“I Was Looking for an Understanding Host Family… and I Got One.”

/“I Was Looking for an Understanding Host Family… and I Got One.”

It is really hard to think about how life can be really changed if you need to move to stay with strangers in the different country. How could I imagine having a happy life without my real family in America?

But, I decided to join Au pair program because I want to know how it would be if I will live with an American family with new cultures. My profile was online about 1 week and 4 days, I was looking for an understanding person, open-minded, kind, gentle, and sweet host family and I got one. Swenski family is the best host family that I have been looking for. They are so nice, kind, sweet, and open-minded to me. I have no words to think about how to describe how good they are, I just know that they are so amazing for me, I would like to say thank you to them by writing this essay and show others how lucky I am.

“They treat me like a part of their family.”

I learned a lot of things since being an au pair for Swenski family; I can say that my life was changed a lot, from normal life to be an amazing life as I never thought before. Every time I see myself I cannot stop say thank you to them, because of them, who makes me get more confidence, who gave me a really big chance to get a big step of my life. My dream comes true because of them.

They treat me like a part of their family, they never make me feel like I am an au pair who is employed, I always feel happy to live with them, feel so comfortable to share everything not just about work, I mean everything in my life. They always listen what problem I met, and help me to solve as much as they can; their advice always works for me.

They help me with my problems…

Once, I got a big problem and I could not find the way I should do, I decided to tell my host family, how I feel, what happened to me at that moment. One thing that I never imagine that it will happen to me is my host family were sitting and listening to my personal problem around 2 hours and a half and that makes me feel how lucky I am, how super nice they are. After they listened, they gave me advice about to solve the problem. Also, they always make sure every single day that I am still ok. Right now, I feel like I am a part of Swenski family already. i love my kids that I am taking care. I love my host family and the important thing is I love myself when I am with them.

If there are someone is thinking about is it will be good or bad to be an au pair. I can say one hundred percent sure that it worth more than anything. To have a really good time with someone who is really far away it is such a good experience of life.

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About the Author:

Jenni is a former Go Au Pair employee who wrote about the amazing experiences Au Pairs and Host Families have in the United States Au Pair program.
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