19 Rainy Day Activities to Chase Away the Winter Blues

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Rainy day activities (or snowy day activities, if it's cold enough where you live) are a great way to chase away the winter blues. They are also a pretty great way to encourage positive family vibes, no matter the weather. 19 Rainy Day Activities for Families & Au Pairs Parents and Au Pairs can use these

Affordable Childcare: How Au Pairs Help Parents Save Money

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Affordable childcare can be difficult to find these days. Between the cost of enrolling kids in daycare and paying increased fees for infants and kids under the age of two, it's no wonder parents often stay home instead of paying for childcare. Why an Au Pair = Affordable Childcare for Any Family Depending on where

Signs Your Child Isn’t Getting Enough Attention at Daycare

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If your child isn't getting enough attention at daycare, it can cause problems both at home and during daycare hours. Many parents worry about whether their children will get enough one-on-one attention from their daycare teachers. This concern is understandable, considering daycare teachers have multiple children to care for. Most of the time, the

Hiring an au pair is easier than it sounds!

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American families are excited to learn that hiring an Au Pair is easier than it sounds! Au Pairs can help with all things childcare-related. Hosting an Au Pair provides so many more benefits than just childcare for kids. Hiring an Au Pair is more convenient and flexible than most other childcare arrangements. Most families’ budgets

Daily Routine for 4-Year-Olds (with Room to Just Be a Kid)

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What a daily routine for 4-year-olds consists of can vary greatly. Some parents are intent on filling their child's day with school prep and reading practice. Other parents want their kids to play outside as often as possible. Chances are, you're somewhere in between the two. You want your kids to be successful and smart,

Build Confidence in Kids: 7 Secrets You Haven’t Heard

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Many parents wonder how to build confidence in kids, whether their children have faced bullying and confidence issues in the past or not. But what's the best way to do it? Life can be hard and full of struggle and disappointment. How can parents give kids the tools they need to face today’s world? (Psst! Au

Infant Daycare That Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

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Infant daycare is notoriously expensive and often comes with a long waiting list. Many daycare centers charge extra fees for babies, and parents often worry their baby won't receive the same one-on-one attention that they get at home. Parents' Worst Struggles with Infant Daycare- From Expenses to Anxiety In addition to the expense of infant

Why Volunteering is Important to Americans (and Au Pairs!)

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Many people wonder why volunteering is important- to Americans, or just in general. Your Local Area Representative (LAR) might even schedule volunteering as a cultural event. In fact, volunteering is such an integrated part of American culture, many Au Pairs name volunteer work as an important aspect of their year, because it offers insight into

Healthy Snacks for Kids That Are Delicious & Easy to Make

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It's important to have healthy snacks for kids on hand. Kids seem to be constantly hungry. While it's easy to let them snack on things like bread or fruit snacks, easy snacks aren't always the healthiest. Of course, it can be difficult to prep healthy food 100% of the time. You're busy, and healthy food

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