“Having an Au Pair Has Been an Incredible Blessing”

/“Having an Au Pair Has Been an Incredible Blessing”

When we decided to have an au pair join our family it was a big change for us. I had been working part-time and was getting ready to start a full-time job and our three girls, 6 and 8 years old and our youngest at 6 months old, had almost entirely been taken care of day to day by me. My husband was a little bit stressed about having someone live with us and I was a little overwhelmed myself with figuring out how to maneuver my job change and keep balance in our family. It was a change and an adjustment for us but we couldn’t be happier with our decision to get an au pair and particularly with Karla.

Karla has truly been a blessing to our family and we think she is the absolute best au pair ever. She loves our girls and we love her. She has always been excited to watch our girls and has handled every struggle with calmness and compassion. She is wonderful to travel with, adventure with, talk to, work with, and hang out with. Our whole family is very lucky and grateful for Karla. Our youngest Teresa considers Karla her best friend. She giggles and chatters loudly at the sight of Karla. Karla will send me texts and photos of her adventures with Teresa during the day and Teresa always has the biggest smile on her face. It feels so wonderful to know that Karla is there not only watching Teresa but also playing with her and helping her learn and discover.

It’s a true joy to come home each day and see my littlest girl babbling at Karla and then come running over to me. Karla also comes up with great ideas for how to keep our girls entertained and focused. Our girls our busy little bodies but Karla keeps up with them which is amazing. Karla drives our older girls to school and helps keep them on track with their responsibilities.

We trust Karla and we love her.

It’s been so nice to have another adult there to keep our three crazy girls focused on the things they need to do each day. Karla also has been teaching our girls Spanish and about different traditions from Mexico. I love when I come home and the girls tackle me with excitement and tell me about a new Spanish word they just learned or about some new tradition from Mexico that Karla has taught them about.

It has been so wonderful to know that my girls are getting to spend time with someone kind, energetic, and just all around as awesome each week. I know that when she watches them that I don’t have to worry and I know that when I get home they will have done some fun new project, gotten messy, leaned up and learned something new. Having an au pair has been an incredible blessing and Karla is the best, she is part of our family and we are so glad we have her and we would like to nominate her.

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