15 Best Gifts For 6-Month-Old Children

/15 Best Gifts For 6-Month-Old Children

toy for six month oldYou’ve reached the halfway point of your baby’s first year when they turn 6 months old. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to stop them from gnawing on everything they can fit in their mouth, or you still stare at them with wonder. The 6-month mark is a momentous occasion!

To celebrate the milestone, we’ve gathered a collection of toys for 6-month-olds to help support your little one.

What to Consider When Buying Toys for 6-Month-Old Children 

It’s a tremendous growth and development period for many 6-month-olds as some begin to babble, sit up on their own, or consume solid food. Commemorate these notable achievements by giving them a toy they’ll love.

However, when shopping for the best toys for a 6-month-old, keep these things in mind:

Choose Gifts that Promote Language Skills.

Your baby has passed the newborn phase and is steadily making its way into toddler territory. Now is the time to get playful and colorful toys that you can use to help strengthen their pronunciation and vocabulary.

Choose Toys that You Can Use for Reciprocal Play.

When a baby turns 6 months old, you’ll want to choose a toy that promotes reciprocal play. While playing with a toy with your child, describe the sights, sounds, and smells they encounter. Remember that your tone and facial expression can convey thoughts and feelings.

Choose Age-Appropriate 6-Month-Old Baby Toys

Hand-eye coordination and problem-solving are essential skills for your infant to learn at this stage, as are objects that can be manipulated, chewed, etc. You may also go for toys that make sounds, like rattles, or textured toys, like board books and soft balls. However, make sure they don’t pose a choking risk.

15 Best Gifts For 6-Month-Old Children 

In the early stages of your baby’s development, toys, and interactive play will significantly influence their growth.

Choosing the appropriate toys for your 6-month-old might be stressful. To help you out, here are some of the best toys to choose from:

1. ‘My First I See You: A Mirror Book’ by Eric Carle

Eric Carle, the acclaimed children’s author, has included mirrors on nearly every page of this lovely picture book. Your baby will start to recognize themselves, so it’s an excellent opportunity to create an association by pointing them out using their name!

2. Lovevery The Senser Play Kit

If you’re looking for an easy supply of gifts for 6-month-olds to 3-year-olds, this subscription program is for you. Several activities in the Senser Play Kit for 6-month-olds will help them develop their motor skills and more.

3. LeapFrog My Pal Scout Plush Puppy

If you search “best toys for 6-12 months” online, the LeapFrog My Pal Scout Plush Puppy will be on the top of many lists. Take a spin with this adorable dog companion as you sing, dance, and play with your young one to help them learn their first words, feelings, and colors! 

4. Activity Cubes

The coordination of a baby’s major muscles, such as the legs, arms, and torso, is referred to as gross motor abilities. Since babies can move around while playing with an activity cube, they are ideal because they enable them to play in various positions.

5. Stacking Cups

Stacking cups are some of the best baby toys — 6-12 months is a great age to introduce them to your infant. Kids will love these vividly colored cups that can be used for stacking, spilling, counting, and color identification. 

6. Soft Blocks

Are you looking for Christmas gifts for 6-month-old kids? Then choose something that parents and babies can never have enough of, plush blocks! These plush toys feature delightful and colorful characters and are ideal for holding and creating. 

7. Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

Babies can sit up on their own at around 6 months, which opens up a new world for your growing infant. Toys with built-in suction cups, like this one, can be attached to the tray of your baby’s high chair to keep them engaged while preparing a healthy snack.

8. Pop-up Toys

As a parent, you should be able to explain to your child that one action directly influences another. The easiest way is to give them a few items, such as this pop-up toy that respond to your baby’s actions. 

9. Light-Up Rattle

This multi-purpose toy will help your child’s cognitive development. Activated by the baby’s hand, the lights in each Noggin Head will change color. The toy’s eyes and body texture stimulate visual tracking, while a rattle and a mirror on the bottom keep infants interested in looking in the mirror.

10. Teething Toys

These whimsically-shaped teething toys are designed to alleviate your child’s discomfort. The teethers are organic and ergonomically made to fit your baby’s hand.

11. Floor Mirror

The edges of the soft structure feature crinkly, textured leaves and other exciting toys that inspire tactile exploration and visual development. Even though it is not made of glass, the mirror provides a good reflection for the infant.

12. Push Cars

These cars are great toys for 6-month-old boys and girls. As your baby pushes their car, they begin to learn the concept of cause and effect. While playing with your child, you may work on simple instructions like “stop” and “go.” They’re sure to love them!

13. Fat Brain Toys InnyBin

Each of these six blocks will pique the interest of curious babies. To encourage fine motor skills, tactile discovery, and experimentation, children push the various blocks through the elastic bands of the cube.

14. Infantino Spiral Activity Toy Caterpillar

A portable activity can ensure your infant is occupied while you’re running errands. This is one of the best baby toys — 6 months is a great age for them to begin using it since it’s designed to be attached to a child’s car seat or stroller. This toy will keep them entertained while on the move.

15. LeapFrog Spin & Sing Alphabet Zoo

You can spin this toy around, sing along with it, and it can even help with your baby’s ABCs! Tactile and responsive, your 6-month-old will build on those motor skills with this fantastic zoo-themed gadget.

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