Host Family Helps Brazilian Au Pair Find a “Whole New World”

/Host Family Helps Brazilian Au Pair Find a “Whole New World”

Life is better with a simple gesture.

My name is Raquel Vieira. And I’m 22 years old. I’m from Brazil and I’ve been living in the USA for 6 months.

This is my second time far from home, but sometimes it’s hard and all we want is to feel a piece of love, a piece of home. This exchange is helping me to discover myself and a whole new world!

I’m living in Foxfield, Colorado. A pretty place to live in. I can say with all the words in the world that I’m living with an AWESOME Host Family, the Ost Family.

Since I got here, they helped me to become part of the family. I take care of twins and they are the most adorable babies in the whole world. I also play with Braydon, he was the first child of my Host Parents. He is so lovely and we are good friends because we play a lot. We have so much fun together! The twins always have a big smile in their face and they are such good babies.

They bring me so much joy and peace!

I’m happy I am having the chance to be part of this family and for all the love I am receiving here.

We always eat dinner as a big family. The funny thing is that the twins go their own chairs, so they can sit with us like grown-ups. It’s so cute!

My Host Family are always making me feel comfortable, and this is one of the things that makes me feel happier to be here and care for the kids. I feel like I am safe at home. The same love they are giving to me, I want to do even more for the kids, all my best!

So all the simple things they have been doing to me is making me feel happy to contribute with any help I do. Simple things, simple gestures, being kind, or saying thank you is a powerful way to have a good relationship with any Host Family.

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