Hiring an au pair is easier than it sounds!

/Hiring an au pair is easier than it sounds!

American families are excited to learn that hiring an Au Pair is easier than it sounds! Au Pairs can help with all things childcare-related. Hosting an Au Pair provides so many more benefits than just childcare for kids.

Hiring an Au Pair is more convenient and flexible than most other childcare arrangements. Most families’ budgets like the fit of one affordable cost for all your kids, too. I wish someone would have told me that six kids ago!

Hiring an Au Pair might sound like a long, complicated process. It’s actually way easier than you thought! Go Au Pair has streamlined the process over our thirty years experience.

First consider your goals and needs as a family, your lifestyle, and the kind of schedule you’d like. Are you a good fit for an Au Pair?


Families with children ages 12 weeks to teenagers will find hosting an Au Pair a rewarding experience. Working parents enjoy the peace of mind knowing their child is home engaging with their young, active Au Pair. New parents can rest assured our Au Pairs are trained, skilled, and experienced with babies.

Au Pairs can meet your family's specific needs

Hosting an Au Pair is a great solution for families who need consistent, reliable care. Live-in childcare brings flexibility unheard of by other childcare solutions. Forget about calling in when your kids are sick because your Au Pair can be there when you need.


Living with your Au Pair is a great experience. Families who host an Au Pair find their children learning all day and they don’t even realize it! Au Pairs become loving, trusted members of their Host Families.

Find an Au Pair who fits with your lifestyle

Hiring an Au Pair is a convenient option for families with international ties or for those who want to bring a genuine cultural experience to their children. You choose the country or language you want your kids to learn and experience. We provide the candidates.

Cultural exchange is a two-way street, so hiring an Au Pair means sharing our great American culture too. Plan on sharing your life, vacations, and friends with your new Au Pair. Maybe even plan to visit your Au Pair;s home country after he or she completes her placement!


Today’s busy schedules make hiring an Au Pair a solution most parents can’t resist. Hosting an Au Pair means Host Parents set the schedule. If it needs to be flexible, no problem. Hiring an Au Pair provides more flexibility than a nanny or daycare.

Consider your scheduling needs when screening Au Pairs

Your Au Pair can work up to 10 hours per day and up to 45 hours per week. Hiring an Au Pair is a perfect idea for parents who need someone to work a split shift, with some morning hours, some evening hours, and time off during the day.

If flexible scheduling is something your family needs, consider hiring an Au Pair. If you don’t use all your hours during the week, you might finally get to the gym or have that date night you promised. Au Pairs do need one and a half days off per week and one weekend off per month.

How does hiring an Au Pair sound to you so far?

Will you make a great Host Family for Go Au Pair? Your family needs reliable, skilled, loving childcare. Your lifestyle and culture are worth sharing. You know you can utilize that 45 hours of childcare if you try!

Hiring an Au Pair is easier than it sounds!

Are you ready for the affordable cost, incredible flexibility, and total convenience of hiring an Au Pair? Follow these simple steps to your cultural childcare experience:

Tell us about you and your needs

  • Register online – Hiring an Au Pair is simple, really. First, visit our website and provide some basic information about your family and childcare needs to register and get started. Our complete profiles can be completed online in less than an hour.

See what we have to offer you

  • Search – Next, user-friendly search tools allow you to choose from as many or as few options as you like. You might search by language or nationality or childcare experience, or all of them.  
  • Evaluate – After narrowing your search from our over 200 candidates from over 25 countries, begin evaluating more closely. Go Au Provides you an online portal and all the tools you need when hiring an Au Pair. View candidates full application and references and more.

Ask the hard questions

  • Interview – Host Families use video calls to interview when hiring an Au Pair. Go Au Pair provides many interview questions and a place to record their reactions after each interview. This is also a great time to meet your Local Area Representative (LAR) and do the Host Family Interview. Show them where your Au Pair will sleep and live in your home, review program expectations and guidelines.
  • Re-evaluate – Finally, narrow down to the final few? Which Au Pair candidates will get that second interview? Host Families considering hiring an Au Pair need to conduct a minimum of two interviews. This gives time ask and answer important follow-up questions.

Make your move

  • Offer – When hiring an Au Pair, Go Au Pair works with Host Families, Au Pairs and International Representatives to make the offer. Host Families get the support of a dedicated national agency and a legal contract with their Au Pair.
  • Prepare – Once a candidate accepts your offer and has their embassy appointment, get ready! Additionally, keep communicating with your Au Pair as his or her arrival date approaches. Hiring an Au Pair brings excitement to everyone involved!

Like I said, it really is easier than it sounds to hire an Au Pair. Consequently, hiring an Au Pair is a realistic solution for many American families who deserve great childcare. No long process or mountain of paperwork. Go Au Pair handles all the logistics for you. Host Families can hire an Au Pair in more than 75 US cities. Is yours one of them? 

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About the Author:

Joan is a mother of six and is a writer and Local Area Representative in Providence, RI for Go Au Pair. She earned her BS in Elementary & Special Education from RI College and her MEd from Providence College. She helps lead other LARs in writing content and growing their clusters.
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