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It’s Not Too Late to Find a Summer Au Pair

With spring already here, parents all over are thinking about hiring an Au Pair for the summer and beyond. That’s right, another school year will soon be over! Whether your children have been learning in-person or learning online, summer vacation is definitely well-deserved this year. 

Young people all over the world have experienced an Au Pair abroad summer as the perfect, inexpensive way to travel. Just because summer-only programs are no more, there are still many options for length of a program. With the world reopening, it may be a great time for graduating seniors to consider a summer au pair job and experience another culture during a gap year.

For American families, don’t be disappointed that strictly summer Au Pair in America programs are a thing of the past.  Most choose longer experiences, especially when we help families find the right candidate for them. In fact, there has been a recent steady stream of safe and timely arrivals from countries including Mexico, Ecuador and Guatemala.

Family and Au Pair having summer fun

What is an Au Pair and what can they do to help your family? 

An Au Pair can be a valued and contributing extended family member during your next cultural childcare experience. While most experiences last a full year, a short term Au Pair might be just what your family needs this summer. In country transition candidates may have just a short time left to complete their year and they are highly motivated to work well together with their Host Families.

Au Pairs are international visitors who live with a Host Family and help care for their children. During summer, when schedules can be more flexible, Au Pairs are there when their Host Families need them. When school starts, families can adjust their Au Pair’s schedule to work for them!

An Au Pair may be able to drive the kids to swim lessons or the beach. Kids can explore their community or stay safe at home instead of a more formal setting. Your kids will thank you!

Split shifts, evenings or weekends are no problem for your Au Pair. If needed, your Au Pair can cover your early morning run or your date night. They can even tidy up kids’ play areas, rooms and do their laundry! You will thank yourself!

In short, an Au Pair can help keep the kids active and engaged over the summer months when parents still need to work. Au Pairs can help transition to a new school year too. Another huge bonus is the cultural exchange and mutual teaching and learning experience for the entire family.

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How is an au pair unique?

Summer Au Pair jobs are an easy way for young people to travel to a foreign country and become immersed in the culture and language. Summer is a great time to start an au pair experience. The weather is great and there are so many cultural activities your Au Pair can do with you and your kids. Your Au Pair can answer your toddler’s unending questions while practicing their English!

Au Pairs bring experience with them, literally. Host Families can easily view a candidate’s experience, including age groups, as well as references and much more. Those who care for children under age two must demonstrate a minimum of 200 hours experience with kids under 24 months.

Au Pairs are supported by a participating agency, with proven experience and success. Your Au Pair has a dedicated Placement Coordinator and a Local Area Representative to answer questions and support your success together.

Host Families set their Au Pairs’ schedules, up to 10 hours per day or 45 hours per week. Unlike a nanny, Au Pairs care for all of your children for one great price. 

Is an Au Pair right for your family?

Au Pairs want to be immersed in your family life during their off-duty time. They can even drive your children to/from lessons, events or play dates. Many Au Pairs have years of driving experience and obtain state-issued driver’s licenses while in the program.

Families may be limited to their geographic region when conducting a local search. With an Au Pair, families can choose from dozens of participating countries and literally expand their kids’ horizons!

Participating in a summer Au pair Program, or matching with an in-country candidate who only has a short time left to complete the program, means the Department of State oversees and regulates program activity. Your agency handles all the logistics, including embassy appointments, paperwork and travel arrangements.

Au Pairs complete an educational component as part of their program and attend social events with other Au Pairs to experience the local culture, depending on their US location.

Au Pair and kid hiking

What to do next if you are planning an au pair summer arrival

For an arrival in June, families should complete their online profile and talk to their Placement Coordinator about their most important childcare needs. Can you think of a better gift to give your family than a fun, new friend?

Consider which languages and cultures you’d like your kids to learn. Are they already studying a language in school? Does your family speak a second language but your kids aren’t fluent?

Consider the skills needed to take care of your kids? Will your Au Pair need to drive, swim, and cook? If you have any children under 2, your Au Pair will need to be Infant Qualified.

Begin searching our database for candidates who match your needs. Add them to your favorites list. Rate your favorites based on experience, required skills (such as swimming or driving) and references.

Once your profile is approved, contact candidates for virtual interviews. Some families even get feedback from the children, so let them ask a question too. 

Record your notes on your Go Au Pair community for easy comparison. Conduct at least two interviews. When you are ready to make someone’s summer Au Pair USA experience real, make an offer!

Consider an in-country candidate who is extending for 6, 9, or 12 months. Think about an arrival before summer and coverage into a new school year in the fall, or even to the holidays.

People are starting to make vacation plans, including me. Now carpe diem, as they say!

Joan Lowell


Joan is a mother of six and is a writer and Local Area Representative in Providence, RI for Go Au Pair. She earned her BS in Elementary & Special Education from RI College and her MEd from Providence College. She helps lead other LARs in writing content and growing their clusters.

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