New Dad Terrified of Leaving Baby at Daycare… Until THIS Happened

/New Dad Terrified of Leaving Baby at Daycare… Until THIS Happened

Mike is a new dad who was terrified of leaving his baby at daycare for the first time. Regardless, he needed reliable childcare so he could support his adorable baby girl, Ruby, without worrying about her.

Mike and his wife, Susie, agreed that the Au Pair program seemed like the best solution. But he was anxious leaving Ruby alone with own his mother, let alone a new person.

Susie’s maternity leave was coming to an end and Mike was running out of time off. They both knew it was time to take the leap into childcare.  After interviewing Au Pairs, they decided they liked Lua, a 26-year-old Au Pair from Brazil. But that didn’t stop Mike from feeling anxious the first time he left Ruby alone with Lua.

Lua is a loving Au Pair with extensive experience watching children 2 and under. She says, “I do not just like supervising kids. I like to have fun, entertain, play, and enjoy time with them.”

Mike shared his insights about how Lua was able to dispel his anxiety within a matter of hours. His story sheds some light on what has made their placement so successful for the past 5 months… and they no longer have to worry about leaving their baby at daycare.

From Mike: When we knew we needed an Au Pair…

As first-time parents, deciding on childcare for our infant, Ruby, was one of the most panic-inducing decisions of our lives.

We both work full time in jobs with odd hours (My wife is a nurse working primarily 12-hour shifts and I am a non-profit fundraiser with occasional night and weekend responsibilities), and with no immediate family in the area to fall back on, we knew whatever care we choose for our daughter was an important decision.

Selfie of Lua & Ruby

The closer the end of my wife’s maternity leave we got the more nervous I got. Before my wife went back to work, the longest both of us were away from our daughter at the same time was about three hours with close friends watching her for us.

My wife’s leave ended two weeks before our au pair arrived, and I couldn’t take any additional time off, so we called in the reinforcements in the form of my mom (who lives halfway across the country).

The first day we left my mom to take care of Ruby by herself I was worried all day, and I am literally living proof that she can take care of a baby. Two weeks later my wife dropped off my mom at the airport and picked up our Au Pair, who arrived in the US for training just days before.

For the next 4 days, we did as much as we could to help her get acclimated to our home and baby’s routine.

What it felt like to leave Ruby alone with Lua for the first time:

The first day I left the house with no one but our au pair watching Ruby, I spent my hour-long commute in the least healthy way possible worrying about everything bad that could happen.

And then at 10:51 AM, my phone buzzes. It’s a message from our Au Pair, Lua. “Someone here says hi” with picture of our baby smiling. 9 minutes later, another picture of Ruby drinking from a bottle captioned “Okay, let me go back to my milk.

It was in that moment at 11:00am that I knew things were going to be okay. The rest of the day included: a photo of our dog sleeping outside our nursery, and no fewer than 4 photo (with caption) updates on our baby.

Bringing Lua into the family:

And every day since, Lua is sending us picture updates of Ruby drinking from her bottle, smiling, rolling over, or playing with her toys. She also sends us picture updates of our dog laying in the sun, playing, or snuggling.

Lua also spends time reading with Ruby, playing with appropriate developmental toys, holding her close in the baby carrier, taking her for walks, and strength training on her play mat. Ruby is now rolling over multiple times in one sitting, which is in part due to the dedicated time Lua spends with her!

Not only is Lua teaching our daughter, she is also teaching us some words and phrases in her native language of Portuguese. She is patient with us and encourages our accurate pronunciation.

She has been appreciative of all the experiences we have been able to do together, including playing board games, going out to restaurants, exploring local attractions, and inviting her to our extended family’s home for the holidays.

We mostly just enjoy the evenings chatting with Lua and learning about her culture and life back home in Brazil. We have discovered we have similar tastes in food and music. We’ve all bonded so quickly in a short period time and Lua has become family to us.

Our Lives Have Changed for the Better:

We know that our daughter’s life has changed for the better in the simple interactions between the two of them.

On Lua’s days off, our daughter will turn her attention to Lua when she walks in the room and reach for her, squealing. Lua will excitedly speak to her and you can just sense their close bond. Lua also clearly celebrates Ruby’s successes with words of encouragement and excitement. We see this in messages over the phone and in person.

Lua sends pictures of the baby and the dog to Mike and Susie when they're at work.

We are eternally grateful for the connection Lua and Ruby are building. Without Lua, we would wonder if our daughter was receiving enough attention and love. We imagine Ruby would not be advancing as quickly as she is physically or mentally.

We are thrilled we chose an Au Pair service over a daycare. The one-on-one care Ruby receives would not be possible in any other situation.

And Lua goes above and beyond to help our baby develop and thrive. We are confident our daughter feels safe and loved when she is in Lua’s care.”

Mike & Susie’s Story Reflects the True Value of Exchange Programs

If you’ve ever worried about leaving your baby at daycare, you understand what these parents felt. Their concerns led them to Au Pair childcare and a live-in childcare arrangement that turned out to be so much more than what they’d imagined.

What Mike, Susie, Lua, & Ruby have experienced is a true exchange. Their experience shows the importance of supporting one another. Though Mike felt intense anxiety over the thought of leaving his baby daughter behind with a new caretaker, Lua was able to assuage his worry with a simple text message.

Successful placements happen when a family and an Au Pair open their hearts to one another and become family.

Our families agree… Au Pair child care is the best! Register for free today and start browsing Au Pair profiles.

“After years of stress and frustration, and many different nannies, we decided to look for an au pair. When Veronika arrived on January 2, 2016 our lives were forever changed. We had no idea that a real life Mary Poppins had just arrived!”

Carrie • Host Mom, Au Pair in Excellence Runner-up

“I can honestly say that bringing her to live with us as our au pair has been the best decision we could possibly have made. She has afforded us so many priceless “intangibles” during her time here that I can’t begin to quantify her contributions to our family.”

Jennifer • Host Mom
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