Host Parents Give an “Example of a Unified Family”

/Host Parents Give an “Example of a Unified Family”

I never imagined that all this became a reality, at first it feels uncertain so many experiences of being an au pair are heard that you do not know if you are making a good decision when you leave your family your friends and the comfort zone that you already know, every case is different but I must add that in mine I have achieved what I wanted and more, for me everything has been new and wonderful each experience contributes to my personal learning either in the intellectual or emotional field, I have become braver, Responsible, social and adaptable. I have learned to see life differently than I normally did, I have learned to enjoy the moments.

I want to nomination my host family because has taught me many beautiful things, apart from cultural exchange, I feel that it has been one of the best experiences of my life, they have always been considerate, kind and fair.

My Host Family is an Example of Family Unity.

Previously I did not have many example of family unity but here I have realized that it is possible and that for more obstacles or difficult days they continue to strive to do the best for the welfare of the family. when it is my turn I would like to take them as my example to follow for their good communication, unity and delivery.

Thanks to this opportunity they offered me, I have traveled, I have met new people, I have made very good friendships, I have learned to see things in a different way, to take advantage of the moments that make me happy, to be independent and to appreciate all the love of The people who love me and are far away, thank you very much thanks to this beautiful family because although I am from another country with a different language, different culture, they opened the doors of their house for me, they entrusted me to their children (which is the most valuable) and they received me as part of their family, celebrating with me Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, birthdays, among others, I have always felt support and at the same time independence from them, my mother in Colombia sometimes tells me that She feels calm, grateful and at peace because she knows that I am well and that they take care of me, it is not as if I am alone in another country I have felt support from the agency with my area coordinator and from the family 100%.

I am proud of my good choice, more than a year of caring for children living in the same house, it has been an enriching experience, I feel a deep love for children, for funny moments that we have lived together and when I see photos of the beginning of the year I see how they have changed, how they have grown and I am glad because I have learned to know them one by one they have stayed of my heart, there are good days and there are days that are a little more complicated but I am very happy and I also hope to have contributed in a small part to the happiness of the Cabrera family.

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