How to Find Time to Work Out (and More!)

/How to Find Time to Work Out (and More!)

How do you find time to do anything for yourself, like work out? As a mom of six kids, I get that question all the time. Clever Host Families utilize the Au Pair Program and Go Au Pair to find time for work outs and so much more. 

Finding time for things (like workouts) is not easy. Daycare schedules and long workdays make it even harder. Go Au Pair wants to support your healthy and productive lives. We have a great solution for busy parents who value a good work out.

5 Strategies to Find Time to Work Out

How can parents find more time to work out? Hosting an Au Pair can help you squeeze more time out of every day.

Life is just better with an Au Pair. Plus, I have a few strategies that have proved successful, at least for this wild-and-crazy-mom-of-six-wild-and-crazy-kids.

1. Plan ahead to find time for a workout

Put it in your schedule. Pencil your workout into your schedule. Make it a regular thing, even if it doesn’t happen as often as you plan it. Think of it as an important meeting that cannot be missed.

Don’t have time in your schedule for a workout? Host Mom Amanda has time, thanks to her Au Pair Desiree, who “drives the children to and from activities when needed, allowing us more flexibility in our scheduling.”

Au Pairs can help create time in your day! If there is one day you can go in late or get out early, your Au Pair can cover you. As long as you don’t exceed the 10 hours per day, 45 hours per week maximum, your Au Pair is your time machine. He or she can help you make time to work out.

Create a workout action plan

2. Delegate, delegate, delegate so you can make time to exercise

No, you can’t delegate your workout. 😂 (Though wouldn’t that be cool?) You can, however, delegate tasks, which can help you find the time to work out. Since Host Families can set their Au Pair duties and kids love spending time with their Au Pairs, you can even delegate your kids’ active time (aka workout). 

I am usually too busy doing other tasks to find time to work out (or even finish my to-do list). This is where your Au Pair comes in. Au Pairs can do anything kid-related. That means anything you would normally do for your kids, an Au Pair can help you do it.

Your Au Pair can do some of those childcare-related tasks that keep you from your work out. You could be like Host Mom Rahel and have the kids play UNO and do crafts with the kids. This convenience can extend your day just enough for a great workout!

Delegating tasks can help you find time to work out

3. A flexible schedule makes it easier to work out

I know that’s what you’re trying to do, right? Seriously, be flexible about getting in that workout. “I’m only one woman,” I tell my family. But with an Au Pair, you can be in two places at once! (Sort of).

Danielle, mother of twins, doesn’t have to cancel her morning or afternoon workout when her kids’ schedules change.

She says, “When school was canceled, the twins stayed home with [our Au Pair] for the day and my husband and I went to work as usual… it was that simple.”

Your Au Pair can take the kids to after school lessons or practice while you squeeze in time to workout. You could even find time to work out while your Au Pair is doing the kids’ laundry! You may need to be flexible about the time you get there, but your gym is probably open longer hours than the daycare or a private nanny or babysitter.

Keeping a flexible schedule makes it easier to work out

4. Find more time by multitasking

American parents need to find time to work out, among other things. One way we do this is to do a bunch of things at the same time, and do them well. At least that’s the plan.

Host Mom Anna doesn’t have to think about things like her shopping list because her Au Pair is on it. “I never have to leave instructions for Esther – she leaves instructions for me, like the items for the grocery shopping list we are running low on.”

An Au Pair can surely help you find time to work out, or other things you need to accomplish. He or she (yes, male Au Pairs are a thing) can help you be flexible, in more ways than one. An Au Pair can work a flexible schedule, if that’s what you need. An Au Pair can help the kids with their homework or supervise chore time while you run to the gym. Find time to work out when other parents are stuck driving the kids here, there, and everywhere!

Multitasking helps parents save time to workout

5. Include the kids in your workout

As a last resort to finding time to work out, drag the kids along. The gym doesn’t have to be your workout destination every time. Maybe once a week, you could do a family walk, or crazy idea, every night. This is a great way to talk to your kids about their day and a fantastic way to show your Au Pair the neighborhood.

Find time to work out with the kids, who should be getting waaaay more outdoor time every day anyway. You could probably use some fresh air too. Your kids will enjoy themselves, you will all be healthier, and happier. Get a better life, like Host Mom Jamie, “Our life was changed for the better because of Anuschka.”

Find time to workout

Au Pairs can help you do all of this and more…

How can you find time to work out? Host an Au Pair and give yourself more time every day of every week! Your kids will love to learn about the cultures of the world, not to mention the benefits of language exposure. You need to find time to work out, among other things. Let Go Au Pair support your success.

Get started making time for your work out and all the other things you’d like to do. Register with Go Au Pair. Search our database of qualified candidates. Chat live and interview with multiple candidates at once!

You will find the time you need to work out when you find your Mutual Match. Your dedicated Placement Coordinator and Local Area Representative is waiting to support you and your Au Pair. Your workout is waiting.

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