shore, Museums, Zip-lining, and the Zoo. She ran and laughed with the kids and really made those trips even more fun! Recently, she accompanied us on a Camelback trip and enjoyed the waterpark! It was hard for her to overcome her fear of the snow tubing, as back home she never encountered the snow before. She did it and screamed and laughed all the way through going down in the tube!

She is a lovely person with a big smile and our family really loves her. We are sure she is the best Au-Pair out there and are very proud to nominate her.

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“After years of stress and frustration, and many different nannies, we decided to look for an au pair. When Veronika arrived on January 2, 2016 our lives were forever changed. We had no idea that a real life Mary Poppins had just arrived!”

Carrie • Host Mom, Au Pair in Excellence Runner-up

“I can honestly say that bringing her to live with us as our au pair has been the best decision we could possibly have made. She has afforded us so many priceless “intangibles” during her time here that I can’t begin to quantify her contributions to our family.”

Jennifer • Host Mom
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