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How Much Do Tutors Make? Find an Affordable Tutor.


Parents want their kids to have the best education and the best chances to succeed in life. So when you realize your child needs a tutor, you most likely want to find one right away.

However, researching tutors and finding something affordable can be harder than it sounds. How much will you pay in tutoring fees in the long run? And how can you find something that’s within your budget, but also gives your child the best tutoring help? 

Why are tutors so expensive?

Skilled tutors are often college graduates with some expertise or training in their topic.

It makes sense to hire a tutor with content-area expertise or teacher training. After all, parents want their kids to improve and grow educationally.

Naturally, more educated and experienced tutors cost more per hour because they have more training and time with students.

Tutors should give their students the skills and strategies to approach tasks where they struggle, like specific reading, math, or study skills. Parents who hire a high school student to tutor pay much less, but might find they have only hired a homework helper.

How much do tutors make?

Tutor pay rates can run as high as $30-$40/ hr. While this may seem like a lot, tutor salaries really depend on how many students they’re able to take on at once. The more specific or high level the tutoring, the higher the hourly rate. Annual salaries can range anywhere from $17K-$40K/ year depending on where you live. 

So how much do tutors get paid? The average pay for a tutor varies greatly by subject matter and level of experience as well as whether or not an agency is involved. Tutoring in French or Algebra generally costs more than tutoring for reading comprehension, decoding skills, or learning math facts. Agencies charge upwards of $40-$60 per hour to families but only pay their tutors $20-$22 per hour. 

High school students might charge as low as $10/hr. Parents probably shouldn’t expect too much, though their child will like the attention from an older kid. It can be helpful to have a high-school-aged role model encourage your child to develop better study habits.

However, if you need more than just homework or study help, it might be worth it to hire someone with more training and experience.

What tutoring fees should I be aware of?

A better question than, “How much does a tutor make?” is, “What exactly is included in the tutor fee I am being charged?”

  • Are learning materials provided, or is that an additional fee?
  • Where, how often and how long are the sessions?
  • What happens if we cancel or add a session?
  • Is a “bundle” cheaper? Can other charges arise?

Some tutors work with materials your child has from school or bring their own bag of tricks. Others may charge extra for the purchase of skill-specific workbooks or manipulatives, which can be a costly addition that parents might not expect.

Depending on where the tutoring sessions will take place, the cost may be greater. Tutors who meet in public places, such as the library, often charge less than tutors who drive to the family home. Find out if the tutor you are considering charges less to meet in public.

You might be able to purchase a “bundle” of tutor sessions for a lower price than individual sessions. This works well for test preparation with a definite end date or summer scheduling. It is a good idea to ask if you will be charged for any sessions you cancel or if make-ups can be arranged.

With the vast resources available on the internet, some tutors require students to utilize specific sites, which may entail membership or subscription fees. While online resources can provide valuable feedback and tracking, the extra costs can add up quickly.

What other options do I have if I don’t want to pay a professional tutor?

Parent and childTutoring costs can add up quickly and can still leave families with unmet needs. In addition to needing academic help, most families face childcare and logistical issues too.

Hiring an Au Pair can provide a solution to many of the problems families face, with some surprising benefits. 

Private tutors normally don’t drive their students to/from school, home, or activities. You can bet they don’t help with household tasks like supervising chores or helping the kids tidy their rooms.

The Au Pair Program is a cost-effective solution for many families. Families get up to 45 hours per week for a starting average of $8.32/hr.

One price covers tutoring, before and after school childcare, logistical problems, and even kids’ laundry!

An au pair is a great alternative to hiring a professional tutor.

Au Pairs can be fantastic help when it comes to schoolwork.

How Much Do Tutors Make? Find an Affordable Tutor.If you think your child needs a tutor, an Au Pair might be an even better option. Like tutors, Au Pairs are educated and experienced, but they also bring a cultural experience into your home.

Au Pairs speak English and are at least high school graduates, although many of our candidates hold college degrees. They often make learning fun and stress-free for everyone.

Parents may not be home right after school. They may not have the time (or patience) to help with homework. An Au Pair can help share the load. He or she can be the extra set of eyes, ears, and hands your family needs!

Compare the cost of tutoring vs the cost of an au pair, considering the benefits and price. Families who hire au pairs repeat the experience year after year, never paying for a private tutor. 

With an au pair, kids receive social and academic attention, learn many cultures and languages, and your whole family gets organized too!

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