Childcare for Single Moms Just Got More Affordable

/Childcare for Single Moms Just Got More Affordable

Parents often struggle to find affordable childcare

It can be hard to find affordable childcare for single moms. Single parents want what’s best for their kids, but it has to be in the budget.

The good news is, childcare for single moms can be affordable and very high quality. Single moms love the Au Pair program because it gives their kids a unique cultural exchange experience they can afford. 

Flexible and affordable are just the beginning of this story. Read about how Au Pair childcare for single mom Alla was just what the doctor ordered when she and her daughters needed the most help. Single parents can’t afford not to check out Au Pair childcare. 

Affordable childcare for single moms

Affordable childcare for single moms can be difficult to find

Single parents need affordable childcare, maybe even more than traditional families. Au Pairs can work split shifts, up to 45 hours each week, when you need it. Childcare for single moms can cost as low as 8.15 an hour with Go Au Pair!

With one parent at home, cost matters. Single moms want to supply their kids with quality childcare experiences. Au Pair childcare is both high quality and within your single parent budget. 

Affordable… but is it reliable?

Affordable childcare for single moms needs to be reliable, too. Since they live with you, Au Pairs are the most reliable option for single parents. No more waiting at the door for your babysitter to arrive!

Say goodbye to the stress of leaving late for work. Single parents have peace of mind knowing their Au Pair will be on time. You can rely on Au Pair childcare.

Au Pair childcare is often more affordable than daycare

Single moms and dads need cost-effective solutions to their childcare needs. Au Pairs save single parents money because they do more than babysit. Au Pairs help with meals, supervise chores, even do laundry! Does your daycare do that? 

In fact, Au Pair childcare costs don’t change when you add a child. You pay the same great price for all of your kids! No need to pay extra for baby or extra per child when you host an Au Pair. This is truly affordable childcare for single moms, dads, and parents everywhere!

Au Pair childcare has better hours for single parents than daycare too. Daycare offers high prices with strict hours. Never again pay extra for childcare after 6 o’clock with the affordability of an Au Pair. 

Hosting an Au Pair is so much more than affordable childacre

The Au Pair Program offers affordability and so much more. This unique cultural exchange program attracts Host Families who need convenience and flexibility too.  Au Pairs can be home for the kids when you need to work late or would like to stop at the gym for an hour.

Kids sick but you can’t afford to stay home from work? Not any more! Single parents love that they can go to work and know their child is cared for at home. Single parents need the convenience and affordability of Au Pair childcare.

Finally plan a girls’ night out without the added expense of a babysitter. Your Au Pair is also a role model, tutor, teacher, friend, driver, and confidante for your children. There is no extra charge for all that love. Why not look into this affordable option?

Childcare options that benefit single moms in more ways than one

Go Au Pair offers payment options single parents can afford. We have payment options ranging from 2 to 8 installments. Single parents can budget easily for their next Au Pair.

Single parents expect skilled childcare. With Go Au Pair, there is no extra cost for skill! Single moms heading back to work can rest assured their baby is in good hands.

Infant qualified Au Pairs have a minimum of 200 hours of documented service caring for children under age two. Many of our candidates have experience in the thousands of hours! Single parents don’t ever have to pay extra for babies.

How can single parents get started? 

Affordable childcare is a concern for all parents. Single moms have the added stress of being the sole provider, in many cases. Childcare for single moms just got easier! Great benefits of hosting an Au Pair add to the affordability for single moms and dads. 

Imagine a world where you can afford incredible childcare on your single-parent salary. Welcome to the future! Go Au Pair provides this very affordable program for single parents all over America. Contact us today or register online to get started right away.

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